Skirting board advice from the best house painters North Shore

We’ve covered how to choose the right colours for your walls. But what about your skirting boards and architraves? As the best house painters in North Shore, we know that these areas are vital to the overall look of your home!

Skirting boards and architraves play a big part in the look and feel of your North Shore home. If they’re drab, your room will look drab and dated too. Unfortunately, these areas aren’t exactly treated well. They’re like the bumpers of the home. While they provide a beautiful border around each room, they also cop a lot of abuse. It’s where most of your dust and dirt like to sit. The vacuum cleaner is continuously hitting the skirtings. Not to mention kids, pets, and us adults scuffing them constantly! All of these factors lead to skirting boards and architraves requiring more frequent painting than other areas.

To repair or replace is a question our best house painters North Shore are asked frequently

This really comes down to what condition your skirtings and architraves are currently in. We can help you determine if it’s more cost effective to replace or repair and repaint. It’s part of what we do here at Summit Coatings.

Determining if it’s best to repair or replace your skirtings and architraves is just the beginning. With the help you will receive from the best North Shore house painters, below are a few areas you will need to consider.

Determine the look and style of your skirting boards and architraves

The look and style should match the style of your home. If you live in a federation-style home, it’s best that your skirtings and architraves match that era. The difference between the federation era and our more modern era is quite substantial. Federation homes usually suit more detailed and eccentric designs. Whereas modern homes are often best suited to cleaner, simply designed skirtings. The below images show the difference between the two styles.

Best house painters in North Shore Summit Coatings showcase the difference between federation style skirting boards and architraves

Source: Federation-House

Best house painters in North Shore Summit Coatings showcases the features of modern style skirting boards and architraves


What height should your skirting boards be?

The style and look you choose will play a role in what height your skirting boards will be. Other factors will come into play as well. If you have a family then your North Shore home no doubt sees a lot of foot traffic through its doors and halls. If that’s the case, you wish to go with a taller skirting board to help protect your walls.

Taller skirting boards are also suited for older style homes as they often have higher ceilings. Whereas modern homes often have lower ceilings and suit a shorter skirting. Obviously, like everything in life, this decision will come down to your individual taste.

The second most asked question our best house painters North Shore are asked

“What type of paint should you use for your skirtings and architraves?”

There are three main paint types that are used for skirting boards and architraves:

  • Semi-Gloss: This is the most popular choice for skirtings and architraves. Semi-gloss paint can withstand more than other paint types.
  • Gloss: This is the shiniest of all the paint types and is another popular choice for these areas.
  • Sheen: Whilst low sheen is more popular for wall paint it can be used for skirting and architraves as well.

Now for the fun decisions.

What colour should you paint your skirtings and architraves?

Now to the fun part! What colour should you choose for your North Shore home’s skirting and architraves? Luckily there are endless colours available from the amazing Taubmans Endure paint range. Most people choose a classic white.

Another popular choice is to have timber/stained finished skirting boards. This looks particularly gorgeous with timber flooring. The basic rule of thumb is to either match the skirtings and architraves with the walls and floors or go for a daring contrast! Our colour consultants can help you choose the best option for your North Shore home if you need.

The best house painters North Shore give skirting board and architraves colour advice

Is it time to update? Call the best house painters in North Shore now!

Giving your skirting boards and architraves a facelift with a new coat of paint is cost effective and very refreshing. We can help you and no job is too big or small! Our award winning team are here to help you make the best decision for your home. We are the best painters in North Shore after all! Contact us today to get your next painting project started.



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Stop! What to do before your North Shore house painter comes

So, you’ve decided to get in the best North Shore house painter to spruce up your place. But what do you need to do before the house painters come? We take a look at the main things you need to prepare. We will also cover how to choose a licensed North Shore house painter.

Why preparing for your North Shore house painter is important?

Like with most things, preparation is key! To get the best results that last, preparing for your North Shore house painter is essential. Whether it’s your entire house being painted or just a minor touch up, the better you prepare, the better the results will be.

What homework do I need to do before our North Shore house painter arrives?

There are two main things to do before you start painting your North Shore home:

1.  Decide why you want to re-paint your home?

Really think about your reasons for wanting to re-paint. Do you want a new style and colour completely or just a re-fresh of the existing colour? Ask yourself how this will affect the rest of your home and its colours/styles. You can work closely with one of our experienced Colour Consultants to go over all your options and discuss your vision.

