Interior painters Sydney have finished, now add colour

Have you just had your interior painters, Sydney in to paint your home and stuck with neutral colours?

And now it’s time for the fun stuff – it’s time to decorate!

And with decorating you can add some colour, some pop and patterns in a variety of ways:

  • Artwork
  • Cushions
  • Throw blankets
  • Floor rugs
  • Ottomans
  • Stools
  • Lamp shades
  • Photo frames

By approaching your interior decorating this way it’s easier to change your décor than your walls when you want to freshen up a room or make some changes.

Just make sure not to take your neutral too far as you don’t want your home looking boring and sterile.

You can also add interest to your home with patterns in the same natural tones of your walls. It’s a subtle way to add some interest.

Remembering the age old saying “less is more” is a great motto when decorating your home too.

Interior painters Sydney colour wheel example

How colour works and compliments

The first thing you need to do is choose a colour scheme.

There are a few ways you can go about this and referencing a colour wheel would be very handy:

Option 1: Complimentary colours

You can do this by choosing two complimentary colours.

Complimentary colours are those on opposite sides of a colour wheel.

Remember to keep it simple which is why we suggest two colours.

Complimentary work well in rooms that are more on the formal side – lounge rooms, dining rooms and rooms that have more structure to them.

Option 2: Analogous colours

Are colours that are next to each other on a colour wheel.

Great for more casual rooms – family rooms, bedrooms and rooms where you want to relax and chill.

Option 3: Patterns

If you’re going to use a pattern in the room then you can choose a colour from the pattern.

Option 4: Contrast

With contrast, you can then do a high contrast with dark and light colours.

Such as black and white.

Which is great for more formal rooms and spaces

As opposed to a low contrast room.

Which uses more subtle colours for example yellow and sage green.

Where these colours are great for relaxing and more casual rooms where you want to chill.

Great artwork and homewares options in Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney

If you are looking for some great pieces to add some colour and pop to your neutral walls we have suggestions for you:

interior painters Sydney with Koskela blanket options


Featured from: Koskela

Interior painters Sydney home decoration options with Koskela

Featured from: Koskela


Interior painters Sydney with Table Tonic and Vault Interiors

Featured from: Vault Interiors

Need interior painters in Sydney

Are you looking at doing any interior or exterior painting in the Northern Beaches and Northshore area of Sydney?

We would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

With over 30 years of experience, there is no job too big or too small for Summit Coatings.


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How to prepare for wallpaper with our residential painter, North Shore


Is it time to freshen up your walls with the help of our residential painters in North Shore or are you going to tackle the preparation work yourself?

Have you previously had wallpaper on your walls, either all of them or as a feature?

If it’s time for a change and you want to freshen up your home and walls with a new look and new wallpaper then our residential painters in North Shore can help.

With wallpaper, it all comes down to good removal techniques and surface preparation.

Having the surface perfect or as near perfect as you can is of the utmost importance.

If you don’t get the surface right then you won’t have clean, smooth walls at the end of the job.

Depending on the angle you are, when the light hits your new wallpaper you may be able to see the little bumps and lumps to annoy you forever (or until the next time you update your walls at least).

residential painter North Shore wallpaper options by Ann Jackson

Source: Ann Jackson Art

Wallpaper removal: DIY or obtain the services of local residential painters, North Shore

Not sure if you want to tackle the task of removing your wallpaper yourself?

It can be a big task, especially if it’s a whole room or house that’s been wallpapered.

If you’ve only used wallpaper on feature walls then it’s not quite as daunting a job, but still, the removal and wall preparation is just as important as the actual wallpaper application.

Pros to DIY wallpaper removal:

  • Can be more economical if all goes to plan, but like all DIY when does it ever go to plan? So, in the long run, it may end up costing you. But obviously, this will depend on your level of experience and expertise too.

Cons to DIY wallpaper removal:

  • Will take you longer than the professional residential painters if you aren’t proficient or haven’t done this before.
  • If you damage the wall surface/plasterboard then it will need to be repaired before new wallpaper can be hung or the walls painted. This may be outside your skillset and you may need to pay someone to repair the walls as a result.
  • You may need to hire equipment to get the job done – a steam stripper for example.
  • If the wallpaper has been on the walls for some time or, heaven forbid, painted over then it will be harder to remove and we would definitely recommend getting the expert residential painters in if this was the case.

