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Looking for painting contractors on the North Shore of Sydney? Summit Coatings have been servicing homeowners, strata managers, and commercial industries for almost 50 years. For a quote from an experienced painting contractor in your local area, contact Robin and the team at Summit today on 02 9973 3131.

Have you painted your home or business before? Sometimes painting can seem to be the one easy thing that you can do yourself and save yourself some money to maintain your property. A couple of things to consider when choosing to ‘do it yourself’ over hiring painting contractors are the skill level required to do the job, the longevity of the finish, and the time it takes you to do the job, pulling you away from your day to day. As master painters, we have come in to repaint and restart plenty of DIY jobs from customers who admittedly bit of more than they could chew. Don’t take time away from your family, lifestyle and work commitments to save a few dollars, get a quote from us today for the full quality paint job your property requires. You can often save money having a professional in to do the job once properly as the finish lasts longer and it is less likely that there will be damage to your property.

Having worked on a diverse property pool, Summit Coatings has experience in a variety of internal and external applications and has worked around more obstacles than you can count. Sometimes the simplest jobs you can imagine have situations that you can’t see as the property maintainer, and require the professional eye of an accomplished painter to supply the right product so that the quality of work can stand the test of time.


We are confident in our ability to pick the best quality product for the job and will only quote you on the appropriate materials for a lasting finish. In our years of professional painting, we have seen many jobs that have required repainting as a result of using either the wrong product or product that was too cheap for the customer’s expectations. The product is half the job, the skill of the painter, the other half.

The cost factor of hiring painting contractors can be a large deciding factor when choosing whom to go with for the job. When collecting quotes, be sure that the companies list the products they intend to use and the labour component so you are comparing apples with apples. You may find that the cheapest quote isn’t offering a quality finish. Also check the painter is fully licensed, fully qualified and fully insured to work on your premises. These key indicators should be deciding factors when choosing a painter to work on your property.

Based in Warriewood, we are locally focused but able to service the Sydney wide area. Call us on 02 9973 3131 for a quote from a fully licensed, fully insured Master painter on the North Shore.

We offer only the best quality for the job products, as we believe these products offer the best lasting finish. We provide expert finishing including cutting in around doors and windows properly and using the appropriate drop sheets to protect your surrounding surfaces. We have been working a long time in the industry and so we are trusted to consider and minimise all risk to your home or business.

Get your business premises or home on the North Shore repainted today by a quality painting contractor. We are efficient, licensed, insured Master painters with almost 50 years in the industry. Let our family take care of yours and call now for a quote on 02 9973 3131.

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