Increase your home’s value with tips from our Master Painters Sydney

Are you thinking of selling or simply want to increase your home’s value? Why not take some tips from us, the best Master Painters of Sydney? We definitely know a thing or two about increasing the value of your Sydney home!

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home is to paint it! A freshly painted home looks clean and modern which means the value will go up! Painting your Sydney home is the easiest way to make it look new again. As Master Painters in Sydney, we can easily transform a home from drab to fab on any budget! If your budget is small, stick to the main areas such as kitchens and living areas. Or perhaps opt to update a room by adding a feature wall to keep costs even lower. If you are planning on updating your entire Sydney home, remember to include the exterior. It’s the first thing people will see and first impressions count! It’s always a good option to add more street appeal by transforming your exterior and our Master Painters in Sydney are here to help.

Our Master Painter’s tips on choosing the best paint colours for your Sydney home

Tips from our Master Painters Sydney on choosing the best paint colours

As Master Painters, we know how to help you choose the right paint colours for your Sydney home. You can even elect to work with one of our professional Colour Consultants!

The top tip our Master Painter’s have to add value to your Sydney home is to keep it neutral. Neutral colours are not boring! Have a read of our previous blog covering the 50 shades of grey to see just how great neutral colours can be. The thing to remember is trends come and go. You can never go wrong with neutral shades and then accessorise with pops of colour. Accessories are easy to change as trends change. This is always the best option, especially if you’re planning to sell your Sydney home. A neutral colour palette will appeal to more potential buyers.

Top tips from our Master Painter’s on increasing your Sydney home’s value

Tips from our Master Painters Sydney on increasing your homes value

Interior colour tips from our Master Painters Sydney

Our Master Painters Sydney have noticed that the colour blue seems to have helped out on gaining homeowners high prices. Mixed in with greys and white and you’ll be sure to make a great profit.

Exterior colours tips from our Master Painters Sydney

A grey and white colour combination seem to gain the higher sale prices. The neutral yet smart colour combo makes a great first impression. Don’t forget your front door colour as well!

Things to get rid of

  • Wood stained cabinets
  • Wallpaper borders
  • Sponged walls

Things to add

  • Wallpaper feature walls: these are easy to change as trends change
  • Strong bold painted feature walls
  • Declutter: consider hiring a Professional Organiser to come in and work their magic in your home. This is almost essential if you’re selling. Even if your house is amazing, potential buyers will be put off if you leave clutter everywhere.

Need help from our Master Painters Sydney?

If you’re looking to add value to your Sydney home, we can help. Our friendly and professional team can help you increase your home’s value with a painting makeover! Contact us today to discuss your options.



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Your newly painted home will shine in all aspects

Do you have a newly painted home to be proud of with that lovely fresh smell? But now you’ve popped everything back are things not looking as good as they could? Have you thought about engaging the services of a professional home organiser? Today we look at Free Time 4 Me Time, a professional organising company owned by the lovely Deanne. We’ll go over the fantastic things a professional home organiser can do for your newly painted home!

We understand at Summit Coatings, what it means to be busy. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep things in your newly painted home in order. Add in work, kids, socialising and you start to really run out of time for anything else! Plus, who really wants to spend the little spare time they do have organising? Deanne of Free Time 4 Me Time does! She is a self-proclaimed born organiser!

How can a Professional Organiser enhance my newly painted Sydney home?

Now is the best time to start organising before moving everything back in. Not sure where to start though? Here are some simple organisational principals:

  • De-clutter
  • Have a place for everything
  • Have only what you need, use and enjoy in your home.
  • Put systems and routines in place


To keep a home tidy and organised, it is very important to have systems and routines in place. In order to implement these systems, the first step is to de-clutter. It is very difficult to be organised if there is clutter everywhere. If you didn’t de-clutter prior to painting your home, now is the time to do so. Get everything together that was in the room, categorise it into 4 piles.

1) Items to go back into the room,

2) Items to donate

3) Items to dispose of, and

4) Items that belong in a different room/area.

Only have in your home those items that you need, use and enjoy.