Now reading back on our pros and cons list… cons have definitely won out.

What do you think? Would you attempt to remove wallpaper yourself?

Wallpaper removal tips and tools needed

Check out our previous blog post “Tips to Remove Wallpaper” which details some tips and tricks as well as the removal options.

Depending on how long your wallpaper has been on may depend on what method you use.

Surface preparation by our residential painters in North Shore

So, if you do decide to be brave and tackle the job of removing your wallpaper yourself then it’s all about surface preparation when it comes to rehanging new wallpaper or applying paint to your walls.

Now if any damage has been done during the removal process it needs to be fixed.

Wallpaper can be slightly forgiving to imperfections but there would be nothing worse than sitting back enjoying your new room and with the angle, you are sitting you can see a lump or bump.

Once you’ve seen that dreaded lump or bump once your eye will forever be drawn to that spot and it will haunt you until you redecorate again.

These are the main points that you need to consider after your wallpaper has been removed:

1.    Remove all traces of dust and dirt and double check there is no remanence of wallpaper still left

2.    Any bumps, cracks, or anything that is not smooth needs to be filled and repaired with a suitable plaster or crack filler. If you’re not sure what you are doing then touch base with us and we can handle this aspect for you.

3.    Make sure walls are clean and dry and aren’t left wet if you have used a steam stripper.

 residential painter North Shore featured wallpaper option

DIY wallpaper removal isn’t your thing

That’s ok, as Summit Coatings can handle all aspects for you.

From removing and preparing your walls for you through to hanging new wallpaper or repainting your walls.

If you have had a go at it yourself and you have come to realise it’s beyond your skillset then contact us.

Don’t be embarrassed – we’ve really seen it all over the years.

We have over 30 years’ experience and are also members of the Master Painters Association, so you can rest assured you will get a quality service on all levels.

We can also help you with your wallpaper or paint choices too with our colour consultancy service.

So, get in touch with us for your next home renovation and our residential painters in North Shore and Northern Beaches will be only too happy to help you.


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How to prepare for roof restoration Sydney

Have you been thinking about updating some things around your home, in particular, your roof? Having some roof restoration work done on your Sydney home is a great way to add value to your home and repainting your roof or painting it for the first time can really lift the façade of your property. It’s a great way to give your home a facelift without having to replace your roof altogether. It’s amazing what a change in colour can do when it’s paired to match or compliment the rest of your property.


Roof restoration Sydney example with Taubmans paints recommended by Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans  Pinterest

Steps for roof restoration in Sydney

The most important steps to consider when having your roof restored in Sydney is:

  1. Is there any current damage? Have the roof checked out first to see if there is any damage and have that fixed first. This is good to do regularly anyway as sometimes by the time a leak is discovered internally there is some significant damage to plaster, etc.
  2. The time of the year will have an impact to a certain degree as responsible contractors can’t get on a wet roof. So, early morning frosts and the like during winter months can delay a job.
  3. Depending what material your roof is made out of will depend on how your contractor approaches the job.


Roof restoration Sydney with roof painters Summit Coatings

Are roof restoration and roof painting for the DIY person?

Our honest answer is no! And that’s not because we do this for a living and we’re being biased. Do you know there are 3,300 people hospitalised each year because of DIY accidents in the home? Approximately 1,262 of those have suffered fractures from falling off a ladder and falling off a ladder is actually the most common of injuries. So just imagine doing DIY roof painting at a height of over 3-4 metres and that’s for a single storey home let alone a multi-storey home and then add to the pitch of the roof or multiple pitches and angles and then the possibility of electrical wires being overhead? It’s not for the faint hearted and it’s definitely not for you if you don’t have the right equipment or the experience.

Our employees are licensed to do this sort of work and must do extra training to work at heights. We are also fully insured and must abide by strict occupational health and safety guidelines. And should something go wrong it’s our responsibility which is why we go to extra lengths to ensure it just doesn’t happen? The health and safety of our employees and those around us when we are working are paramount.

Roof restoration Sydney example of scaffolding

This showcases just how intricate scaffolding can be if you don’t know what you are doing.


What’s involved in having your roof restored

We start with a high pressure clean to remove all gunk and grime that’s built up over the years. There’s no point painting over all this. It’s not going to last and it’s going to look shoddy and you definitely don’t get a shoddy job at Summit Coatings.

