Boost your Northern Beaches strata property value with street appeal

Are you looking to increase your Northern Beaches strata property value? The most effective way to do this is to improve its street appeal! After all, first impressions count – always put your best foot forward! Let’s have a look at the most effective ways to improve your Northern Beaches strata property’s street appeal.

Add a fresh coat of paint to your Northern Beaches strata property

A fresh coat of paint or a new colour can do wonders to improve the street appeal of your strata property in the Northern Beaches and surrounds. Our professional colour consultants recommend using a neutral colour pallet if you’re painting the entire exterior of the property. This will appeal to a wider range of people. You can then add different textures and shades through:

  • feature walls
  • paths
  • pots
  • plants

If your budget is a little smaller, why not just paint the fence or perhaps a feature wall? Any new paintwork, no matter the scale, will improve the street appeal and add interest to your strata property’s exterior.

How to increase your strata property value in Northern Beaches with professional painters Summit Coatings

How else can you improve your Northern Beaches strata property’s street appeal?

Painting is obviously the best way to give your strata property a modern makeover but there are other things you can do as well.

  • Clean up!: clean and clear the exterior of your strata property. Remove excess debris, rubbish etc. Wash down walls, fences and paths.
  • Repair: keep on top of general maintenance. If there’s a broken paver, repair or replace it. Don’t leave little maintenance jobs such as these as they’ll end up being a big job in the end.
  • Update fixtures and fittings: update any broken, dull or old lighting fixtures, door handles etc. Make sure they’re clean and in good repair.
  • Letterbox: this might not seem like a big item, but it is something people notice! Give your strata property’s letterbox a once over with new numbers, a polish, coat of paint or even a new letterbox all together! There are some amazing letterbox ideas you can try!
  • Front door: the front door is the entry point for your Northern Beaches strata property. It’s often the first things we draw our eyes to and can be a focal point. A new bold colour can do wonders!
  • Landscaping: this one is a big one! An untidy garden is very unattractive and definitely does not help with the street appeal of your Northern Beaches strata property. It’s important to keep on top of your landscaping. A nice weeded and tidy garden will drastically improve your strata property’s street appeal. You can even add in a few pots of colour to really make the garden stand out.

Strata property Northern Beaches landscaping street appeal ideas from Summit Coating Painters

If you own a strata property in the Northern Beaches area, then above points are important to consider. If you are thinking of improving things, the best option is to paint! It’s important you engage with a professional and qualified strata painter. Summit Coatings have decades of experience when it comes to strata painting. We know the ins and outs of what’s involved, who’s involved and how to get the job done. Have a look at our extensive gallery to see some of the amazing strata painting projects we’ve completed. The next step is to contact us! Get in touch so we can help you improve your strata property’s street appeal today.



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5 easy ways to improve common areas in your strata property

Are you looking to improve the common areas in your strata property? As a strata property owner, you will know the importance of your common areas. Keeping these areas in good condition will not only make the strata property look good but will also impact the value of it. Today we look at the top 5 easy ways to improve common areas in your strata property.


What are the common areas of a strata property?

  • Foyers/entrances
  • Hallways
  • Doors
  • Driveways/paths
  • Gardens and nature strips
  • Shared balconies
  • Interior of boundary walls, ceiling and floors


Painting is the number 1 way to improve your strata property’s common areas

Of course, we say painting should be number one! But, honestly, it really can do wonders. A new coat of paint can produce an amazing strata property modern makeover. You don’t have to go all out and paint your entire strata property to improve things. Simply adding a feature wall, updating the front fence or even the doors can make a huge difference. The doors are one of the first things we see so that’s always a great place to start. The main entrance/foyer is the most used common area of your strata property. If you’re thinking of updating this area, a nice neutral colour pallet would be the best option. You can also opt to add interest to your strata exterior with a new feature wall, or even painting the paths and driveways to give them a new lease on life.

Strata property painting common areas tips from Summit Coatings

Number 2: Flooring – to improve your strata complex common areas

One thing we tend to forget is the flooring! A tad ironic as it’s the common area of your strata property that gets the most traffic and wear and tear. New flooring can really improve the overall look of your common area. As well as the option to paint the exterior paths and driveways, you can also change the flooring inside as well. New carpet or tiles will look amazing! If your budget is a little smaller, why not go with a new rug or runner? This will also lift the look dramatically.

