5 things you must know: interior painting Sydney tips

When it comes to interior painting, the finish, the colour, the execution and the type of paint is all important. Which is why we share our top interior painting for Sydney tips. Knowledge is power we believe so to ensure you hire a suitable house painting company it’s important to know what they should be executing correctly and how.

If you obtain the wrong house painter for the job it isn’t usually a cheap or easy fix to rectify the problem. So by knowing what to look for and what questions to ask will ensure you get the right contractor and the job done right the first time.

Tip 1: Interior painting for Sydney tips regarding best paint finishes

It’s of paramount importance that the right paint is used for the room. Kitchen and bathroom require a special paint – Taubmans Endure Kitchen and Bathroom. That is suitable for steam and the like which is generated in kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchen and bathroom paints also prevent mould and mildew build up which is again something generated in kitchen and bathrooms due to the steam build up if the rooms aren’t properly ventilated. Taubmans Endure with Nanoguard is even better at this than other brands as it has small and large particles that provide a better barrier against the things mentioned above that you don’t want.

There are also different types of paint depending on if the area is in a high traffic area for example. If you have pets or young children in particular then you will want a paint that is easily wiped over. It’s amazing where those sticky fingers and muddy paw prints can turn up. The type of finish you like too should also come into play. Not everyone likes or wants a gloss or matte finish. Everyone is different and your interior painting contractor should have this discussion with you when they come to quote for your project. They need to understand how you use your home and what you like and then make their recommendations based on this. They need to educate you on what is best for your project so that you are happy with the end result and what you have to live with.

If your painting contractor doesn’t use the right paint type or the right tools for the job then you aren’t going to receive a quality long lasting job. When the interior painting contractor comes to discuss your project you need to ask questions about what they use, etc. If they don’t give you a definitive answer or hesitate or fob you off then that is a red flag in itself. And we recommend you find a new contractor to provide a quote.

Tip 2: How to choose paint colours for your interior walls

Choosing the right colour is also very important. There are many things that come into play here when it comes to the style and colour of your:

  • Home – modern, traditional, heritage for example
  • Furniture
  • Window furnishings
  • Floor coverings
  • Accessories and wall art that you don’t wish to change or that may have special meaning to you

All of the above that you don’t want to change should be considered when making your choice.

What patterns you have in the above too should also be considered. If you don’t have any patterns or very minimal then you can be more outgoing and bold with your colour choices. Remember though that bolder comes usually go out of fashion as quickly as they come in. which is why we are finding people these days are choosing more subtle colours that are staying modern and fresher for longer. Clients are then choosing to accessorise with colours and patterns. That way as fashions come and change it’s much easier and more economical to change and update your items.

Consider too how much natural and artificial light your rooms get. If a room doesn’t get a lot of natural light for example and is naturally darker which is something you want to lift, then this is something that you can do with white and other lighter colours. You wouldn’t want to put a dark, deep colour into a room that isn’t naturally well lit as it will just enclose your space and darken it even more.

Interior painting Sydney with Summit Coatings house painting in progress

Tip 3: How to use bold colours or splashes of colour for your interior painting projects

Consider your surrounds and the style of your home and furniture/furnishings. Pick an area of your home that isn’t as busy that you wish to highlight. You may like to use our interior painting for Sydney tips and choose to do a feature wall with:

  • Paint colours
  • Patterns – whether it be paint or wallpaper
  • Wallpaper or murals
  • Other types of material – feature panels and screens, wooden panelling

A feature wall can be quite a powerful tool and a great way to make an impact. It’s also a great way to move with the times and use the colours and textures that are “in” style. That way when they go out of style they’re easier and quicker to change as they’re normally a smaller area.

Bold colours aren’t as good to use in smaller rooms either unless you are doing a feature wall. If you are set on painting the whole room a bold colour then pick a medium to a large sized room.

Tip 4: What you need to know about prepping before we arrive

We will discuss any imperfections with you when we come to quote for you. And anything like this we can fix at the time or depending on the severity of them we can arrange to have them patched and fixed prior to painting day.

But any flaky paint, mould and the like will need to be fixed before we start with your new paintwork. As the preparation of your surface has a big part to play in the finished product. So, we want to make sure this is A1 before we start.

