How to solve the biggest problems with strata maintenance

How to solve the biggest problems with strata maintenance

Summit have worked with enough of strata managers over the years to know that their job is no easy feat. Wearer’s of many hats, strata managers have a broad range of roles and responsibilities to ensure a strata plan is working to its full potential. With our experience, we’ve put together a short summary of how strata managers can make their lives easier by solving the biggest problems with strata maintenance on a large project.

Working with multiple trades on a project

With any large maintenance project, there is rarely just one type of trade contractor on the job. As Master Painters, Summit Coatings often identifies need for remedial building work to ensure the new paint job is worth the investment, and lasts the distance. What this means is that strata managers then need to source and engage a remedial builder externally to the painting project, taking up more time and resources to get the job done. Summit have identified this is an area of concern for strata managers, which is why we now include carpentry services in our service offering. This means, if any remedial building works is recommended in our quotes, we can also manage the rectification as part of our painting scope. This not only saves time in managing an additional contractor, it’s also a cost saving to the strata plan.

Managing residents during large maintenance projects

While it’s inevitable that any large maintenance project will cause a certain level of disruption to residents, Summit have had years of experience to ensure this is minimised during large scale works. Many residents of a strata building will go straight to their strata manager if they feel a contractor is not doing the right thing by them, creating additional work for the strata manager. Complaints can vary from untidy work sites, rude contractors and even concern of safety for personal belongings. Depending on the contractor used, some of these concerns are well warranted, however at Summit Coatings, we make it our priority to ensure disruption to residents are minimised, and that residents have no reason to raise concerns with their strata manager! All of our professional painters share our passion for delivering not just excellent paint work, but only the best in customer satisfaction in all aspects of the job.

Making the budget work

When undertaking any major maintenance project, budgeting is always a challenge for the strata manager. Before even engaging a particular contractor, it’s important to find the right team for the job. Going with the cheapest quote can pose problems in the long run (has the job been quoted correctly? Is the painter properly licensed and insured? What quality materials will be used? etc.), however this also doesn’t mean that the most expensive quote will deliver the best job either. It’s important to choose a contractor based partially on their quote price, and partially on their merit and references. Often it’s also worth asking your preferred contractor to revisit their quote price if it’s come in slightly above others. Summit Coatings is always happy to match like-for-like quotes!

If you’re a strata manager looking to undertake a major paint project, speak to Summit Coatings today and see how we can make your life easier with our experience working with large strata plans.


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Robin Ottowa is a 3rd generation, German-born, Australian-raised Master Painter who first began painting at the age of 17 with his father. In 1995, Robin founded Summit Coatings in partnership with his wife Conny. His vision was and continues to be delivering premium results at always competitive rates.