Number 3: lighting – to improve common areas in your strata complex

Shed some light on your strata property’s lights! Are they outdated? Update them! Replace old and dated lighting fixtures or even have new lighting installed to lift a dull and lifeless area. Again, if your budget is tight, go with a new lamp! A simple floor or table lamp in your hallway or entrance will bring the class factor up tenfold.

lighting ideas to improve strata common areas in entrance and hallways tips from Summit Coatings

Source: CentralazDining

Number 4: Stairs

When was the last time your stairs and railing had a facelift? Sometimes a coat of paint can do the trick! Just like your walls, new paint will make your stairs and railings look brand new again. You can also cover your stairs in carpet or a runner. Remember to choose a carpet that will have longevity as stairs receive a lot of traffic, especially if your strata property doesn’t have a lift.

Number 5: energy – Feng Shui your strata complex common areas?

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Feng Shui! Feng Shui is basically all about the balance of energy. The exterior of your strata property’s Feng Shui can be improved with lush, vibrant and happy plants in good looking, solid pots. The entrance is the other area which can benefit from a little Feng Shui improvement. Creating a smooth and clear energy flow in your entrance is the key. A mirror is great, as long as it doesn’t face directly opposite the door. This will reflect the good energy back outside!

Where to start with your strata common areas?

As you can see there are many ways, big and small, you can improve the common areas of your strata property. The main one being painting! If you’re looking for a top quality painter to add value to your strata property, we can help! We specialise in strata painting big and small and know exactly what to do to help improve your strata property. Contact us today to find out more.


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How top quality strata painting adds value to your North Shore apartment

Are you looking at ways to improve your apartments? Quality strata painting is an effective and quality way to add value to your North Shore apartment building. Whilst cheap doesn’t always mean shoddy, cheap can throw up a few red flags if it’s excessively on the low side. If you want a reliable and reputable company, as well as peace of mind, paying a little extra can go a long way to adding value to your North Shore apartments. Today we look at what you can expect from a top quality strata painting company and how it will add value to your North Shore apartment complex.

Why should I use a professional strata painting company for my North Shore apartment?

For starters, strata painting projects are a lot different to residential painting projects. There are so many different parties and aspects involved. You need to ensure you engage with a professional and qualified strata painter. From dealing with strata managers, body corporates, tenants, owners, councils and the general public, strata painting is very complex. Choose a company that has experience working on large-scale projects and that carries all the relevant licenses and insurances.

What can I expect from a professional strata painting company in North Shore?

  • Longevity of workmanship
  • Product warranty
  • Fully qualified and experienced team
  • Professional team
  • All required insurances and licenses
  • A project that runs smoothly, to time and budget requirements
  • High standards and an even higher quality finish

What to expect from professional strata painting North Shore with painters Summit Coatings

How does strata painting add value to my North Shore apartment?

We all know a freshly painted apartment complex will look as good as new. Strata painting is no different. Maybe you’re planning on painting the entire strata complex or just adding points of interest to your strata’s exterior. Whatever the plan, any new paintwork on your North Shore strata property will add value. A modern strata painting makeover will see your property go up in value!

Strata painting doesn’t just make your complex aesthetically pleasing! Paint also protects the building. A newly painted strata building will be less prone to things such as concrete damage and rust. Looking after the strata painting on your North Shore apartment complex will also:

  • Increase saleability
  • Increase rental return
  • Increase value
  • Improve street appeal

How to choose the best strata painters for your North Shore apartment

Here are our top tips on how to ensure you are choosing the best strata painters in the business.

  • Quotes: obtain 2-3 quotes and company apples for apples
  • References: check previous work and before and after photos. An experienced strata painting company will have an extensive gallery to show off their work.
  • Reviews: The easiest way to check a company out is to read their online reviews!
  • Licenses and insurances: this is a big one. All professional strata painters must hold all the relevant licenses and current insurance policies. Do not take their word for it – ask for copies! Keep in mind a lot of strata painting projects involve high rise buildings. This means painters need to be licensed and capable to work at heights as well.
  • Trust your instincts: if something feels off, it usually is! Always trust the feeling you get when you speak with your prospective painters.
  • The cheapest is never the best option: Yes, it’s great to get a bargain but not so much when it comes to something as important as your strata painting. If a company’s quote comes in a lot lower than the others, it’s probably best to steer clear! Sometimes a little bit extra initially may save you a BIG headache later!