If you’re able to remove all wall art and as much furniture as you can that is much appreciated. We do recommend removing any “special items.” We are as careful as can be but sometimes accidents do happen and not all contractors are as careful as what we are.

Tip 5: Why use a professional

If you choose the right interior painting contractor that is suitably qualified, insured then you are well on the way to getting the job done right the first time. If you aren’t sure then you can always contact the Master Painters Association in your area who can recommend reputable companies in your area.

If you follow our interior painting for Sydney tips though you are armed with the knowledge on what to look for and what to ask.

At Summit Coatings we have over 30 years of experience and are also a proud Member of the NSW Master Painters Association and have one many an award with them. Which really does say about the type of work we do and the way we conduct ourselves. To be a member there is a code of conduct amoung other things to abide by. So if you are in a position where you haven’t been able to get a referral from a friend or neighbour then contact your local Master Painters Association and see who they recommend in your area.


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Options to update your residential painting in time for Christmas

Christmas is coming around fast and quick so now is the time to freshen up things around your home. Not sure where to start then here are some options to update your residential painting.

It doesn’t always need to be as complicated as you think. Sometimes KISS – keep it simple stupid is the best way to go. But we run through the simple, medium and all the way options.

Simple options to update your residential painting

The simple option and the option that has the quickest turnaround is to wash your internal and external walls to freshen up your home.

If you’ve left it too late to get your house painting booked in and executed before Christmas, then washing your walls is a great alternative. Water and detergent, sugar soap or even environmental cloths if you prefer a more eco-friendly option can do wonders. Also adding essential oils to your water has some great antibacterial benefits as well as the aroma benefits.

Just remember don’t oversaturate your plaster with water. You don’t want to create another problem and have soggy plaster to repair.

It’s amazing just how dirty internal walls can get if you have young children and pets. So, a spring clean but in summer can freshen things up nicely before Christmas and if you use essential oils when cleaning it can freshen up your air too.

Medium option: if time is a problem, pick a feature wall

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and let’s face it, in the leadup to Christmas who does. So as a compromise pick a feature wall in a few key rooms to freshen up with wall paint or wallpaper.

There really are some stunning wallpaper options in a style to suit all rooms and home decorating styles.

Keep it simple with a feature wall and then add some special Christmas features and decorations. Or some new home decor items to liven up your space.

There are some gorgeous unique Christmas and home décor items on MadeIt. They’re all local Australian designers and makers too. So why not support and shop local this Christmas season and enjoy some new home décor items while you are at it.

Options to update your residential painting with Summit Coatings

Full commitment options to update your residential painting

Do you want to make a full commitment to your home painting and have enough time before Christmas? Then have your home repainted by the professionals. We do get quite busy in the leadup to Christmas so get in early to secure your date and not be disappointed.

By having your home repainted you can use the opportunity to change your colour scheme and freshen things up that way too. Then sit back, relax and enjoy your newly painted home. Enjoy it too when you have family and friends around for Christmas and New Year and they admire your new paintwork. There really isn’t a better feeling! And you can enjoy your festive celebrations in style.

When it’s time for your next house painting project

Then call Summit Coatings. We are more than happy to discuss your house painting needs no matter how big or small in the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney. We have over 30 years experience in the house painting and commercial painting business. We have also won many awards with the Master Painters Association of NSW.


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Why choose the best painter North Shore Sydney?

Do you live in the North Shore area of Sydney? Then you want to choose the best painter in North Shore. Don’t compromise. Your home deserves the best you can provide it. Your Sydney home deserves the best interior and exterior protection from the weather and you deserve to have your home looking it’s best. For that to happen you need the best house painter in North Shore.

Best painter in North Shore guarantee

By choosing the best painter in North Shore you are guaranteed to engage a painting company that knows the area. Knows your homes challenges – sun, salt air depending on your location to the beach, as well as heritage requirements if your home falls within that scope.

Check to see what sort of guarantee if any the company you wish to engage has on their workmanship and the product they use. If they don’t have any, then that should tell you something. Run the other way!

Recommendations for the best painter in North Shore

By using a local North Shore house painter that’s the best at what they do, you will no doubt be able to get a recommendation from a local, friend, family member or neighbour or who has recently had some house painting undertaken.