2.  Time to do some due diligence

This is the most important aspect of your homework! We see time and time again clients coming to us after experiencing terrible service from other companies. It’s really important to look into the companies you have to quote your North Shore house painting job. Google and social media can be a goldmine for this. Check the reviews carefully! It’s also a good idea to check the company’s website thoroughly. Search through their gallery to look at their previous work.

Do I need to move furniture before our North Shore house painters arrive?

Our answer? Yes, please! The most considerate preparation you can do for your North Shore painters is to clear the room of all furniture. A clear room allows your painters to work easily and, in turn, complete the job quickly and efficiently.

If you can’t remove all furniture, the next best thing is to move everything into the center of the room. Feel free to cover your furniture if you wish. Plastic dust sheets are great for this and can be easily taped down. We can then use our drop cloths over the top to protect from paint splatters.

A lot of our clients take the opportunity of moving furniture and items out of the room to do a thorough spring clean. By removing everything from a room you’re almost forced to sort out your belongings. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say!

 Do I move furniture before our North Shore house painters arrive. Tips from Summit Coatings

What cleaning needs to be done before our North Shore house painters arrive?


The cleaner the walls, the better our Taubmans Endure paint will look! Start by getting your vacuum out and cleaning the buildup of dust around the skirting, cornices and anywhere else dirt may have gathered. Don’t forget those pesky cobwebs as well! It’s best to vacuum the entire room so there’s no potential of dust and dirt flying up and sticking to the newly applied wet paint.

Washing walls

It’s best to wash all walls before they are painted. Some areas of the home will need more cleaning than others, just like your general household cleaning. We suggest using a product like Sugar Soap or a simple solution of detergent and warm water to wash your interior walls.

Bathrooms areas can also gather mould and mildew which are no good for painting. This will have to be removed before your North Shore house painters arrive. Same goes for kitchen areas. Kitchens gather grease and grease is the number one enemy for your house painters.

Filling in walls

Your North Shore house painter can definitely help with any plaster repairs. It’s just part of what we do. However, if you do want to save a little extra money, you can let your inner DIY master shine!  Your North Shore house will need to have smooth walls before painting begins. Examine your walls and repair any damage or talk to us at the time of quoting to discuss any areas that need patching.

What wall fittings do I need to remove before our North Shore house painters arrive?

It is important to remove all pictures, photos, and wall hangings. If you plan to re-hang your items in the same position, leave your hooks etc. where they are. If you decide you’d like to completely re-decorate, remove all hooks carefully and patch the holes. To avoid chipping plaster, use pillars to twist the hooks out of the wall. Any electrical appliances, such as televisions, brackets etc. also need to be removed.

What wall fittings to remove before North Shore house painters arrive as recommended by Summit Coatings

Schedule a quote now with Summit Coatings

The better you prepare for our North Shore house painters, the better the job will be! Contact us now to discuss your painting needs and how we can help you prepare and complete your next painting project.



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Northern Beaches House Painters Share Tips for Perfect Picture Hanging

We’ve covered how to match your interior painting to your wall art but now it’s time to focus on the art itself! Whether it’s an expensive painting or a framed family photo, our Northern Beaches house painters share the best tips for perfect picture hanging and answer the most common questions we are asked.

The most important tip our Northern Beaches house painters can share starts with what you are hanging your picture on

Ascertain what material your wall is – brick, plaster, masonry, timber etc. This will determine the best way to perfectly hang your picture. It will also determine the tools and equipment you will need to get the job done.

  • Brick walls can withstand heavy pictures easily and you won’t need to locate a wall stud or use wall anchors
  • Plaster walls will require you to locate a wall stud and usually use wall anchors or toggles
  • Timber walls will require a nail, screw or picture hook
  • Plastic adhesive hooks can be used for lightweight pictures. These are great for rental properties or if you simply don’t want to put holes in your walls. Just don’t use on newly painted walls.
  • Canvas prints are best perfected using the flush mount hanging technique

What is the best height to hang pictures?

As a general rule, perfect picture hanging is achieved by keeping your picture eye-level. If you are hanging a picture in a room where more time is spent standing than sitting, your eye level will be higher than that of a room where you spend more time sitting. This is something to take into consideration and look at the positioning options from all angles.

Always avoid hanging pictures too high though. The top tip from our Northern beaches house painters is to ensure your guests aren’t injuring their necks when checking out your beautiful pictures!

What picture goes where we hear you ask our Northern Beaches house painters?

Perfect picture hanging can also come down to the location of your picture. Our tip is to keep smaller, more detailed pictures to smaller spaces of your Northern Beaches home. In turn, larger pictures that require more room to take in the whole picture and the wow factor should be hung in a larger space.