If you’ve had any troubles with your roof tiles leaking and sometimes it can take only the smallest crack or pinhole to let water in which makes it very difficult to find even for the most experienced tradesperson then we can reseal your roof with our advanced membrane system.

Are you ready now to proceed but not sure when it comes to colour? Feel free to check out our previous post that includes some tips on choosing paint colours for your roof. There’s some before and after shots too which just showcases what a difference a change in colour can make to the façade of your property. We also have a colour consultancy service too if you would like to talk to an expert.

Want some more information about any of this? Then contact us now.



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How to tell if you need the roof painters in to your Sydney home

Is it time to check out the exterior of your home and what needs to be done before the winter months set in? Could your roof do with a visit from the roof painters amoungst other things? Ensuring the exterior of your home is in good condition before the cold and wet weather sets in is important. We believe in prevention better than cure or fixing things after the damage has occurred.

If you have a weatherboard home and the wet and moisture creep into your weatherboards then it can cause damage and can be costly to fix if it’s not caught straightaway. Also, if your house roof happened to leak then it really can be a pain to fix especially with trying to locate the actual point of the leak. It only takes a pinhole for water to get in and then it can build up over time before any damage is found. Or if it’s a huge leak then the damage is usually done internally before you even have a chance to rectify the situation. So, embracing prevention and keeping on top of these things is definitely the best way to go.

Roof painters for tile roofs Summit Coatings


What to do before the roof painters come

You really want to give your roof the TLC that it deserves. It’s best to check it out before the roof painters come and that way it’s all a-ok before it’s painted. When you think about it your roof is one of the main things keeping you warm and dry or cool and dry depending on your climate. Even if you didn’t have walls your roof will still keep the rain or the sun off you. It gets battered in storms and then there’s the other extreme with our harsh sun. And because it’s so high up (normally) it gets neglected and forgotten but that is about to change as you are going to learn what to look out for when it comes to caring for your roof:

  • If you have a tiled roof keep an eye on the ridge capping. If the cement is looking loose then this needs rectifying.
  • Loose, missing or broken tiles are a definite sign that needs repairing. Ask us about our resealing option as we have a solution for you.
  • If you can access your roof space then it’s a good idea to climb up there and inspect the timber beams for any signs of water damage and even your insulation for dampness.
  • Also keep an eye on your plaster internally. If you see any water marks or stains on the ceiling or around the tops of your walls/cornice then you will want to have a further investigation done to find the cause.
  • Make sure your guttering and eaves are in good condition too as this can be a sign of further damage or that investigation is needed.


How to choose your roof paint colour

If your roof is looking a bit sad and dilapidated then it’s time to get the roof painters back in. You may wish to keep your roof the same colour or you may wish to take advantage of having it done and choose a new colour and give your home a part facelift or why not have the exterior of your home painted too at the same time and give your home a full facelift.

There are a few things to remember when choosing your roof colours:

  • Exterior colours –consider the colour of your exterior walls, trims, windows, doors, even garden paths and external garages. Consider anything that is visible from the front of your property.
  • Dark versus light colours – black and other dark colours absorb and hold the heat whereas white and lighter colours reflect. If you are in a warmer climate you will want to keep your roof cavity as cool as you can and everything helps so using colours that reflect the heat rather than absorbing plays a part in keeping your home cooler.
  • Neighbourhood – consider your neighbours and what colours work with neighbouring properties unless you are going for a statement home.

If you happen to be in Sydney too then some councils have laws against white roofs so it might be worth raising this with your painter or checking with your local council first to see if this applies to your area.

Below is a before and after picture which shows how much a change in colour can lift your home. Just excuse the annoying sun on the after picture but it was just that time of day when it was taken.

Roof painters Sydney before and after pictures with Summit Coatings


Our roof painters process

Preparation – as with any painting job it’s important that the surface is prepared properly to start with. As your roof is exposed to everything and all conditions we start with giving it a high pressure clean.

Reseal – if you have roof tiles we have an advanced membrane system that we can use to reseal over porous tiles which prevents the water getting in. As I said above it only takes the smallest hole for water to enter your home and start causing damage. So, it’s an easy and effective way to protect the structure and interior of your home.