There’s nothing better than a recommendation and being able to see the actual workmanship first hand. Also, how the painting company presents and conducts themselves goes a long way to show you what sort of experience you are going to have should you engage that company. A company that takes pride in their vehicle/s, tools and presentation says a lot about the people they employ and the company itself and their expectations.

Summit Coatings winner of the Master Painters Awards for Excellence

What a company known as being the best painter North Shore tells you

  1. They are experienced
  2. They are professional
  3. They are familiar with the area and any challenges or special traits
  4. There pricing is fair and competitive
  5. They are fully licensed and insured
  6. You will be happy with the work carried out and

Local office in the North Shore area

If your house painters are local to the area, then chances are they will also have an office or base at least in the area.

For some people having a local office is a great positive as they can drop in anytime during business hours. Having this reassurance that the company they are engaging is above board and legit is a great piece of mind for some. Especially in this day and age where scams are dodgy people are rife.

Are you still looking for the best house painter in North Shore?

Then look no further. We have offices in Warriewood and service the North Shore and the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.

We are also known for being the best commercial and residential painters around as our recent awards and recognition at the Master Painters Association NSW’s Awards presentation.

We are just a phone call or email away or why not drop by our Warriewood office to discuss your next painting project.


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4 Tips about exterior painting from best house painter North Shore

With summer around the corner, it’s time to think about exterior painting and booking in with the best house painter in North Shore.

Have your home looking its best for Christmas and the holidays if you have visiting family and friends.

Our 4 tips from the best house painter North Shore

Tip 1: Wear and tear on your paintwork

If you notice any signs of wear and tear:

  • Blistering paint
  • Fading paint
  • Peeling paint

Then contact your local painters asap for a quote. The sooner you have the repainting done the better. There is less chance of damage being done making it easier and more economical to complete the job.

Tip 2: Obtain quotes from experienced, reputable and licensed house painters.

Always obtain more than 1 quote. If possible, get a recommendation from a friend or family member that lives nearby. Recommendation and word of mouth is wonderful and firsthand experience says a lot.

If you’re not sure and can’t get a recommendation, then contact your local Master Painters Association or look for their emblem when sourcing quotes. You can read about Why hiring a Master Painter in Sydney makes a difference.

Remember too if a quote is considerably lower than others there may be a good reason. Do they have insurance, the right tools, the right experience? So be wary and cautious if this does occur.

Best house painter North Shore with Summit Coatings

Tip 3: Decide if it’s time for a facelift and colour scheme update

If it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home. Whether you have a weatherboard home and need your whole home repainted or you only have feature aspects that need repainting. Why not take the opportunity to give your home a facelift and update your colour scheme while you are at it?

We have more information on a previous post Choose the right exterior paint colours for your home around Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Tip 4: Plan and consider the time of year for your house painters Northern Beaches

The time of the year can play a part. If you are particularly wanting your home repainted before Christmas or during a certain period. We recommend organising quotes, so you can book in as soon as possible.

Before Christmas can be one of the busiest times of years for house painters and over Christmas can be too from a commercial aspect. Commercial painters need to use the times that businesses and warehouses are closed to go in and repaint.

It’s time to get quotes from the best house painter in North Shore

Contact Summit Coatings then. We would love to chat with you about your next residential, commercial or strata complex painting project.



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How to choose a licensed painter Sydney

How to choose a licensed painter in Sydney is extremely important! House painting covers a huge area of your home – inside, outside, walls, ceilings, architraves, features and the list goes on.

With so much paintwork you are looking at it regularly, how can you avoid not to. But when you look at something so regularly and there is an imperfection that is where your eye will be drawn 100% of the time.

And how annoying and frustrating is that!!!!

So, it’s important to get it done right the first time. Otherwise, fixing mistakes and errors can be quite costly in the long run depending what the damage is.

There are 6 important factors on how to choose a licensed painter in Sydney

Experience and how to choose a licensed painter in Sydney with Summit Coatings

Experience is so important when choosing a licensed painter in Sydney

Ask them about previous work they have carried out, ask for references and testimonials from previous and current clients and check out their online presence.