How to choose the best strata painters in North Shore for apartments with Summit Coatings

Here at Summit Coatings, we specialise in professional strata painting. We have a fantastic reputation around the North Shore and Northern Beaches for our strata painting service. We know exactly what’s involved with strata painting projects. This includes working with all parties involved to ensure the project runs smoothly. We are members of the Master Painters Association of NSW, so you can rest assured our service will be beyond professional. If you’re thinking of adding value to your strata building, we can help. Whether it be a big or small strata painting project, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to see how we can assist!


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Add interest to your exterior with our strata painters North Shore

These days people are enjoying outside living as much as indoors, particularly in the nicer weather like we have in sunny North Shore, Sydney. This means we are putting more effort into keeping the outside of our homes nice too. We want our outside to be just as inviting as our inside! When you’re living in a strata property it takes a little more effort to keep the common outdoor areas nice. There are a lot of parties involved. But it’s not all bad news for strata property owners! Today we look at easy ways to add interest to your exterior with our strata painters North Shore.

New exterior paint on your North Shore strata property is the best way to improve things. It gives the entire building a drastic makeover. But it’s not the only option! Think outside the box. If you don’t want to change the entire exterior building colour, don’t! There are a lot of other options to give your North Shore strata exterior a new look.

How can I improve my strata building’s exterior North Shore?

As we’ve said, the best improvement to a strata building’s exterior is to re-paint. Exterior strata painters North Shore can completely transform your building with a modern makeover. If this isn’t in your strata budget, don’t worry. Perhaps you just want to try something else. Always take into account your existing colours and textures. Here a few other ideas to re-vamp your North Shore strata exterior:

  • Feature wall: instead of your exterior strata painters doing the entire building, perhaps a feature wall could work. Feature walls look particularly great at the entrance of the building.
  • Fences: perhaps your strata exterior includes a fence. A great way to increase street appeal is to re-paint it! Exterior strata painters in North Shore can drastically improve the look of your building just buy painting this area.
  • Paths: paths are usually the most worn and damaged areas of any North Shore strata property. Never ending foot traffic really takes its A simple paint job on these areas will bring them back to life.
  • Feature areas: it’s quite common for exterior strata painters North Shore to complete work in feature areas, like the common BBQ area of the complex. Or perhaps your building has a common outdoor entertainment area. Painting these areas can make a big difference to the overall look of the exterior.
  • Wood panelling: does your strata property exterior have some old, dated wood panelling? Or perhaps you’ve decided to have a wood panelling feature installed? Using the very best products for your natural timber or cedar feature will make it look amazing!

How to improve your strata buildings exterior with our strata painters North Shore Sydney

No matter what you decide to do, it’s really important to enlist the help of a professional strata painter. That way you will ensure you have a top quality job done and the company you use will have all the relevant insurances and licenses in place.

How do I find a professional and qualified strata painter?

Strata painting projects are different from residential work. A good exterior strata painter in North Shore will know the ins and outs. They’ll cover everything required for your specific project. You don’t have to look too far to find the best exterior strata painters in North Shore! But if you are searching, remember the following:

  • Obtain multiple quotes
  • Check if they’re a member of the Master Painters Association
  • Search for online reviews and testimonials
  • Always check your exterior strata painter has the relevant licenses and insurances

How do I find a professional and qualified strata painter in North Shore Sydney

So, whether you want a feature area added or the whole strata complex painted. We would love to discuss your painting needs with you! Check out our gallery for the many strata projects we’ve completed and contact us today.


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Strata complex painting ideas for modern makeovers

Are you living in a strata property and taken note of the most important part of the complex – the paint? You’ve probably noticed the strata complex painting could do with a modern makeover.  Below we look at the process of strata complex painting and get some ideas on how to modernise the building.