Newly painted home before professional organisers Free Time 4 Me Time have come showcased by Summit Coatings

Before picture from Free Time 4 Me Time

Newly painted home after professional organisers Free Time 4 Me Time have come showcased by Summit Coatings

After image from Free Time 4 Me Time

Have a place for everything

Everything in your home should have a designated spot. It is important to keep all “like” items together too. For example, toys should be kept in a toy/living area or child’s bedroom.  Not the kitchen, office or adults room.


Labelling makes a huge difference for locating items quickly and keeping them in order.  Label children’s toys, locations for items in your linen cupboard (eg. Queen sheets, single sheets, beach towels, towels) and items in your pantry. Keeping pantry items in glass jars keeps them fresher for longer, avoids the risk of pantry moths, and stops it from looking cluttered.


Put systems in place. Create areas that are designated for a particular activity/use. For example, one or two large toy boxes in a playroom for children to hold all their toys in one place and makes it easy for the children to pack away. This is always my recommendation as shelving accumulates clutter and can make a room look untidy.

For children who love lego, designate an area which is used solely for this purpose and create a system, which looks tidy, and enables your child to play freely and display their creations without taking up the whole living area.

A homework station, which can be as simple as a hanging magazine rack, holds children’s homework minimising any clutter on the kitchen bench. Keep a fully stocked pencil case with it – so there’s no excuse for not finding anything.

Hang clothing

My top recommendation to clients is to hang as much clothing as possible. For children, this means much less mess in their rooms as they don’t need to rifle through drawers for their favourite t-shirt and enables them to self-dress easily. It is also easy to hang clothes on coat hangers straight onto the line and then they can be put away easily, saving valuable time.


Put routines in place and try to stick to them as much as possible. By doing so, your home will be much more organised.

Deanne’s top Routines are:

  • Go to bed with a clean kitchen: each night stack the dishwasher and put it on, wash any dirty dishes (and dry them if you can). Wipe down all benches, clear any paperwork off – sign it, file it or dump it.
  • Create a menu plan for the week and shop online: this saves time, money and prevents wasted food.
  • Nightly: each night, use your meal planner to prepare yours and the school lunches for the next day.
  • Washing: wash clothes every day (put a load on at night) so it’s ready to hang first thing.
  • Do a quick tidy of the house: grab a washing basket, put any dirty clothes in it and take to the laundry. Then use the same basket to pick up things, not in their right place and pop them back.
  • Make your bed every day: it is surprising how a made bed can make a room feel more organised and there’s nothing like coming home to a newly made bed.
  • Disinfectant wipes: keep disinfectant wipes under benches in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry for a quick wipe over to stay on top of cleaning.

Newly painted home professional organiser Free Time 4 Me Time bathroom tips showcased by Summit Coatings Newly painted home professional organiser kitchen tips showcased by Summit Coatings

By implementing these quick ideas, your home will remain clutter free and organised, which reduces stress and keeps it looking and running beautifully.

The above are just some quick tips. If your newly painted home is looking incredibly beautiful but you have clutter everywhere, contact Free Time 4 Me Time! Deanne can help you with all the ‘TO DO’ list items that you’re just not getting to as well as overhauling and organising your home from start to finish. How brilliant do the above before and after pictures look? It will soothe your soul seeing your cupboards looking this good!

You’d be very surprised how affordable a professional organiser can be for your newly painted home. You know you’re in safe hands with Free Time 4 Me time. Deanne’s even been featured on Today Tonight! With gift certificates available as well, this may just be the perfect gift for your busy loved one. If you need some help contact Deanne at Free Time 4 Me Time or follow her on Facebook. Deanne offers many services to make everything in your newly painted home look fantastic.

Free Time 4 Me Time professional organisers showcased with Summit Coatings

“Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today” – Benjamin Franklin

Are you in the market to have your Sydney home painted?

If you haven’t had your home newly painted, that’s ok – we can help you. Our award-winning team can come in and make your home look like new again! We specialise in residential, strata and commercial painting. So, if you’re looking to have your Sydney home newly painted, contact us today!


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Have a small kitchen? Tips from our interior painters Sydney

Have you got a small kitchen? There’s a lot you can do with a small space! When it comes to small spaces it’s all about the right colour though. And when it comes to a small kitchen our interior painters Sydney know what they are doing.

Small kitchens normally feel cluttered, cramped and dull. Considering how long we spend in them, that’s the last thing we want. Today we are going to look at the best colours for your small kitchen. We will also go over some great tips from our interior painters Sydney to help make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter. You’ll never want to leave it!