Do they have a website and social media channels? Is the website showing actual properties they have painted or do the images look like stock images?

Also, ask them how long they have been in business. this is quite important as if they have only been in business quite a short time that can be cause for alarm, but everyone has to start somewhere and that may be all it is.

If they have only been in business a short time, ask them about their background. Have they previously been a house painter and if so for how long?

They may have only just gone out on their own but have oodles of experience behind them.

If they are new to business though make sure they have all their insurances and licenses in place. As this is something that can be sometimes overlooked but is an extremely important part of a business and engaging a painting contractor.

Are they a Sydney Master Painter? Being a member of the Master Painters Association NSW or the relevant state body to where you are located says a lot.

Quotes are another important aspect when choosing a licensed painter in Sydney

We recommend getting at least 3. And engage 3 reputable companies too. Referrals from friends and neighbours go a long way to finding a reputable house painter in Sydney.

Pay attention to how you are treated during the quotation process. If you are mucked around, rescheduled, they’re late, don’t turn up at all and there is no communication explaining what is happening then that’s a red flag for how the painting process will go.

Time is precious, and everyone would love more of it. We are in business ourselves and understand things happen. A client may be running late, we might have been held up ourselves for an unforeseen reason, traffic could be bad, etc. But a quick phone call to let your potential client know what is happening goes a long way!

Insurance and license considerations when deciding how to choose a licensed painter in Sydney

It is critical that the painters you decide to use have the correct insurances and licenses in place. It doesn’t matter if it’s strata painting you need, a heritage painter in Sydney or residential painters in Northern Beaches. Or even if it’s a hi-rise painter in Sydney.

All painting contractors, businesses and companies should have the relevant licenses and insurances to protect themselves, you, your home and the public.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question – do they have insurance and licenses? General liability, workers compensation and Home Warranty Insurance if the work to be carried out is over $20,000.

Ask to see their Certificate of Currency for their insurances. Don’t just take their word for it.

The Master Painters Association of NSW or your state is full of great information regarding painting contractors. Do check to see what the requirements are in your state as they do vary from state to state

Hi-rise painter Sydney and how to choose a licensed painter with Summit Coatings

Preparation and tools can say a lot about when your painting contractor is professional and licensed

First impressions are everything and after the quoting processing seeing how they prepare the area to be painted and what tools your painters have can say a lot about them.

If their tools are haggard and on their last legs or look like they’ve fallen off the back of a truck well that’s a huge warning bell for you.

When it comes to preparation you don’t your home or commercial painter to hold back in this area. It’s the foundation for your finish so you want the area prepped properly to get a professional finish.

Testimonials and references relevant to the work you are having carried out

Whether you are having:

You want to see testimonials and references or speak to those that have similar work completed to what you are wanting to have done.

Make sure you do your due diligence and check any testimonials and references provided by your professional painters.

Guarantee – do your licensed painters provide one?

Always check what sort of guarantee your licenses painters in Sydney provide. Or do they provide one at all?

If they don’t provide one, then that is again a warning bell.

There should be a guarantee on the actual paint and materials used but also on the preparation and application of the paint itself.

Summit Coatings are professional and licensed painters in Sydney

We have a proven track record with over 30 years experience. We have many awards from the Master Painters Association NSW.

You can rest assured you will receive and quality and reliable workmanship with a professional service.

We would love to talk to you about your next painting project with it be your residential home, commercial property or strata property. No job is too big or too small for Summit Coatings.


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How to choose paint colours for your front door

The colour of your front door is an important aspect of your home and as house painters, in Northern Beaches, we see a lot.

It’s one of the first things visitors or prospective buyers will see if you are putting your home on the market.

It can increase your street appeal.

You can use it as a statement piece if you wish.

Consider the age and style of your home though.

If you have a heritage home and it’s listed, then you will have to keep within the guidelines.

If you have a heritage style home that isn’t listed though you may still wish to keep within the tone and style of the era of your home.

Otherwise when it comes to the style of your front door think about the style at the front of your home – windows, garden, paths, what colours are used, what shapes are used.

Is there something you can carry through to the front door?

Do you want glass panels let in or do you want a solid door?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Choosing your front door paint colours with your house painters Northern Beaches

When choosing your front door colour, it can be quite daunting with so many paint colours available from our recommended paint supplier Taubmans.