Larger pictures are great as focal points opposite an entrance to a room or at the end of a hallway. Whereas small pictures are best hung along the wall of a hallway or hung in a set with other small pictures.

How do I hang a group of pictures is another one our house painters are asked a lot?

Our Northern beaches house painters main tip for perfect group picture hanging is to always treat the pictures as one image. This tip will ensure your grouping looks like it belongs together. Spacing your pictures is also important. Pictures should not be too far nor too close to each other. When grouping pictures you’ll definitely need to follow our next tip.

 Our Northern Beaches house painters share tips on how to group pictures from Summit Coatings


Do a picture hanging test run

A common mistake made is making a hole in your wall without fully assessing the best option. And this is just cringe-worthy if your walls have just been painted. We hear your paint! Our tip to avoid unwanted holes is to use some scrap paper or newspaper and cut to the size of your photo frame/artwork. Position the paper on the wall and stand back to assess. Rearrange the paper until you are happy with its position.

Or if you happen to be tech savvy you can always do a mockup in Photoshop or another similar program. And then see what the actual images themselves would look like.

What lighting is best to enhance my pictures and images?

It’s best to hang your picture in a well-lit area to show it off, of course! Direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting will damage your picture though. The best option is to use spotlighting for each picture. This will add a fantastic effect and will bring focus to your picture hanging. Another popular choice is the gallery system art wands. These wands are very easy to install.

Stay away from heat sources

Our Northern beaches house painters understand your pictures and artwork are of great value to you. Avoid picture hanging near any heat sources or any area with high humidity such as a bathroom. These areas will damage your picture. And you don’t want that.

Consider your furniture

When arranging your pictures always centre them with the wall in mind, but also consider your furniture. For example, some couches sit higher than others. So, be sure to hang your pictures high enough so the couch back doesn’t interfere with things. The same goes for higher furniture. If you have a bookshelf against the wall, it’s best not to hang a picture too close to this to avoid that cluttered look either.

Our Northern Beaches house painters share furniture placement tips from Summit Coatings


We share these tips with you for perfect picture hanging as we take great pride in our Northern beaches house painters and the work they do. And we know it’s important to compliment your perfectly painted walls with perfectly hung pictures! Contact us today for more tips and advice and quote for your painting needs.



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Window trim tips by your residential painter North Shore

Your walls have been freshly repainted and look stunning. You can sit back and relax but your window trims look anything but wonderful. Have the homeowners before you not been as careful or have tried to tackle some DIY painting yourself and your woodwork is now covered in splotches of wall paint? Does it look like your window trims and architraves will never be the same again? We agree it’s the worst! And a pet peeve of a lot of homeowners.

Don’t despair, here are our tips from our residential painter North Shore team

Tip 1: Fix flaws

Just like we say with house painting. Preparation is key! So, preparation is just as important with your woodwork. If you don’t have a perfect surface to paint or stain, then your finish will be lacking. And no one wants a subpar finish, do they?

Check your window trims and see if they have any dings, dents, scratches, loose nail holes or stray paint. Make sure you check from different angles too. Some imperfections are only visible depending on how the light catches them. And you don’t want to think you’re finished and have something come to your attention. So be thorough.

If you have stray paint from a previous residential painter or previous owners at your North Shore home, then you will need to clean it off. Depending on how lumpy and bumpy sanding may be required. Sometimes picking at it with your fingernail or a scraper if you prefer may be enough to dislodge it. But it will just depend.

If you or your residential house painter are going to us glossy paint, then remember imperfections will be even more visible. So, ensure your preparation is A1.

Tip 2: Product for your North Shore home

This is one of our important tips from our team of residential painters in North Shore. If you are tackling the job yourself then make sure you use the right type of product. Know what your goal is:

  • Longevity of the job,
  • Is the area a low or high traffic area? If high traffic, then hard wearing and longevity will again be important.
  • The finish style at the time – gloss, matte, etc
  • Colour – not everyone wants stain or white woodwork?

High gloss is what a professional residential painter normally recommends. It’s tougher and longer wearing for your North Shore home. Although some people do prefer a matte finish. It is a personal choice as well as weighing up the longevity of the project.

If you already have a painted surface, then repainting it is normally the quicker and more economical option.

Are you considering switching from paint to stain or stain to paint? It is possible but is more time consuming and therefore will be costlier but talk to your residential painter. It’s worth discussing with them what is involved, and they can assess what has been done/used on your woodwork.