How to get your strata complex painting project started

So, your strata complex needs a new coat of paint. Our Strata Painters understand this is a big undertaking given the number of people involved in the decision making. The following is a great breakdown of the process:

  • Speak to the residents of the building and the Strata Manager or Committee and get them on board
  • Come to an agreement on your strata complex painting needs
  • Ascertain with the Strata Manager/Committee how much is in the budget for the painting project
  • Obtain detailed quotes, ensuring companies have the correct insurances and experience in strata complex painting
  • Work together to choose the right colour scheme, or enlist the help of a colour consultant

The best way to modernise your strata complex painting

Now you’ve made the decision to modernise your strata complex with a fresh coat of paint it’s time to choose your paint colours. You can work closely with our colour consultant who will help you choose the best colour scheme. Also, check out our new colour trends for 2018 for inspiration.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. A new colour or even a re-vamp of the existing colour will made your strata complex look like new again. Light shades are best to make areas look fresh and spacious. This would work especially well in common areas such as entrances and hallways. To modernise the look, we suggest throwing in a feature wall to really make a statement.

The exterior of your strata complex is the largest area to cover and is super important as it’s what everyone will see first! It’s important to tie the paint colour in with the gardens and surrounds. A good tidy up of the outdoors will make a huge difference. A clean up of the gardens, pathways and driveways can add to the street appeal and compliment your new strata complex paintwork.

The strata property below demonstrates how painting a strata complex in a modern cream with dark trim can really lift a property. Also complemented with a manicured garden this property is presenting it’s best street appeal.

Strata complex painting street appeal ideas from Summit Coatings

For a more modern earthy look, a green and grey colour pallet would look spectacular. Or to really make a statement, you can modernise the building with a dark shade, like charcoal. Team this with a contrasting light shade trim and/or interior.

Mixing and matching different textures is also a great way to modernise your strata complex painting. If you have a red brick building, take advantage! We can paint sections of the complex to mix in the brick and paint work. This is a popular modern choice as seen in the image below.

Strata complex painting of a Manly multi unit project from Summit Coatings

Have a look at other strata complex colour schemes in your area for inspiration. You can also look at endless images online through Google and Pinterest.

The importance of Strata Complex Painting


  • Update and modernise the façade of your strata complex
  • Improve your street appeal
  • Increase saleability
  • Increase rental return


  • Decrease the financial position of the strata complex budget

Painting is about more than making your strata complex aesthetically pleasing. Paint also protects the building. With our harsh weather in Australia is an important aspect. We can help you choose the right paint though to prevent things like rusting and concrete damage if you have these materials on your property.

Given how complex strata painting is with the many elements involved. It’s important to work with a company that has strong experience in strata complex painting. We have over 50 years’ experience and understand what’s involved to ensure the painting process is smooth and stress free for all parties involved.

If you are ready to modernise or update your strata complex painting, contact us for a free quote today!



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Why you need a professional and qualified strata painter in Sydney?

Are you a strata owner or body corporate member? Then you will know the importance of using a professional strata painter in Sydney. Also, the importance of staying up to date with the property maintenance including the painting. The exterior painting maintenance can be a huge job for some strata property managers but then also with the internal common areas too.

When it comes to painting a strata property there are many different working parts involved. From dealing with the strata manager or body corporate, dealing and communicating with the tenants and strata owners as well as the general public depending on where and how the strata property is positioned. As well as dealing with local councils in some cases. Which is why we recommend only dealing with a very experienced and professional strata painter in Sydney like Summit Coatings. We have been at it for over 30 years so have worked in many situations and have perfected it all. We have also won many awards with the Master Painters Association of NSW for our strata painting work.

Only contract an experienced strata painter Sydney

If you are new to strata management or body corporates, then you need a painter that is experienced with large jobs. Not all painters or painting companies are experienced with large jobs of this nature.

When it comes to strata properties there can be quite a few obstacles to manage:

  • High rise buildings which mean painters need to be licensed and capable to work off heights
  • Stairwells which present awkward angles and tenant access to manage
  • Communication with strata managers, body corporate, tenants/property owners

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or area of expertise. Strata painting is quite a niche area and there are a lot of balls to juggle. We have written an article previously “Why we recommend using strata painters for strata properties” which we recommend reading also.