Where to start with a small kitchen? Advice from our interior painters Sydney

First of all, are you remodelling your small kitchen? If so, is there scope to physically enlarge the space? Can you open up any walls perhaps? If this isn’t an option, then choosing the right colours is paramount. Rule of thumb, when it comes to small kitchens our interior painters recommend choosing light shades. Light colours open up space. Light colours also reflect light making your small kitchen seem bigger. Illusion is everything when it comes to space! So, the first thing to do is to choose the perfect colour for your small kitchen. A professional colour consultant can help you with that!

Small kitchen advice and tips for from our interior painters Sydney showcase white cabinets from Summit Coatings

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right small kitchen interior colour. Luckily, having a small kitchen makes this decision a little easier. Our Sydney interior painters say never use dark shades! So that helps shorten the list.

Small areas look best with light and bright colours. Using colours that open up space will create a dramatic difference in how small, or large, your kitchen will look. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to paint everything in your kitchen a clinical white! There are endless shades of whites to choose from – just check out Taubmans Endure’s colour range.

Mixing shades of whites and creams can add warmth and sophistication to your small kitchen’s interior painting scheme. You can also introduce different textures rather than colours to create points of interest. Keeping the same colour palette again helps with opening a space up and adds some interest.

If you do want a pop of colour though why not introduce it via the gorgeous colours in small appliances these days.

6 tips to make your small kitchen look bigger

Ok, so we have the colour sorted! That’s the most important part when dealing with a small kitchen’s interior. But there are lots of other little tricks you can use to make your kitchen look bigger! Have a look on Pinterest for inspiration and follow our tips:

  1. Remove cabinet doors or replace solid fronts with glass: This will pull the eye past the cabinet frames, making the room feel bigger. It’s important to keep things tidy when you have glass doors or open shelves though.
  2. Allow let as much natural light in as possible: We know you can’t help where your windows are in your home. Where you do have windows though try keeping treatments minimal.
  3. Eliminate clutter: We all know clutter in a small space is a big no, no. There are many ways you can eliminate clutter in your small kitchen.
  4. Recess shelves: This will add storage without taking up floor space.
  5. Mirror splashbacks: Mirror splashbacks will instantly make your small kitchen look a lot bigger. This goes for appliances too. If you’re going to have appliances out on your bench top, make them shiny!
  6. Light furnishings and décor: The same rule for your walls applies to your furnishing and décor as well.

6 tips to make small kitchens look bigger from our interior painters Sydney Summit Coatings

Source: Pinterest

If you have a small kitchen our interior painters Sydney know how to finish off your dream kitchen with the right paint. We are an award-winning team with years of experience. So, if you have a small kitchen in your Sydney home, contact us now. We can help you create a gorgeous, large feeling kitchen space today!



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Wallpaper DIY projects from our residential painters Sydney

Paint isn’t the only thing you can put on your walls! Wallpaper is also an option. But, guess what? Wallpaper isn’t just for your walls! Today we’re going to look at some amazing wallpaper DIY projects from our residential painters in Sydney.

DIY projects our residential painters in Sydney showcase

Our residential painters know just how important it is to think outside the box. This goes for our customers as well. Have you got leftover wallpaper or samples lying around from your last renovation? Why not use them to make something fantastic for your Sydney home? You can have a lot of fun with wallpaper and let your inner DIY skills shine. You can introduce it throughout your Sydney home to tie a project together, or as a feature. You can also use it to make a fun little craft!

Project 1: My Poppet wallpaper gift pouches or Christmas stockings

Cintia from My Poppet is the craft master! Today we have teamed up with My Poppet to show you a brilliant wallpaper craft idea you can easily do at home – wallpaper gift pouches! Who would have thought? These gift pouches are perfect for little gifts for Christmas or anytime of the year. All you need is:

My Poppet's DIY wallpaper template for their Christmas stocking project showcased by Summit Coatings residential painters Sydney

Source: My Poppet

These fantastic gift pouches are made in just six simple steps. Even our residential painters could whip these up – they’re that easy!

For full instructions visit My Poppet’s Upcycle with Wallpaper article.