Break it down though by having a look at what colours are used around the front of your home:

  • Weatherboards, bricks, etc
  • Window frames
  • Window furnishings – if visible from outside like shutters or venetians are
  • Paving, concrete paths
  • Garage doors
  • Garden plants, trees, flowers, etc
  • Roof and gutters

When looking at all of the above is there a colour you can carry through or link everything together with?

Or would you prefer to make a statement piece like was made recently on The Block.

Another great way to get ideas is to have a wander around your neighbourhood or another neighbourhood that has similar style homes to yours.

There’s nothing like seeing something in person to really tell if you like it or not.

House painters Northern Beaches Taubmans front door colour example with Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans

What colours are lucky when it comes to Feng Shui?

Vicki Sauvage from Sauvage Feng Shui recommends that if you want to incorporate Feng Shui into front door paint colours then don’t just paint it red because you’ve read some decorating magazine or book.

Feng Shui does attend to colour – it is an important aspect of Chinese Medical and Metaphysical analysis.

It is, however, important to know what direction your house faces, and then determine the location of the main door.

Not all doors face the street, and some main doors are located to the side or are angled to a different direction from the frontal plane of the house.

It’s important to be specific when determining which way your front door faces so use a compass to determine.

Read on for more information on the 8 main bearings and what it all means for your front door paint colour.


Front door colours from heritage painter Sydney Summit Coatings

What paint colours say to people

Black: classic and elegant. Normally used with quite a light exterior colour palettes to not be too overbearing. Great with earthy tones too. Can be very stylish in that case.

Blue: not very common but why not use if it fits within the style of your home. Perfect for homes near the beach or ocean. Or why not a pop of colour with a brick home. Blues that are into the grey tones are extremely popular too.

Green: welcoming, contemporary depending on the shade/tone as there are many shades that fall within the heritage tones. Perfect to choose the tone to blend in with your landscaping. Great with stone when the green is more into the deeper heritage shades.

Orange: welcoming, modern. Great with concrete and earth tones. A very modern colour so perfect for those cutting edge architecture style homes.

Purple: dramatic, moody and depending on the shade can be more suited to little girl’s rooms or bat caves at the other end of the spectrum. It will go with most exterior colour palettes though but is quite the statement so best to keep it as a statement piece. Unless you just don’t care and like to stand out from the crowd.

Red: power, passion, vitality, strength. Again, great with greys and blacks but also great with paler colours too give you that pop of colour.

Yellow: welcoming, cheery, happy, positive energy. Great to use if you have a lot of greys, concrete or metal.

Need a quote for your next painting project?

Then contact us at Summit Coatings.

No project is too big or small.

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How colour can change a room

Interior painting can have such an effect on a room.

There are so many illusions interior paint colours can give a room:

  • Bigger than it is.
  • Smaller than it is
  • Brighter than it is
  • Darker than it is

It’s amazing how paint can play a part in the above.

Even down to creating different moods and perceptions.

  • Dark colours – create a cosier feel as well as sophistication and glamour
  • Light colours – create a fresh, peaceful atmosphere and can be great for productivity

And when you pair your paint colour with your furnishings and décor it pulls the overall effect together even more.

Interior painting mood chart example with Summit Coatings

Source: Fab How

Interior painting and choosing your colours

There are so many colour choices available and shades and variations and textures and then you can even throw wallpaper into the mix of choices too and it can be quite overwhelming.

But we are going to break it down for you and simplify the process.

It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems and a plan is always a great place to start.

So, to start with what does the room do for you and how do you want it to make you feel?

If it’s the kitchen is it the hub of the home?

Do you want it to be your central point, where people are drawn to and linger around?

Or do you want it to be structured, everything as a point and it’s just where you cook your meals and that’s it.

If it’s the first option then you want something that is warm and inviting.

Yellows and oranges are a great way to do this.

Remember you don’t need to go with bold colours you can choose shades of these colours or tones as shown in the image below.

Or if you really can’t see these colours on your walls then you can concentrate these efforts more on your accessories.

Maybe a feature with your splashback or a feature wall that can be easily changed.

Or accessorise with wall art or your kitchen appliances.