Paint – we have qualified painters and we use Taubmans Endure Exterior paints to do the job. We also hold all the relevant insurances and licenses for our painters who are also used to working at heights and with various roof styles and pitches.


Roof painters Sydney with Summit Coatings


Why choose Summit Coatings as your roof painters in Sydney

As I said above prevention is better than cure or fixing the cause of the problem when it comes to your home or roof more specifically. At Summit Coatings we are all about helping home owners look after what is normally their largest investment and take care of all your painting needs.

We are award winning painters whilst also being members of the Master Painters Association so you can rest assured that you are going to receive a quality job that will be delivered in a professional manner.

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Top 5 tips | Do I need the house painters back | Northern Beaches

Working out if you need the painters back to your Northern Beaches home is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our residential customers. Your poor home does really cop it from all angles. The interior has your family to contend with whether it be young children, teenagers or the four-legged members of your family. Then the exterior of your home needs to battle the elements. And if you’re in the North Shore and Northern Beaches area of Sydney the sun is blistering and salt is extremely damaging.

Exterior house painters Northern Beaches Sydney with Summit Coatings


Do the painters need to come back to YOUR North shore HOME?

There are so many variants that come into play when deciding whether to get your house painters back to your North Shore or Northern Beaches property. It can change depending on whether it’s the interior of your home or the exterior of your home too. But the top 5 things to keep an eye on are:

  1. What’s the condition of your current paintwork?
  2. Did your previous painters do the job properly in the first place and were the right tools and paint used?
  3. Is it the interior or exterior of your home? Depending on which can have some disastrous effects if left unrepaired and you haven’t got the painters back on time.
  4. Location – are you near a beach? If your home is exposed to salt water then your home may need painting more due to salt air and harsh conditions.
  5. What material has been painted? Is it timber, brick, render or something else?

If it is the exterior of your home then you need to decide whether you need the house painters back to your Northern Beaches property ASAP. If you have a timber home and you have signs of cracking or peeling paint then it’s a sure sign that you need the house painters back to your home sooner rather than later. Once the paint starts peeling and cracking the timber becomes exposed to the weather and you don’t want the timber exposed and damaged. Even if you are in the sunny Northern Beaches area we still get rain and if it is left exposed then depending on how long for you can start to see signs of damage in the interior of your home too and you don’t want that.

If you do have damaged timber already then this will need fixing before the exterior is painted which adds on some extra costs too so it’s best to stay on top of things for the condition of your home and your bank balance.

Feel free to have a read of one of our previous blog posts Is it time to get the house painters back? which goes into more detail on the things to look out for.


Painters Northern Beaches Sydney before and after with Summit Coatings



What if the previous painters haven’t done the job right?

If the previous house painters haven’t done the job properly on your Northern Beaches home then don’t despair. Everything is fixable and we have over 30 years of experience to make sure the job is done right. We will just need to evaluate what has been done, what was used and how bad the state of your home is and this will help us determine what we need to do to return your home to all its glory again.

You can rest assured that we use the right tools and paint for the job. We, in fact, use the Taubmans Endure range for the exterior of most  homes and buildings we paint. It has superior weather protection, resists mould and mildew and is UV resistant which is very important for our Australian climate.

We have a previous blog post too on Exterior Paint Colours, North Shore Sydney if you would like to check out what colours are popular when it comes to painting the exterior of your home.

Interior house painters Northern Beaches Sydney with Summit Coatings


What to do next?

Call Summit Coatings of course!

So, if you decide you do need the painters back to your Northern Beaches home or property then don’t hesitate to contact us. We also service other areas around Sydney too including the North Shore area so if you aren’t sure if we will come to you then don’t hesitate to contact us to ask. We would love to chat to you about how Summit Coatings can work with you and create a stunning exterior and interior for you to enjoy again.

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Is it time to get the house painters back?

How do you know when it’s time to get the house painters back, we hear you ask? If a proper job has been done by your previous contractor and they’ve done the right preparation, used the correct paint for the job and also applied it correctly then for the exterior of your home your paintwork can last up to 10 years (if you don’t have elements like sea salt to contend with).

And whilst the outside of your home isn’t subject to external elements, if you have young children or pets then it can be a close comparison sometimes. If kept in good condition, the length of time between internal paint jobs can be many, many years, depending on how much wear and tear your home suffers. And even when it’s time for a paint job, it’s more for a cosmetic upgrade than anything else.