Window trim tips from residential painter North Shore, Summit Coatings

Source: Maintaining My Home

Tip 3: Tape off

If you are not comfortable cutting in around your windows and walls, then use a quality painters tape. Don’t skimp on this if you are tackling the job yourself. We hear so many horror stories where people have finished all their painting. It all looks wonderful and fresh UNTIL they peel off the tape. And then it’s all downhill from there…….the paint has seeped under the tape and is now on your newly painted walls. Or even worse the paint peels off with the tape. I’m sure there’s many that cringe in thought and sympathy. And many that have been here and done this/experienced it.

Tip 4: To DIY or engage a local residential house painter

Now that you know what’s involved with our residential painter tips in North Shore. The big decision needs to be made. Will you DIY or engage an experienced house painter?

What do you think you will do?

We would, of course, recommend using a professional and experienced house painter. We here and see so many DIY projects gone wrong. Sometimes even where there’s been an injury. Ladders and scaffolding are normally required with a lot of painting projects and unfortunately, accidents do happen.

If you do decide to engage a house painter, then please contact us. We are well known around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area for our residential and commercial painting. We are experienced, fully licensed and insured and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.



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5 painting tips from the best painters North Shore

We are going to share our painting tips from the best painters in North Shore and surrounds. Painting really is something you want to be done right. And there are steps you need to take to make sure you get the best finish possible.

Painting Tip 1 from the best painters North Shore: Prep like you never have before

As we’ve said before preparation really is everything. From filling cracks, dings, dents, and holes in your plaster to washing and sanding any rough spots. You want a clean, smooth wall to paint.

If you aren’t comfortable or confident with plastering and getting a smooth finish then call a professional plasterer. Repairing plaster can easily go south and plasterers will probably tell you that a lot of their small jobs are fixing up botched jobs. You don’t want to be sitting back relaxing and looking at your imperfect plaster joints or patches. It will seriously drive your mad!!!

If you are going to tackle the job yourself your local hardware store should be happy to make sure you purchase the right products.

Don’t forget to make sure your walls are clean too. You can check out the best way to wash your walls in our previous article options to update your residential painting in time for Christmas.

Painting Tip 2 from the best painters North Shore: Use canvas drop cloths instead of plastic

Using a canvas style drop cloth rather than plastic is much easier and saver to do particularly on the floors. Plastic gets slippery which can be dangerous on the floors. Plastic also slips and slides so it can easily move exposing your flooring or furniture and accidents can happen before you realise.

Plastic also rips and tears quite easily so isn’t nearly as long lasting as cotton or canvas. Whereas canvas style drop cloths are a lot more resilient and longer lasting.

Painting tips from the best painters of interior houses, Summit Coatings

Interior painting project at Killara


Painting Tip 3: How to cut in and keep it straight

There are many tools out there to help you cut in straight. But you can’t go past a steady hand and a decent paint brush. Remember practise makes perfect!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a steady hand though these can be a great little tool – Shur-Line Premium Wheel Edger. You do need to be careful of the following though:

a) Make sure your adjoining wall or ceiling’s paint isn’t wet as if that’s the case this little tool won’t work. As the little wheels on the top run down the adjoining wall/ceiling to guide you along.

b) Whatever you do don’t get any paint on those little rollers

c) Make sure you the little bristles on the pad don’t go astray and off track leaving a mark on the adjoining wall/ceiling.

d) Don’t add too much paint to your pad either as you’ll have paint oozing out where you don’t want it to go

Need to cut in around doors or windows?

Then masking tape is great to pop around the frames. Just make sure you peel it off before the paint has tried as you don’t want it pulling the paint off too. Always do a sweep of the painted edge where you need to roller with a brush to feather the edge out so you aren’t left with a ridge or bump.

Painting Tip 4: How to stop your tools – rollers, brushes, paint tray drying out between coats

Why wrap them in plastic of course. Whether it be a garbage bag for the trays and smaller grocery bags or cling wrap for the paint brushes and rollers. Wrap them tight and you’ll be amazed at how wet they still are when you go back to do your subsequent coats. So much easier than washing out between coats all the time.

Painting tips from the best painters in North Shore Summit Coatings on site at Jonah's Restaurant's commercial painting project.

Summit team on site at Jonah’s Restaurant | commercial painting project

Painting Tip 5: Peel off the painters tape before it’s fully dry

If you have used painters tape to mask off doors, windows, light switches or skirting boards. Make sure you peel off the tape before it’s fully dry. If it’s too dry when you peel off the tape disaster can strike and it can peel off the paint too. Which is just devastating when you’ve finished and packed everything away.