Summit Coatings are specialist and professional strata painters in Sydney

At Summit Coatings we specialise in undertaking professional strata painting. We are well known around the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney and have undertaken many strata properties and commercial properties that can be quite complex.

We specialise in excelling at communicating with all parties involved – strata managers, body corporates, tenants/property owners. No job is too big or too small.

We are also registered with the Master Painters Association of NSW who have a code of conduct we must abide by. If you are looking for experienced strata painters in your area then contact the Master Painters Association in your area and ask for a recommendation.


Strata painters Sydney award winning strata painting project in Manly with Summit Coatings

Strata painters coming in on budget and time

Painting your strata property is one of the most expensive parts of owning and managing a strata property so you want to ensure it is done correctly. When you are dealing with strata properties too it’s important that they come in on time and on budget.

Strata painting usually means the properties can be a multi storey or high-rise which means specialised equipment may be needed in the way of extra scaffolding and or cherry pickers. This also means that your strata painters will need to hold certificates and licenses to use this type of equipment as well as working from heights.

Why keeping up the painting on a strata property is so important

Painting is a lot more than aesthetically pleasing too. Paint plays a big part in protecting your strata property from the elements. Paint acts as a protective layer between the elements and the building substrate whether it be timber, brick, concrete, etc.

It’s also important that your strata painter in Sydney uses the right paint for the job too. So exterior paint is used on the exterior and interior paint is used for the internal paint work. It’s also very important that the right paint is used for the material/substrate that your strata painter is using too. And the right paint is used for high traffic areas, etc too.

You want to ensure you get a professional long last paint finish and by your strata painter using the right paint and the right tools for the job will ensure this occurs.


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Why we recommend using strata painters for strata properties

Painting a strata property is quite different to that of a single storey residential home.

Areas are bigger to paint, heights are taller and the job can be enormous if it includes the inside and out. Particularly if it’s a multi-storey apartment building.

That’s why we recommend using experienced strata painters for strata properties.

Locations of strata properties can be quite different too.

A strata property can be in a busy commercial district or shopping centre area.

So, dealing with the public and traffic successfully is a niche area and, unless you’re experienced, a lot can go wrong; not only in the way of accidents but also when it comes to holding the project up with delays.

And unless it really can’t be helped and you aren’t putting anyone at risk, you don’t want to hold up a project.

Strata painters Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings

What to do to ensure your strata painters are experienced

Research: undertake research on the companies quoting. There is so much you can find out online these days. A quick Google is a great place to start. Check out any reviews or comments from current and past customers.

Social media: again, there is so much you can find out with social media. Find out whether they have a business page? If so, do they have reviews and what are those reviews like?

Multiple quotes: obtain multiple quotes and make sure the scope of work is the same so you are comparing apples with apples. Ask them questions. Ask to see their licenses and insurances.

Master Painters Association: are they a member of the Master Painters Association? If they are, it’s great reassurance that you will get a quality price and quality job. Also, that you are using experienced and reputable strata painters.

Testimonials: ask for testimonials from other strata owners or body corporates. Ask for testimonials from the company too. If they can’t supply anything that you can cross reference (check as being correct too) that should set off alarm bells.

Best strata painters Sydney Summit Coatings

Safety and care of strata painters

As we mentioned before, strata properties can be quite different to other painting projects.

Alot more challenges can present when painting a strata property:

  • Painters are usually working from quite high heights at times as strata properties are often multi-storey apartment blocks
  • The m2 of space that needs painting is a lot more
  • Access can be difficult both inside and out
  • Balconies and stairwells all have their own challenges with access and disruption to the building’s occupants too
  • Occupants and visitors to work around
  • Areas to temporarily block off, such as driveways and walkways

All of these things need to be communicated with the body corporate or with the strata manager to create a plan and timeline that works for all involved.

Good communication is key when it comes to strata properties where there are numerous people involved.

The pros and cons of strata properties

Are you thinking about purchasing a strata property to live in or making a purchase for an investment? This great article we have previously written may help you, “Are you thinking of investing in a strata property.

It covers many things including the pros and cons and what changes you can make easily to a strata property both internally and externally.

