Commercial Painters

Looking for Commercial Painters?

With years of experience providing commercial painting services for some of Australia’s biggest commercial outfits, Summit Coatings have the experience and expertise to handle all types of commercial paint jobs.

The team from Summit Coatings are experts in commercial painting

We have been trusted to service some of Australia’s best known companies, including iconic Australian brands like Qantas. As well, our past contracts include some of Sydney’s most well-known corporate offices, restaurants, factories, warehouse and retail stores.

Whether your a small or large-scale commercial building with one location or many, Summit Coatings have both the resources and expertise required to carry out the job. Our professional team of commercial painters are able to help you out not only with the exterior of the building but also the interior to ensure your business looks fresh and up to date.

Maintenance & Reconditioning

Have you just moved into a new location? Or maybe your building just needs a bit of attention. Well, like you, many businesses undertake the challenge to do a little bit of building maintenance – both inside and out. Regardless of your commercial site, you can be sure that Summit Coatings can take care of all your reconditioning and maintenance needs.

Our commercial painters can help you from the very first stages of colour consultancy right through to wallpapering, textured coatings, spray applications, roof painting, line marking, touch-ups, and render and concrete repairs.

For those businesses looking to recondition older buildings, the Summit team is also able to carry out lead paint removal to ensure that your building is safe for all your employees and neighbouring buildings.

If you’re looking to sell your building our commercial painters have got you covered with economic pre-sale painting options.

All of our services are available to smaller single-plan buildings, multi-story buildings and even high-rise buildings.

Heritage Buildings

Sydney-siders are lucky to have beautiful old buildings both as homes and commercial sites. However, these heritage buildings also require extra care and expertise when doing any kind of painting, maintenance or reconditioning.

The commercial painters at Summit Coatings are especially capable in specialised finishes and heritage paint work to give an excellent result and peace of mind in a job well done.


Removal of graffiti & vandalism

Discovering that your building has been subject to graffiti or vandalism is something we all dread experiencing. It looks terrible and if painted on a street-facing wall of your building, your business could actually loose business.

What counts is removing the graffiti or repairing the vandalism in a quick and efficient manner and that’s exactly what the team of commercial painters at Summit Coatings does. As soon as you give us a call, we can quote the work or get started right away. We also offer products to assist in the successful prevention of graffiti and paint vandalism to make this dreaded experience a thing of the past for both your business and building.

A trusted name and brand

We pride ourselves on the quality of both the products we use and our qualified and well-trained staff. For over 40 years, Summit Coatings has been an established family business which means we have had the time to carefully refine the way we service Sydney buildings to ensure we do the safest and best possible job.

Our uncompromising view on quality has seen Summit Coatings consistently recognised with the highest industry awards. We adhere to strict Australian standards and follow Occupational Health & Safety guidelines at all times to ensure we use only qualified, professional painters. As part of our commitment to the best work practices and standards, Summit Coatings is a member of Master Painters Australia and we are also an accredited Trades Monitor Contractor.

Our quality assurance stretches from our staff to the products we use with a large focus directed to the preparation process of all jobs and the use of superior products. At Summit Coatings, our commercial painters only use Taubmans certified products. This helps to extend the life of our work and gives you peace of mind.


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