What now if you have decided painting isn’t for you

So after reading through our 5 top tips from the best painters in North Shore. Are you inspired to tackle it yourself? Or have you decided that interior or exterior house painting isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time? Don’t hesitate to call us here at Summit Coatings.

We are more than happy to discuss your next painting project with you. No matter how big or small we can help you. We have over 30 years of experience and are members and award winners of the NSW Master Painters Association so you are guaranteed and assured to receive a quality paint finish you will be happy and proud of.



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DIY tips from your residential painter in Sydney

Are you having some time off from work over January? Is it time to do those little jobs and tidy some things up around the home? We thought we’d share some DIY tips from a residential painter in Sydney’s perspective. We get to talk to a lot of people in our line of work so we thought we’d cover a few problems that we come across – from how to paint around door hinges to what to do with leftover paint and wallpaper.

Painting around door hinges: DIY tips from your residential painter in Sydney

The keyword here is around. Let’s be honest – getting paint on your hinges doesn’t look good now does it? It’s even harder to get off that it is to paint around the hinges.

Ideally, if you are in a position contract a local painting firm to do the job for you. Summit Coatings are experienced painters of over 30 years so there’s no job too big or too small.

If you do need to or want to tackle the job yourself then ideally take the door off and remove the hinges and door handles and then you don’t have to worry. Not everyone is handy with a drill or comfortable taking doors on and off. They are heavy and awkward and getting them in and out of the house can be just as awkward sometimes.

So, if you can’t do any of the above we recommend the following:

  1. Apply painters tape over the hinges
  2. Press it down so it adheres to the hinge section well
  3. Use a sharp Stanley knife to trim around the hinge creating a mask. Don’t forget if your hinges are the style that also has a cutout section in the middle then cut that out too
  4. Then apply your paint

DIY tips from a residential painter in Sydney detailing how to paint around door hinges

Source: Pinterest

Extra wallpaper? 11 great DIY tips from our residential painter Sydney

  1. Artwork: frame a piece of wallpaper and hang in another room. Do you have multiple designs or textures? Create a focal point and do a grid or similar design
  2. Bedhead
  3. Wardrobe doors
  4. Pegboard: to give it a lift and more modern feel
  5. Storage tins and jars: cover to spruce them up. Great for teacher gifts or other little thank you gifts at Christmas or just because
  6. Bookshelves: line the shelves themselves or adhere to the back of the bookcase or even under the shelves depending on the height
  7. Book covers: cover the books and then add a clear layer of contact for longevity
  8. Drawers: line the insides or use on the outside to make a feature
  9. Mirror or picture frame: cover the frame and give an old mirror or picture frame a new lease of life
  10. To wrap presents either completely or as an accent
  11. A privacy shade for a window or door

DIY tips residential painter Sydney have uses for wallpaper scraps

Source: Pinterest

Leftover paint? Here’s our DIY tips from our residential painter Sydney

  • Artwork –use your leftover paint on a canvas and create an abstract design
  • Bookshelves – either the shelves or the back of the bookcase to make a feature or spruce it up
  • Picture frames: to decorate and create a unique colour or design
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, dressers, bed heads, etc
  • Countertops
  • Get crafty with the kids
  • Decorate pots

DIY tips from our residential painter Sydney on what to do with leftover paint uses

Source: Pinterest

DIY tips to get the kids involved with leftover wallpaper and paint from our residential painter Sydney

Depending on your child’s age will determine what is suitable for them to do and how much you need to help. But here are some general ideas which might be good to do over the school holidays. You can always adapt to suit their age and ability too.

  • Cover and decorate wooden coat hangers. A great and practical gift idea
  • Repaint kid’s outdoor furniture if it’s outdoor paint
  • Help spruce up a piece of furniture
  • Create a craft project – line a tray, decorate a picture frame or mirror
  • Origami with the wallpaper
  • Decoupage with wallpaper. Apply to any surface you wish really
  • Decorate a pot plant
  • Create wall art. If you’re using wallpaper you could always let your children into the craft supplies too and they could add their own touches

DIY tips from a residential painter Sydney. Tips to do use leftover wallpaper in origami

Source: The Spruce

Who to call when you need wallpapering and painting done?

Summit Coatings of course! With over 30 years experience and award-winning Master Painters, we would be more than happy to discuss your next wallpaper or painting project with you.

We are located in Warriewood in the Northern Beaches district of Sydney. You can either call in and visit our office or contact us online.



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Why choose the best painter North Shore Sydney?