When you are ready and have a property in the Northern Beaches or the North Shore area of Sydney we would be more than happy to chat to you about your project’s needs.



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Strata complex painting and what’s involved

Being an owner of a strata property can have so many benefits some of which you can read in our blog post from last week. They key though is to engage the services of a good strata and community management company if you can. They can take on managing things like:

  • Maintenance – especially when it comes to when your strata complex painting needs completing.
  • General upkeep.
  • Enforcing and monitoring the strata complex by-laws and staying up to date on these areas.
  • The day to day finances and communication.
  • General administration.

We have worked with many strata managers and management companies over the years while undertaking strata complex painting for their clients. It’s amazing what a spot of colour, refresh or complete makeover can do to the inside and outside of your strata complex.

What’s involved in having your strata complex painting completed

To start with we will meet with the strata manager or committee liaison to walk through what is needed from their perspective and we can make our recommendations too. We will then provide a detailed quote. Because of our experience with painting strata complexes and commercial work we are well skilled in coming in on budget and on time. Given that there is normally a lot of people affected when you have your strata complex painting completed having the job completed on time is very important too so the least disruption is caused to the residents and community members and alternate arrangements can be made if necessary.

If need be we are happy to speak with your strata manager or committee liaison regarding any questions they may have concerning the quote, the timeline or the products we use.


strata complex painting at Hornsby with Summit Coatings

How to choose your strata complex paint colours

Choosing your paint colours can be quite a task but we are here to help! You may just wish to refresh the paint colours you already have or take this as a good opportunity to revamp the strata complex a bit with some new colours.

It’s a good idea to do some research:

  • Speak to the strata committee members or residents and community members and see what they would prefer.
  • Is your strata complex heritage listed? There are some quite strict rules and regulations regarding what you can and can’t do when it comes to paint colours. Check out a previous blog post we did on heritage properties and paint colours. You would probably know already if your strata property is but it doesn’t hurt to double check just in case too.
  • Google, Pinterest, etc are always great resources to see what colours work well together and our preferred paint supplier Taubmans have an online colour chart too which is a great reference.
  • You can also take a drive around your local area to see what other properties and complexes use when it comes to colour.

If you still aren’t sure or if your committee can’t come to an agreement then we also have a colour consultant who can help you through the process too.


paint colour examples with Taubmans and Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans

Why choose Summit Coatings for your strata complex painting

We are experienced strata complex painters and commercial painters so we know how to manage and complete large jobs and in some instances awkward spaces and access points. We have a lot of experience managing jobs where a lot of people will be affected such as with strata properties and communities. And are happy to work with you to ensure the least disruption to your residents and community members.

testimonial from strata painting client for Summit Coatings

You can rest assured we have the correct insurance and licenses for a job of this size. We also have experience in dealing with local councils should we need to go that avenue too.

We are also proud members of the Master Painters Association so you can rest assured you will receive a quality and timely job from our experienced strata painters in Sydney.



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Are you thinking of investing in a strata property?

Are you looking at investing in a strata property? Strata properties can be a great investment and having experienced trades in particular excellent strata painters on hand to look after your investment is beneficial. If the strata property you are looking at purchasing is also being managed by a Strata Manager then it can be a very hands-off type of investment which depending on your circumstances can be great. Who doesn’t want more time to enjoy life.

For those that aren’t familiar with the strata property concept, it’s where multiple properties are on the same title because they share a common area – roofs, lifts, gardens, driveways, etc can all be common areas that aren’t normally owned by one owner. Properties such as apartment buildings, unit complexes, townhouses, retirement villages, caravan parks, commercial buildings/shops, etc are common strata properties.

Strata properties are normally managed in one of two ways. Either with a Body Corporate or they appointment a Strata Manager:

  • Body Corporate – is made up of a committee of owners who appointment office bearers, etc. Decisions are still made at meetings and discussions are had around issues, etc but the office bearers take on more of the day to day tasks and are your go to people for any issues, etc.
  • Strata Managers – a Strata Manager still works with the Body Corporate but the Strata Manager takes on more of the day to day task and administrative tasks. They still seek approval of any changes, etc from the Body Corporate and Body Corporate meetings are still held. They just free up the time of committee members and are also up to date on laws and regulations that need to be met.