Exterior house painters Summit Coatings North Shore Sydney

Source: The Home Magazine

When is it time to get the exterior house painters back?

Ideally, you really want to get the house painters back for the exterior of your home before you see too many signs of wear and tear and damage. House paint not only plays a cosmetic role in your home but also acts as a barrier between the elements and the materials of the walls your home. And as the walls of your home are what is keeping you warm and dry we really want to look after them.

So, it’s a good idea to do regular checks of your walls and pay particular attention to the following:

  • Peeling and cracking paint
  • Any exposed bare wood
  • Mould or water stains showing
  • Chalky residue coming off on your hands
  • Improved street appeal

Also, don’t forget to check the paint on the exterior of your home around windows and doors as you don’t want moisture getting in around those or into wooden doors and windows. That can cause you all sorts of problems that are best avoided.

If you do decide to repaint the exterior or your home you may like to check out one of our previous posts on Exterior Paint Colours North Shore Sydney for some ideas and inspiration.

Exterior house painters North Shore Sydney before pictures

Above is the a before picture and below is the after picture.

Exterior house painters North Shore Sydney after pictures

When is it time to get the interior house painters back?

When it’s time to get the house painters back for the interior of your home, it’s normally more of a cosmetic decision as there’s not much damage that can be done internally that will damage the structure of your home. The things to look out for or that may make you decide to repaint or not are:

  • Mould or mildew – if either of these appears then act ASAP to rectify the situation
  • Faded paint
  • Damaged plaster
  • Renovating
  • Damaged architraves or doors

If you have damage to your plaster then it’s important that it’s is fixed properly and your walls are prepared to a high standard as a subpar job repairing the plaster will transfer into a subpar paint finish.

If you are thinking it’s time to repaint the interior and would like to check out some paint colours you might like to look over one of our other blog posts Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colour to give you some inspiration.

Interior house painters North Shore Sydney

How to choose the right house painters?

Now the question of how to choose the right house painters is very important and can make or break your project. Always make sure you are dealing with a company that is licensed and holds a certificate of currency for both Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a certificate of currency for both. If the painting company you are dealing with is reputable, then they won’t mind providing that information.

When it comes to Summit Coatings we are also members of the Master Painters Australia NSW Association Inc which are the industry association representing painters and decorators. By being a member we have a code of conduct to abide by both with our service and our workmanship so you can rest assured you are going to get a quality job from Summit Coatings house painters.

We also use quality materials such as  Taubmans Paints so between that and our excellent house painters you are guaranteed to get an excellent finish. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your painting needs or to obtain a quote.

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3 Ways to look after your kitchen and bathroom walls once the house painters have been

Once the house painters have been and your walls look all fresh, shiny and new and you want to keep them like that for as long as possible. There are some great, simple things that you can do to help you keep your bathroom and kitchen walls all fresh and new looking. At least until it’s time for the house painters to come again.

Take a look at our top tips below:

Have the house painters been and you need tips on how to care for your kitchen and bathroom walls

Source: Adore Magazine

Once the house painters have been: looking after your kitchen and bathroom walls HAS NEVER been easier 

As with all rooms, you have general dust, dirt, family, and pets to contend with but when it comes to your painted walls in your kitchen and bathroom you also have food splatters and steam. As our house painters use Taubmans Endure Kitchen and Bathroom paint, it makes caring for your new paintwork is much easier. Simply follow these 3 simple steps to look after your kitchen and bathroom paintwork:

  1. Wipe all food and drink splatters off your kitchen walls straight away
  2. Regularly dust walls with a microfibre duster or even vacuum your walls with the soft brush attachment
  3. Make sure you use your extractor fan/exhaust fan when cooking and showering or open a window to remove steam

Cleaning gurus even go as far as recommending you vacuum your walls as often as once a month when you consider the grease and grime that can build up from cooking and steam.