Do you live in the North Shore area of Sydney? Then you want to choose the best painter in North Shore. Don’t compromise. Your home deserves the best you can provide it. Your Sydney home deserves the best interior and exterior protection from the weather and you deserve to have your home looking it’s best. For that to happen you need the best house painter in North Shore.

Best painter in North Shore guarantee

By choosing the best painter in North Shore you are guaranteed to engage a painting company that knows the area. Knows your homes challenges – sun, salt air depending on your location to the beach, as well as heritage requirements if your home falls within that scope.

Check to see what sort of guarantee if any the company you wish to engage has on their workmanship and the product they use. If they don’t have any, then that should tell you something. Run the other way!

Recommendations for the best painter in North Shore

By using a local North Shore house painter that’s the best at what they do, you will no doubt be able to get a recommendation from a local, friend, family member or neighbour or who has recently had some house painting undertaken.

There’s nothing better than a recommendation and being able to see the actual workmanship first hand. Also, how the painting company presents and conducts themselves goes a long way to show you what sort of experience you are going to have should you engage that company. A company that takes pride in their vehicle/s, tools and presentation says a lot about the people they employ and the company itself and their expectations.

Summit Coatings winner of the Master Painters Awards for Excellence

What a company known as being the best painter North Shore tells you

  1. They are experienced
  2. They are professional
  3. They are familiar with the area and any challenges or special traits
  4. There pricing is fair and competitive
  5. They are fully licensed and insured
  6. You will be happy with the work carried out and

Local office in the North Shore area

If your house painters are local to the area, then chances are they will also have an office or base at least in the area.

For some people having a local office is a great positive as they can drop in anytime during business hours. Having this reassurance that the company they are engaging is above board and legit is a great piece of mind for some. Especially in this day and age where scams are dodgy people are rife.

Are you still looking for the best house painter in North Shore?

Then look no further. We have offices in Warriewood and service the North Shore and the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.

We are also known for being the best commercial and residential painters around as our recent awards and recognition at the Master Painters Association NSW’s Awards presentation.

We are just a phone call or email away or why not drop by our Warriewood office to discuss your next painting project.


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How to choose a licensed painter Sydney

How to choose a licensed painter in Sydney is extremely important! House painting covers a huge area of your home – inside, outside, walls, ceilings, architraves, features and the list goes on.

With so much paintwork you are looking at it regularly, how can you avoid not to. But when you look at something so regularly and there is an imperfection that is where your eye will be drawn 100% of the time.

And how annoying and frustrating is that!!!!

So, it’s important to get it done right the first time. Otherwise, fixing mistakes and errors can be quite costly in the long run depending what the damage is.

There are 6 important factors on how to choose a licensed painter in Sydney

Experience and how to choose a licensed painter in Sydney with Summit Coatings

Experience is so important when choosing a licensed painter in Sydney

Ask them about previous work they have carried out, ask for references and testimonials from previous and current clients and check out their online presence.

Do they have a website and social media channels? Is the website showing actual properties they have painted or do the images look like stock images?

Also, ask them how long they have been in business. this is quite important as if they have only been in business quite a short time that can be cause for alarm, but everyone has to start somewhere and that may be all it is.

If they have only been in business a short time, ask them about their background. Have they previously been a house painter and if so for how long?

They may have only just gone out on their own but have oodles of experience behind them.

If they are new to business though make sure they have all their insurances and licenses in place. As this is something that can be sometimes overlooked but is an extremely important part of a business and engaging a painting contractor.

Are they a Sydney Master Painter? Being a member of the Master Painters Association NSW or the relevant state body to where you are located says a lot.

Quotes are another important aspect when choosing a licensed painter in Sydney

We recommend getting at least 3. And engage 3 reputable companies too. Referrals from friends and neighbours go a long way to finding a reputable house painter in Sydney.

Pay attention to how you are treated during the quotation process. If you are mucked around, rescheduled, they’re late, don’t turn up at all and there is no communication explaining what is happening then that’s a red flag for how the painting process will go.

Time is precious, and everyone would love more of it. We are in business ourselves and understand things happen. A client may be running late, we might have been held up ourselves for an unforeseen reason, traffic could be bad, etc. But a quick phone call to let your potential client know what is happening goes a long way!

Insurance and license considerations when deciding how to choose a licensed painter in Sydney

It is critical that the painters you decide to use have the correct insurances and licenses in place. It doesn’t matter if it’s strata painting you need, a heritage painter in Sydney or residential painters in Northern Beaches. Or even if it’s a hi-rise painter in Sydney.

All painting contractors, businesses and companies should have the relevant licenses and insurances to protect themselves, you, your home and the public.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question – do they have insurance and licenses? General liability, workers compensation and Home Warranty Insurance if the work to be carried out is over $20,000.