There are some amazing colours these days.

If you are a Thermomix owner you can even accessorise and add a pop of colour with some stunning decals.

Interior painting yellow kitchen tones example with Summit Coatings

Look at the whole picture when updating your interior painting

When choosing your colours don’t forget to look at the bigger picture.

What accessories are you going to use?

What floor coverings will you use and what material will they be – carpet, tile, wooden, etc?

What furniture and soft furnishings will you use?

What window coverings will you use?

This all plays a part in what colour your walls should be.

Some people like to do a mood board for a room.

It doesn’t need to be as complicated as some of the examples shown in the link.

But a mood board works well if you are quite a visual person.

Interior painting mood board example with Summit Coatings

Source: Pinterest

Balance your interior paint colours

The key as always is balance.

Balance your bold colours and textures so they work together and complement each other.

Some colours can look different when put together.

And the light in the room can play a part in this too.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light then darker colours or bold colours can look darker or more intense.

Some colours when placed together can be more playful or vivid.

Remember white is still a colour and can work wonders to break up or compliment another colour combination.

Interior painting Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings

Colour and its scientific effects

It is scientifically proven that colour influences people.

Did you know that light is absorbed by the eye and converted into another form of energy, which then enables us to see colour?

The light energy stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands which regulate our hormones and other physiological systems in the body.

Orange – if you are on a diet avoid orange as it’s known to stimulate the appetite but it does reduce fatigue so you might have to pick your battles with that one.

Red – stimulates, excites and warms the body. It also increases the heart rate, brain activity and respiration. So, avoid red if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Pink – is soothing and has a tranquilising effect. So, might be handy to remember if you are doing a nursery for a baby girl.

Yellow – is great for remembering things. It does also raise blood pressure and pulse rate but not to the effect that red does. (Sorry, I didn’t colour co-ordinate this colour as you just couldn’t read it).

Green – great for calmness, soothing and relaxing effects. It’s also great for control the anxiety associated with controlling the impulse of overeating.

Blue – another great relaxing colour so remember it if you are doing a nursery for a baby boy. It has a calming effect and lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Great in hot climates for the cooling effect it has.

Another great fact that is if you have a preference to a colour then it means the body “needs” it for the effects that it has.

Not sure if your interior painting colours work

If you would like a second opinion we do have a colour consultant that you can work with.

Another set of eyes never hurts.

So, feel free to contact us to arrange this.

We would be more than happy to speak to you about your interior painting needs too if you are around the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney.



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How line markings can help your Sydney business or commercial premises

Line markings can be used for so many things and they play such an important role in everyday life. Line markings can be used in many situations and are what helps keep us safe on our roads as well as in our work environment too if you are in a warehouse or factory. They guide us on so many aspects it’s quite a powerful tool when you think about it.

car park line markings Sydney Summit Coatings


How line markings can be used in Sydney

Line markings can be used for so many things and in so many situations:

  • Public car parks and community halls
  • Hotels, motels, restaurants
  • Residential apartments
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Service stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Playgrounds

Having line painting marked out professionally can be so beneficial for the users first impressions through to their whole user experience. And also ensures proper use of the space whilst playing a major role in people’s safety from:

  • Giving direction as to what is designated parking spaces and what is not
  • Which direction to drive and turn
  • Which designated parking spaces have also been allocated for disabled parking, pram parking and senior parking

Car park line painting is such an important aspect. Abiding by line markings is generally enforceable by law too but there are some cases where it is common courtesy such as pram parking and senior parking spaces.

car park line markings Summit Coatings


Line markings for workshops and warehouses in Sydney

Line markings can also be used for workshop and warehouse situations too. When working or visiting a workshop or warehouse, you may be sharing the environment with forklifts, trucks or cars. You want the areas marked out quite clearly where pedestrians are to walk safely and go about their business as well as where vehicles should operate and stay within and what areas they need to stay out of.

In a workshop or warehouse situation, we can also use line marking to mark out different packing bays, parking bays, loading bays and anything else that will make your work zone more efficient and productive.

Safety line marking example


Line markings for Sydney airports

Line markings are obviously very important areas when it comes to airports. Sydney airport has a huge amount of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian wise. And there are huge safety aspects that people need to be aware of when it comes to their own safety and the safety of others both inside and outside of the terminals. And this is all communicated using line markings.