So, when you’re on your cleaning spree, don’t forget to clean your ceilings as splatters can even reach kitchen ceilings and dust and steam can create a not so nice combination.

how to care for your kitchen walls once the house painters have been from Summit Coatings

Source: Pinterest 

What to use when cleaning your bathroom and kitchen walls

As we said above, you can use microfibre dusters and even your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust – but if you need to remove more stubborn grease and grime then you may need something stronger. Stay at Home Mum has some great cleaning solutions you can make yourself. If you have any great cleaning solutions that you love to use, we’d love to hear about them so please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you’ve found works.

how to care for your bathroom walls once the house painters have been from Summit Coatings

Source: Adore Magazine

Who to contact when you need the house painters back

Of course, you need to contact us at Summit Coatings when it’s time to repaint again and you need the house painters back. Or if you have another area of your home – inside or out or workplace that needs painting then please contact us as we can look after all aspects. Also please feel free to pass our details on to any friends or family that may need house painters too.

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Prepare baby’s nursery for painters North Shore Sydney

When it comes to painting your baby’s nursery you, of course, want the best house painters North Shore Sydney to do the job but here’s a few thing we get asked regularly to get you thinking.

Mint green nursery paint colours by Summit Coatings

Source:  Daily Addict

Painting your baby’s nursery in North Shore Sydney? How soon is too soon?

When you have a baby on the way a lot of planning goes into the baby’s nursery and painting the room plays a big part of this, so don’t leave it too late. You want to be able to enjoy the momentous occasion and enjoy putting the finishing touches on things and not leave it until the end of your pregnancy when you’re exhausted and tired. You also don’t want to have to move all the things you have started buying out of the baby’s room for the painters to come in if you can avoid it. The less you need to do the better. So that’s why we say get in early and get the painting out of the way and enjoy getting your North Shore home ready for baby.


Gender specific vs neutral colours

When choosing your interior paint colours for baby’s nursery obviously it will depend how far along you or your partner are in the pregnancy as if you’re being super organised and getting onto the painting you may be too early to even know baby’s gender and that’s if you decide to find out so neutral colours would be the way to go in that case. There are some wonderful neutral colour options available too from your normal your whites, soft greys and wood tones through to mint which is hugely popular with interior paint colours this year in general as well as coral, lilac, navy and red. If you’re after some impact then wallpaper is a great option or accessorise with some wall art or floor rugs that can be easily changed. If you would like to explore a feature wall though and aren’t sure about choosing colours or wallpapers that complement each other then we also offer a colour consultancy service around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area.


baby nursery paint colour inspiration by Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans

If you are waiting to paint though until you know baby’s gender then that opens you up to a world of blue and pink interior paint options and then some. We use and recommend Taubmans and you can view their online colour chart for some ideas.

baby blue paint colour inspiration by Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans


When you are deciding between gender specific interior paint colours or neutral other important things to take into account are the furniture and decor that you not only have now but will also have in the future. Fads come in and out very quickly and babies, unfortunately, grow up very quickly and therefore they can grow out of paint colours just as quick and will be out of their nursery furniture before you know it. We will, of course, be more than happy to come back and repaint for you at any time you need a painter in  North Shore Sydney or surrounds but if you are wanting to get some longevity out of the painting we have done for you then you may want to consider how far down the track you wish to repaint.

neutral nursery paint colour inspiration by Summit Coatings

Source: Daily Addict


Is painting our North Shore baby’s nursery safe?

We use Taubamans Endure Paints which are asthma and allergy friendly. They also have an antibacterial protection and are mould and mildew resistant with superior washability and are also tough and durable which is super important for growing families. You also have the option of low sheen and semi gloss which are particularly great for those high traffic areas.

Contact North Shore’s best Master Painters now for a quote.


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How to care for wooden windows after the house painters

Wooden windows are quite popular around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area and look absolutely fabulous when they have been freshly painted by our house painters. Freshly painted or stained wooden windows can really freshen up the inside or exterior of your home.

Unfortunately, wooden windows do require some more tender loving care than aluminium windows but just a little extra attention goes a long way and will help extend the length of time between our house painters visits.


Stained wooden windows by house painters Summit Coatings


How to look after wooden windows once the house painters have been

Weather in general can cause problems when it comes to wooden windows but if you are also in the Northern Beaches area and live right near the beach then you have salt water to contend with too. Most damage is manageable and fixable but if you do a few things between visits from our house painters you can extend the life of your wooden paint job.