Ask to see their Certificate of Currency for their insurances. Don’t just take their word for it.

The Master Painters Association of NSW or your state is full of great information regarding painting contractors. Do check to see what the requirements are in your state as they do vary from state to state

Hi-rise painter Sydney and how to choose a licensed painter with Summit Coatings

Preparation and tools can say a lot about when your painting contractor is professional and licensed

First impressions are everything and after the quoting processing seeing how they prepare the area to be painted and what tools your painters have can say a lot about them.

If their tools are haggard and on their last legs or look like they’ve fallen off the back of a truck well that’s a huge warning bell for you.

When it comes to preparation you don’t your home or commercial painter to hold back in this area. It’s the foundation for your finish so you want the area prepped properly to get a professional finish.

Testimonials and references relevant to the work you are having carried out

Whether you are having:

You want to see testimonials and references or speak to those that have similar work completed to what you are wanting to have done.

Make sure you do your due diligence and check any testimonials and references provided by your professional painters.

Guarantee – do your licensed painters provide one?

Always check what sort of guarantee your licenses painters in Sydney provide. Or do they provide one at all?

If they don’t provide one, then that is again a warning bell.

There should be a guarantee on the actual paint and materials used but also on the preparation and application of the paint itself.

Summit Coatings are professional and licensed painters in Sydney

We have a proven track record with over 30 years experience. We have many awards from the Master Painters Association NSW.

You can rest assured you will receive and quality and reliable workmanship with a professional service.

We would love to talk to you about your next painting project with it be your residential home, commercial property or strata property. No job is too big or too small for Summit Coatings.


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House painters North Shore are done: Now it’s DIY project time

This week we wanted to talk about some easy DIY projects that can help you style your room and home once the house painters in North Shore have been.

Usually, we are talking about all things painting which is obviously what we are about being a painting company and all but we are going to expand a bit on how you can complement your newly painted walls and home.

Displaying your photos once the house painters North Shore have been

Photo ledge with Magnolia

DIY photo ledge from Magnolia. Decorating after Summit Coatings house painter North Shore are done

This great DIY photo ledge would look great in any room.

It’s a great twist to a standard photo wall or gallery.

If wood stain doesn’t fit your style or room décor then you could always paint it to what would complement and work.

The size you make it can depend on the space you wish to feature it and how many photos you want to feature.

If you have a large wall you could even look at doing 2 or 3 smaller length ledges and then stagger them on the wall to create a real feature/display with some wow factor as pictuerd below.

DIY multip photo ledges decorating after Summit Coatings house painters North Shore have been

Source: Pinterest

DIY Projects for the kid’s rooms

DIY Kids Hammock with A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess DIY project kids hammock with Summit Coatings house painters North Shore

What child wouldn’t want a cool hammock in their room?

You can match the material to suit the child’s newly painted walls, their age, likes and other décor in their room.

You could use patterned material/canvas or take it a step further and decorate your fabric/canvas yourselves.

Just follow their application instructions as they vary depending on what you use.

Also, check in with your local hardware store for any assistance with how to secure your hammock to your ceiling or overhead beam.

This DIY hammock would be perfect as a:

  • Little reading nook in the corner of your child’s bedroom
  • Study break hang out for an older child
  • Retreat for little or big artists to lay back and let their imagination run away with them as they lay back while they swing and create.

There’s minimal sewing involved in this project which is perfect if your skillset doesn’t lie in that area and you can find detailed instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

Painting furniture: How to

House painters North Shore DIY project ideas with Summit Coatings

A lot of the same rules apply when painting furniture as to painting walls.

Preparation is everything!

Step 1: Preparation

As we said above preparation is everything.

Do get longevity and a professional finish from your painted furniture project then how you prepare your piece is everything.

Remove any handles or hardware items.

Then clean and sand away any loose or peeling paint.

Don’t forget to clean out the inside of your project too.

Step 2: Sand

Then you need to sand back your piece of furniture to remove any glossy finish or smooth over any rough sections/pieces.

If you are painting then you don’t need to take it all the way back to its original finish.

Just sand until you have removed any glossy finish or if you are lucky and your piece has a dull finish then you can skip this step.

If you are staining the piece though you will need to take it back to the wood and remove all traces of the original stain/paint.

Step 3: Patch

Take this opportunity to fill any small holes, etc with a wood filler if you wish.

Or if you prefer the worn, distressed look then leave your piece as is.

Step 4: Prime

If you are painting then a coat of primer does wonders.

