Line Marking Sydney


Summit Coatings offers solutions for a range of line marking projects throughout Sydney. Our professional line marking Sydney solutions ensure your project is completed on time, with minimal disruption.

As multi-award winning Master Painters, we ensure each job is completed with an eye for detail. We can line mark almost any space, including:

  • Car parks
  • Workshops & warehouse safety markings
  • Airports
  • Consumer stores & commercial premises
  • Residential premises

Car Parks

Summit Coatings uses only quality materials to ensure your car park line marketing looks great, and stays that way. We can provide required car park line marking for public car parks, hotels, motels, industrial and commercial buildings, residential apartments, school, hospitals, service stations, shopping centres, stores and more.

We understand that line marking an existing car park can be a disruption to your home or business, which is why we work to ensure minimal disturbance to workers, customers and residents.

Workshop and safety markings

When safety is the priority, it’s important that the job gets done right. Summit Coatings can mark safety delineation lines, vehicle loading areas, directional arrows, walk ways and anything else which will keep your industrial space safe and compliant.


Summit Coatings are experienced and certified to work in airports. Having already completed a number of major industrial painting projects, we understand the safety aspects of airport painting and line marketing.

Consumer, Commercial & Corporate Premises

We can complete your consumer, commercial or corporate line marking project efficiently, to minimise disruption to your business. Our team can provide directional arrows, walk zones, entry & exit points, and any other line marking Sydney.

Residential Premises

Our experienced team of Master Painters can ensure your residential premises looks great with our line marking Sydney services. We can line mark carparks, walk ways, entry & exit points, and any other requirements you might have. Summit Coatings has been working with strata properties for over 30 years, and understands what’s important to body corporates.

If you require line marking Sydney, connect with Summit Coatings today to see how we can offer affordable line marking services.line marking sydney

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