5 Tips for regular wooden window maintenance

  1. Regularly clean your window frames with water and a mild detergent
  2. Check for any deterioration – cracks, peeling paint, mildew, etc
  3. Probe the window frame to check for any signs of rot as this will need to be addressed ASAP
  4. Check seals, as if these are falling then it can affect the efficiency of your home heating or cooling
  5. Remember to check the condition of your window sash too


Wooden windows by house painters Summit Coatings


If you notice that your wooden windows need only a small touch up you may be able to attempt this yourself. If the work needed is more extensive or you would prefer to leave to the professionals,  contact us at Summit Coatings for assistance. Also, keep in mind the height of the window as access and working from heights can also be problematic when attempting a repair.

How to touch up wooden windows

If you are comfortable with some home DIY then use the following as a guide on how to touch up wooden windows:

  • Sand back the area in question
  • Make sure you get into any corners
  • Fill any cracks with putty and make sure you push it into the cracks
  • Allow putty to dry until hard which may be overnight
  • Tape off around the window pane
  • Repaint the area with any leftover paint the house painters have left or if there’s not enough for the job in question then you will need to colour match the area. We recommend Taubmans paints so any stockist of Taubmans would be able to help you with this
  • When painting the area remember to follow the directions for application and drying times, etc too

If the area is bigger than what you can handle or the window height requires special access, then Summit Coatings are just a phone call away and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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How to fix your paintwork before calling the house painters

If some of our superb house painters from Summit Coatings have been to your North Shore or Northern Beaches home, you’ll know that “just painted” feeling. Clean walls, unchipped skirting boards and beautifully finished door frames.

Then life kicks in…

The interior of your home starts to get bumps and scrapes on your newly painted walls from kids toys, bags and then some. Or if you had our house painters paint the exterior of your home then you have the ball games or falling bicycles that may scratch your exterior walls. Unfortunately, accidents happen so we have some suggestions on how to look after your walls once the house painters have been through, and how you can make that “just painted” feeling last a little longer.

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How to touch up your interior walls after the house painters have been

If your interior walls have succumbed to some scuff marks, or if you have little ones that think walls are really just art canvases once the house painters have departed then you can try the following:

  • Remove the damage with soap and water and see what will come off. You may be surprised, (we hope!)
  • If that doesn’t work though another alternative is Magic Erasers. They are great for those stubborn marks and you can usually purchase these from your local hardware store or supermarket. They can work wonders but if the house painters have only just recently been then avoid at all costs as they are not recommended to use on freshly painted walls so just keep in mind the time frame of when your walls have been painted to when your current damage has been done.

Touching up interior walls

  1. If you are going to attempt touching up yourself and you have some leftover paint from your house painters, we highly recommend trying a small test patch of paint first on an inconspicuous area behind a piece of furniture or artwork for example first.
  2. Make sure you let the area dry before you sit or stand back and assess if it’s a match or not.
  3. If all is looking good then go ahead and touch up the damaged area. Use a small brush if it’s only a small area and feather the edges out to blend the area in as much as possible. Otherwise, if it’s a larger area then use a roller or brush no bigger than the area. You don’t want to give yourself more work and a larger area to try and blend the edges.

How to touch up your exterior walls after the house painters have been

If it hasn’t been long since the house painters have been and gone then you may be able to scrub the marks away or at least some of it to lessen the damage. Otherwise, use the following as a guide:

  • If the exterior of your home is weatherboard then a light sand may be needed to even out any gouges, etc before paint is applied.
  • If you are able to touch up the area yourself then the same steps apply as to how you touch up your interior walls (see above) in relation to testing the paint on an inconspicuous area, waiting for it to dry, etc before assessing whether it’s a good colour match or not.

It is extremely imperative that the area is prepared properly so as not to cause any ongoing damage to your home especially when it comes to the sun which, although lovely around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area, can be a hindrance in this situation. If ever in doubt please contact us at Summit Coatings and we can chat to you about the best way to proceed.

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Worst case scenario when touching up your paint work

The worst case scenario is that the wall in question will need to be repainted and if this is the case please feel free to contact Summit Coatings.

Sometimes this can be the easier option as with the way light, angles and shadows reflect on walls and their surrounds it can hide any slight differences in colours.

We will only be too happy to assist you with your query. Being a family owned and run business with kids, pets and the lot, we (unfortunately) understand that that “freshly painted” feeling doesn’t always last.

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