Best room design – how do I get it right?

Best room design – how do I get it right?

When your looking to approach a room design for your space, you’re no doubt wanting to create something which looks polished, “put together” and considered. You might see the best room designs in magazines and wonder “how do they get it just right?”. Whilst there’s no right or wrong way on how to approach this task, there are a few tricks which help to to create a place you love.

When working with our clients on their residential paint projects, we’ve picked up a few helpful tips to translate into the overall design of a room. :

Best room design for purpose and audience

The first step is to work out what you’ll be using the room for. This will make choosing the best room design a walk in the park. Good questions to ask yourself are: “what will I do in this room?” and “who will use this room most?”. While everyone wants to create a magazine worthy home, the most important part of a cohesive design aesthetic is ensure it’s a practical fit for its purpose.

Tips for casual rooms:
Use the most generous portion of your budget for your largest pieces of furniture that suffer the most wear and tear. Sofa’s that are wipeable and practical shapes for multiple spaces can live through the reality of children and an increased family size (think moving houses). You can often find the smaller pieces of furniture at more reasonable prices – with the added bonus of personality – at thrift stores and secondhand outlets.

Tips for formal rooms:
Used less often, these rooms can afford to be a little more ‘dressed’ and a little less ‘practical’. It’s easy for people to blow their budget big on rooms like this for that luxurious feel that matches the formality of the space. Higher ticket items are more likely to be kept long term so choose neutral colours and styles that will transcend the current colour palette and theme.

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Don’t forget to prepare for the age of your users. Elderly relatives and young children alike have practical needs for certain spaces, which need to be thought out ahead of all purchasing to avoid disappointment down the line.

Size matters

Just because that couch looks fantastic on the floor of a giant furniture showroom, doesn’t mean it’s going to do anything for your studio apartment. When looking at the best design for your room, scale is important. Sofas are a notoriously difficult piece, as they seem to be getting bigger and bigger, while our houses are getting smaller and smaller.

Make sure you take the time to measure your room. Take out a pencil and paper and draw a floor plan to scale, that way you’ll know exactly how much room you’ve got to play with and you won’t be making any impulsive decisions. The key to a well designed room is using scale to your advantage. If you decide you want that statement sofa, then go ahead! Just remember it will then be the “hero” piece of the room, and your other furniture needs to complement it.


Create a consistent look

The biggest downfall we see in residential homes is the lack of a design “theme”. This is often the easiest way to take your room from dorm-room to show-room – and it’s quick simple to achieve. The trick is to spend some time researching which design style you like and even create a visual board. Pinterest is great for this type of thing, as it allows you to search for key design styles, and save it to your own “board”. Once you’ve found a style you like, always refer back to it when choosing furniture, decor and colour schemes.

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Decide on a colour scheme

Further to the previous point, the easiest way to design a room and make it look “put together” is to use a colour scheme that complements your furniture and decor. If you’re starting with all new furniture, this is easy, but for the majority of use, we will be designing our rooms using existing pieces and some new ones. The key is to look for colour cues in your furniture and decor. Your side table might be painted timber, but it has flecks of off white in it, which actually matches the colour of your throw rug, and the subject in the artwork hanging on the wall. By then painting your room a similar shade of off white, you’ve just anchored all three pieces and created a polished room design. Also consider placement of your furniture items. For example, if you want a feature wall in your bedroom, it’s always best to use the wall behind your bed, to create a sense of symmetry.


Overall, the key to the best room design is planning. Plan the use of the room, plan the layout and plan the colours. If you’re in the process of looking at ways to design your room, or even revamp your whole house, contact Summit Coatings today to see how we can assist you in achieving the look you want. Don’t forget to check out our FREE Colour Trends eBook here, for colour inspiration.

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