To work in airports, you need to be certified due to the huge security checks and responsibilities and we of course are. We also have extensive experience in conducting large commercial projects so understand the importance of managing a project of this size and all it entails.

Contact Summit Coating for your next line marking project

Ensuring that your line markings are done correctly and efficiently is so important. You also need to ensure the company you use has the right licenses and insurances as they will be working in a public space and as they are on premises they are also a representation of you. So, you want to be confident that the company will conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.

We have extensive experience at working on various sized projects and in various environments/situations so would be more than happy to talk to you about your next line marking project in the Sydney area.

Contact Summit Coatings Painters

How to tell if you need the roof painters in to your Sydney home

Is it time to check out the exterior of your home and what needs to be done before the winter months set in? Could your roof do with a visit from the roof painters amoungst other things? Ensuring the exterior of your home is in good condition before the cold and wet weather sets in is important. We believe in prevention better than cure or fixing things after the damage has occurred.

If you have a weatherboard home and the wet and moisture creep into your weatherboards then it can cause damage and can be costly to fix if it’s not caught straightaway. Also, if your house roof happened to leak then it really can be a pain to fix especially with trying to locate the actual point of the leak. It only takes a pinhole for water to get in and then it can build up over time before any damage is found. Or if it’s a huge leak then the damage is usually done internally before you even have a chance to rectify the situation. So, embracing prevention and keeping on top of these things is definitely the best way to go.

Roof painters for tile roofs Summit Coatings


What to do before the roof painters come

You really want to give your roof the TLC that it deserves. It’s best to check it out before the roof painters come and that way it’s all a-ok before it’s painted. When you think about it your roof is one of the main things keeping you warm and dry or cool and dry depending on your climate. Even if you didn’t have walls your roof will still keep the rain or the sun off you. It gets battered in storms and then there’s the other extreme with our harsh sun. And because it’s so high up (normally) it gets neglected and forgotten but that is about to change as you are going to learn what to look out for when it comes to caring for your roof:

  • If you have a tiled roof keep an eye on the ridge capping. If the cement is looking loose then this needs rectifying.
  • Loose, missing or broken tiles are a definite sign that needs repairing. Ask us about our resealing option as we have a solution for you.
  • If you can access your roof space then it’s a good idea to climb up there and inspect the timber beams for any signs of water damage and even your insulation for dampness.
  • Also keep an eye on your plaster internally. If you see any water marks or stains on the ceiling or around the tops of your walls/cornice then you will want to have a further investigation done to find the cause.
  • Make sure your guttering and eaves are in good condition too as this can be a sign of further damage or that investigation is needed.

How to choose your roof paint colour

If your roof is looking a bit sad and dilapidated then it’s time to get the roof painters back in. You may wish to keep your roof the same colour or you may wish to take advantage of having it done and choose a new colour and give your home a part facelift or why not have the exterior of your home painted too at the same time and give your home a full facelift.

There are a few things to remember when choosing your roof colours:

  • Exterior colours –consider the colour of your exterior walls, trims, windows, doors, even garden paths and external garages. Consider anything that is visible from the front of your property.
  • Dark versus light colours – black and other dark colours absorb and hold the heat whereas white and lighter colours reflect. If you are in a warmer climate you will want to keep your roof cavity as cool as you can and everything helps so using colours that reflect the heat rather than absorbing plays a part in keeping your home cooler.
  • Neighbourhood – consider your neighbours and what colours work with neighbouring properties unless you are going for a statement home.

If you happen to be in Sydney too then some councils have laws against white roofs so it might be worth raising this with your painter or checking with your local council first to see if this applies to your area.

Below is a before and after picture which shows how much a change in colour can lift your home. Just excuse the annoying sun on the after picture but it was just that time of day when it was taken.

Roof painters Sydney before and after pictures with Summit Coatings

Our roof painters process

Preparation – as with any painting job it’s important that the surface is prepared properly to start with. As your roof is exposed to everything and all conditions we start with giving it a high pressure clean.