Strata painters Summit Coatings

Pros and cons of purchasing a strata property

There are many pros and cons to owning a strata property. One thing you want to investigate when looking to purchase a specific property is the financial position of the Body Corporate and what the Body Corporate fees are:


  • Great lifestyle.
  • Low maintenance investment if managed by a strata management company.
  • It can be more economical to purchase compared to a freestanding property.


  • Permission is usually needed to make any changes to your property.
  • Strata fees are normally subject to change so can increase as things need updating/repairing with the building.


Strata painters Sydney with Summit Coatings Northshore


What changes can you make especially when you want the strata painters in

It’s always best to double check your strata laws but you can generally repaint the inside of your apartment/unit without needing to get permission from the Body Corporate or Strata Manager. If any area that you wished to repaint is in a common area then you would need to get permission and it would generally have to go to a Body Corporate meeting.

So, if you are wanting the strata painters to come in to repaint a common area and you are wanting to change the colour scheme, then do your homework. Take along your colour charts or paint chips to show the committee members at the meeting. Even take it a step further and speak to the committee members individually if you are able prior to the meeting and then if there are any concerns regarding the colour, etc you can always revisit some other options and then be able to present some other options at the meeting which will speed things up.

Why choose Summit Coatings as your strata painters in Sydney

Summit Coatings have worked with many Body Corporates and Strata Managers over the past 30 years. Our painters are experienced in undertaking large projects and we are experienced in the concerns and processes of working on a strata property. We have reviewed and perfected our process over the years to make it as streamlined and least disruptive as possible to the owners and residents of your strata property.

Strata painter testimonial with Summit Coatings



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Can you really trust online review sites?

Being in the painting game for over 30 years, we’ve lost count of how many happy clients we’ve completed work for. Whether it’s a residential home, commercial space or strata complex, our aim is always to ensure the best result for our customers (even if that means going above and beyond the usual call of duty).

A recent development since the dawn of this wonderful technology called “the internet” is the possibility for customers to share their experiences with a company – good or bad. Previously, if a customer had positive or negative feedback about a business, they could generally share it with a close circle of friends and the buck stopped there. Now we all have the potential to share our reviews to anyone interested in finding the information – be it locally, nationally or even globally!

Whilst it’s great that our happy customers can sing praises of Summit to a much larger audience, it also means addressing some of those not-so-happy customers who, regardless of what effort you’ve gone to keep them happy, simply can’t be pleased. And quite often, it’s these customers that like to take to the internet to share their frustrations (warranted or not). What’s more, there are cases of competitor businesses using these wonderful review platforms to slander businesses, in the hope of gaining deflective business.

This begs the question, can you really trust online review sites? We’ve put together a few top tips to help you decipher online reviews of trade contractors.

Check for a name

Many online review sites, such as Yelp, require reviewers to use their legal full name. This hopes to weed out fake reviews vs legitimate ones. If you’re using online research to determine whether to hire a contractor or not, make sure the review you’re reading use a real name (not an alias, or a nickname).

Has the business replied?

If there was a negative review, what has the company done to address the issue? As with all things in life, sometimes things go wrong. The key to finding a good trade contractor is seeing what they do to rectify a negative experience. Often all it might take is a 1 hour visit to the site and the problem can be fixed!

Majority Rules

Whilst it would be great to have a 100% positive feedback history, we know it might not be realistic to keep every single person happy. For example, as strata painters, we don’t just consider our client to be the strata manager or the members of the executive committee, but every single resident and owner in the complex. And when we’re working on multi-storey apartment blocks with over 100 units, that can get tricky! We’ve had reviews from strata residents in the past who we didn’t even know existed until their review popped up and diminished our 100% positive score – the issue was of course dealt with but it goes to show the power of online reviews! As a rule, if the majority of reviews about a trade contractor are positive and you’re dealings with them so far are favourable, don’t let one or two bad reviews change your mind.

As trade contractors, we’re not saying that every negative review is false or should be disregarded – we know there are many businesses which deserve the negative review they’re given, however the trick to deciphering these online review sites is to look at a few elements to determine how legitimate each review is and of course to trust your own instincts!