It helps your paint to adhere to the piece better and covers any colour imperfections in the wood.

Step 5: More sanding

Once primed run over your piece with a fine grit sandpaper.

Check your primer paint pot for instructions on what grit to use.

It’s a good idea to do this between each coat of paint too as you obtain a more professional finish when you are done.

Again, just check your paint pot for what grit sand paper to use.

Remove any dust in between paint coats too with a soft cloth.

After all your hard work, you don’t want your paint finish ruined by stray dust and dirt.

Step 6: Paint

Now it’s time to paint.

Check with your local hardware store as to what type of paint is best to use on your piece.

It will vary depending on what the piece will be used for.

  • Does it need to survive general wear and tear
  • Is it a display piece?
  • Will it be exposed to the elements at all?

Don’t forget to give your piece a light sand in between coats to get the ultimate professional finish.

You could even speak to your hardware store about spray paint options too to avoid brush strokes.

Step 7: Seal

Once you have finished painting your project it’s time to seal it.

Speak to your hardware store about what is best to use based on what products you have used.

You not even need to seal depending on what products you have used for painting or staining so do talk to your local hardware store.

Inspired for the house painters, North Shore to return?

Are you inspired to do some DIY projects around your home to add some final styling touches?

Or are you inspired to have the house painters back and have some more rooms painted or the exterior of your home painted?

We can do it all and would be happy to discuss your next house painting project with you?

Call us now or contact us via email to arrange.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Call us today 02 9973 3131


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Useful Tools for Interior Painting in Sydney and the Home Decorator

Interior decorating and DIY interior painting is so popular nowadays.

With all the building and home decorating shows like The Block, House Rules and Grand Designs there really is a surge in homeowners wanting to have a go and do it themselves.

If you watch these shows or similar though you’ll now that one area not to skimp on is the painting.

Painting seems to be one area that contestants on The Block and House Rules generally think they can do themselves but then they don’t end up doing it well usually.

And when your paintwork isn’t done well it can really let the overall finish of your room and the whole home down.

We are going to take you through some of the things any avid DIYer should have in their toolbox when it comes to painting and home decorating which will help you create an A1 finish.

interior painting Sydney DIY painting tools recommended by Summit Coatings

Interior painting tool must haves

When it comes to tools and supplies for painting you really can’t skimp on these things.

Buying cheap and nasty painters tape/masking tape will either not adhere properly so the paint seeps under the tape or it sticks too well and won’t peel off properly.

Or when you do peel it the tape off it takes the paint off your newly painted wall.

Not an outcome anyone wants!

So, the tools and materials we recommend:

  • A good quality painters tape or masking tape to mask off edges, architraves, windows, etc to make cutting in easier and neater
  • A roller and paint brush in a few varying sizes.
  • Paint pail with handle. A handle is a must if you will be climbing up ladders.
  • Non-slip plastic/cloth for the floor or furniture protection. If you don’t cover your floor or furniture you are guaranteed to spill the paint
  • Plastic bag for in between coats.
  • Steady step ladder or larger depending on what area you need to paint

Wrap your paint brushes, rollers and insert your paint tray/pail into a plastic bag and seal it.

That way you don’t need to wash out your tools between coats and your paint doesn’t dry up.

Make sure you do put something down on the floor underneath and surrounding the area you are painting.

If you are near furniture too then make sure you cover that or at least move it out of the way.

You will be guaranteed to spill or splash the paint if you don’t and it’s a pain to try and remove off some surfaces and materials.

So be proactive rather than reactive.

interior painting Sydney DIY painting by Summit Coatings

Touch ups of your interior walls

Always make sure when fixing an area that you touch up the paintwork with the same tool that it was first painted with – brush or roller.

That way it will blend it to the area a lot better.

You may need to extend the area you are repainting to encompass the whole section of wall.

It will just depend on the size of the area that needed touching up and how long it’s been since it was originally painted.

Paint on wall fades with light through the window and general wear and tear.

If it’s a well lit room with lots of natural light and a high traffic area you may need to bite the bullet and repaint the whole room.

interior painting Sydney DIY tool recommendations by Summit Coatings

Interior painting Sydney for the non DIYers

Now DIY isn’t for everyone and some jobs just are too big, too high or in this busy day and age you may just not have the time for it.

And that’s ok as that’s where we come in.

We would be happy to discuss your house painting needs with you.

With over 30 years experience and members of the Master Painters Association, you are guaranteed to receive a job you will love and be proud of from the painting through to the customer service.


Call us today 02 9973 3131

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