How to paint kitchen cupboards

How to paint kitchen cupboards

Many people today would consider their kitchen the heart of the home. With modern open living plans and Australia’s love for entertaining, it’s easy to understand why. Unfortunately, kitchens can often be one of the first rooms to “date”, leaving many home owners with a desire for a remodel. And with the cost of a kitchen remodel being upwards of $10,000, a popular alternative is simply painting your existing kitchen cupboards.

Don’t replace your kitchen cupboards, paint them!

Figure out which material you’re working with

When considering how to paint kitchen cupboards, the first aspect you need to consider is the material your cupboards are made from. Why is this important? It determines which primer you’re going to use. Most kitchen cupboards are made from either wood, laminate or even metal. Why is primer important? Primer will help cover the existing paint colour (especially important if it’s a darker colour) and will ensure your top colour coats last longer.

Preparation is paramount

At Summit, we’re big believers in “the better the prep, the better the result”. This means, when you’re looking how to paint kitchen cupboards, don’t skimp on the sanding! If you’re painting wood, spend time lighting sanding back the cupboards to ensure you have a lasting result.

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Find the colour you want

When looking at how to paint kitchen cupboards, one of the most important (and exciting) things to consider is your new colour! Take inspiration from other colours in your home to make sure your new kitchen looks like it fits/ Try using the Taubmans Trends Colour Chart to see what colours work well together. And if you can’t commit to a strong colour, just go back to basics and choose an off white.

How to paint kitchen cupboards

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Choose the right paint

This is where it can get tricky when considering how to paint kitchen cupboards. Summit’s recommendation is to always use an oil-based paint. Whilst we’re big fans of water-based paint, in this instance it’s too flexible and won’t last the distance; oil-based paint is harder and more washable. If you have allergies, or are sensitive to smell, consider using a low VOC alkyd paint (which is basically oil-based paint without the fumes!), like Taubmans Ultimate.

how to paint kitchen cupboards

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Hire a professional

One of the most important things when looking to paint kitchen cupboards is to know what you’re doing. For you experienced DIY’ers, you might be able to get away with talking to the paint shop about the right base paint, paint types and choosing a colour. However for many homeowners, kitchen cupboard painting can get tricky. It’s important to use a professional when you’re out of your depth, as it means you’ll get a lasting finish you’ll love. Kitchen cabinets are often subject to hard knocks, bumps and scratches, and the last thing you’ll want is scuffed doors and peeling paint after all your time, effort and money spent on materials.

How to paint kitchen cupboards

Before & After: a recently completed job by Summit Coatings

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