Reseal – if you have roof tiles we have an advanced membrane system that we can use to reseal over porous tiles which prevents the water getting in. As I said above it only takes the smallest hole for water to enter your home and start causing damage. So, it’s an easy and effective way to protect the structure and interior of your home.

Paint – we have qualified painters and we use Taubmans Endure Exterior paints to do the job. We also hold all the relevant insurances and licenses for our painters who are also used to working at heights and with various roof styles and pitches.


Roof painters Sydney with Summit Coatings

Why choose Summit Coatings as your roof painters in Sydney

As I said above prevention is better than cure or fixing the cause of the problem when it comes to your home or roof more specifically. At Summit Coatings we are all about helping home owners look after what is normally their largest investment and take care of all your painting needs.

We are award winning painters whilst also being members of the Master Painters Association so you can rest assured that you are going to receive a quality job that will be delivered in a professional manner.

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Painters for heritage homes and buildings around Northern Beaches

When you own a heritage home or building there are many things to consider when it comes to wanting to get the painters into your Northern Beaches property. Council laws and Heritage Council restrictions can vary depending on your location and each state has its own Heritage Council so make sure you check those out before doing anything or speak to your painters about doing so.

Having a Heritage Listed property doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes to your property it just means that you may need approval for what works you want to carry out depending on how your property is classified.

There are a two of types of “heritage” too with one being that your property is Heritage Listed and the other is that your home is in a Heritage Conversation Area just to confuse the matter more. Depending on which your property is classed under will depend on what sort of restrictions you have on your property. So, if you are not sure what your property is classified as please check with your local council and Heritage Council. You can also employ the services of a Heritage Advisor to liaise on your behalf. They do this on a daily basis so know the ins and outs of everything and how to streamline the process more.

Heritage painters in Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings

Popular colour options for heritage homes

What colour scheme is available to paint your heritage home will depend on what area you are in and the style of your heritage home. You may wish to stay with tradition and have your painters repaint in the same colours as you have or you may wish to freshen things up and have the painters use a more modern colour scheme in which case you will need to seek approval normally.

If you aren’t sure what colours to use a great way to get some ideas and see what colours work and what is allowed is to take a walk or drive around your neighbourhood and see what the neighbours have used.

Some of the popular colour schemes for traditional homes are:

  • Neutrals and browns for walls
  • White for wrought iron
  • Dark colours for exterior doors
  • Dark colours for the roof

Modern heritage colour scheme for painters Northern Beaches

Source: Houzz

Some modern heritage colour schemes are:

  • Grey/charcoal roof with a white trim and dark walls
  • Grey walls, white wrought iron and black for exterior doors
  • White for the walls with a darker shade of white for the roof and use a vibrant colour such as red for the front door.

Heritage modern colour schemes, painters Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings

Source: Stylish Livable Spaces

Too many options to choose from? A good rule of thumb or something to keep in mind is that glossy black is a great way to add class and trim painted in a deep green and deep red are very popular and you can’t usually go wrong depending on the style of your home and the area you are in.

If you still aren’t sure you can always ask your favourite painters, Summit Coatings.

Has lead paint been used on your heritage home

Unfortunately, you can’t tell if your home has been painted with lead paint just by looking at it. One way to find out is by purchasing a test kit from your local hardware store. Or if you prefer consult experienced and professional painters who will take into account the era of your home and when it was last painted. They will no doubt run a test themselves too just to be sure.

If you find your home has been painted with lead based paint there’s no need to worry until the paintwork has been damaged i.e. flaking, chalking or worse.

Rather than trying to remove the lead based paint yourself we would highly recommend getting in the professionals as if not done correctly you can make yourself very ill and also those in surrounding properties too as dust and particles travel in the air.

Engage professional and experienced heritage painters

Summit Coatings are experienced in all aspects of heritage painting from homes through to large commercial properties and even churches. Heritage painting and restoration is an extremely specialised field and you want to ensure you are obtaining the services of a suitably qualified painter which is why we are also a member of the Master Painters Association of New South Wales or whichever state you are located in.

Did you know Summit Coatings were a finalist in the Master Painters Association NSW Awards for Excellence in 2015 for a heritage painting project our painters undertook in Strathfield.

So contact us for your next heritage painting project. We would love to speak with you.

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