  1. Print off your My Poppet stocking template and cut out.
  2. Trace around your template pieces and cut out your wallpaper pieces.
  3. Sew around stocking edge (sewing front and back together) leaving the top
  4. Fill with small gifts.
  5. Sew top closed.


If you’re inspired by My Poppet’s DIY gift pouches, check out some of these other cool DIY projects from our residential painters Sydney below:

Project 2: DIY wallpaper artwork

Why not create an inexpensive DIY artwork to jazz up your Sydney home? This would be perfect to do after the residential painters have been. There’s nothing like new artwork to complement a fresh paint job!

Wallpaper DIY projects artwork ideas from residential painters Sydney Summit Coatings

Project 3: Wallpaper’s not just for walls

We did say wallpaper wasn’t just for your walls. So how about on your ceiling? This could look really cool in a kid’s bedroom. Not confident in hanging wallpaper on a ceiling? Then contact your residential painters now to discuss. We do more than just painting.

Wallpaper DIY projects ceiling ideas from residential painters Sydney Summit Coatings

There really are endless DIY projects you can do with your wallpaper. Check out Pinterest for even more fantastic DIY project ideas!

And if DIY isn’t your thing then you know who to call……..

Who knew DIY projects could be so simple? If you’re looking to freshen up your Sydney home professionally, why not get in touch? Our award-winning team is here to help you. Our colour consultants can even help you match your walls to your wallpapered ceiling! We love working with you and your DIY projects. Contact us today so we can help you transform your Sydney home!


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50 Shades of Grey: Our house painters North Shore top picks

It’s all about the grey and not just in the cinema! Even if you haven’t seen the movies, everyone knows about 50 Shades of Grey. Today we look at our house painters in North Shore’s top picks. Our very own 50 Shades of Grey! We’ll look at our top picks over five main categories. Let’s look a little closer at one of North Shore house painter’s top shades.

As most of us know, grey is incredibly popular. It makes an area feel glamorous and sophisticated. Grey can instantly create a clean, calm and classy feel to any North Shore home. Unlike the movie, Taubmans Endure have a lot more than 50 shades of grey – closer to 700 shades in fact! There are endless options from light and bright to dark and dramatic.

Grey is a great alternative to the standard white and beige walls. Grey naturally hides imperfections a lot better than white. This makes grey a great choice for an overall interior or exterior colour or anywhere for that matter! North Shore home owners are now leaning more towards grey than white shades and it’s easy to see why.

Layering grey tones is also a top pick for our house painters in North Shore. Think an overall light grey interior with a few dramatic dark grey feature walls thrown in – perfection! Or perhaps a two-tone grey exterior? The choices really are endless!

Let’s now have a look at house painters North Shore top picks for the infamous grey over our top 5 categories.

Our house painters North Shore top 10 picks for feature walls

Features walls are exactly as the name suggests, a feature. Our top 10 picks for feature walls include some beautiful dramatic shades of grey. Shades that ooze mystery and sophistication. Feature walls look particularly fantastic in living rooms, bedrooms and at the end of hallways or entrances.

Feature wall top grey picks from our house painters North Shore at Summit Coatings

Our house painters North Shore top 10 picks for exteriors

House painters are now seeing more and more North Shore home owners choosing a grey exterior. Why?

  • Because it’s classy.
  • It’s simple.
  • It’s beautiful!

Grey exteriors always look fresh and clean. You could also choose a slightly darker shade to really stand out on your North Shore Street!

Exterior top grey picks from our house painters North Shore at Summit Coatings

Our house painters North Shore top 10 picks for flooring

Whether its carpet, tiles or, the latest trend, concrete, grey is the top pick for floorings. Lighter shades look best if you’re flooring is to cover a large area of your North Shore home such as your living area. Whereas smaller areas, such as bedrooms, can look great with a darker shade of grey.

Flooring grey top pics from our house painters North Shore at Summit Coatings

Our house painters North Shore top 10 picks for all over interior colours

It’s not just grey exteriors that are popular in North Shore. House Painters are seeing grey shades take over from the classic white when it comes to interiors as well. For an overall interior colour, we like a lighter shade. Team these lighter shades with one of our top picks for feature walls and you’ll be onto a winning colour combination!

Interior top grey picks from our house painters North Shore at Summit Coatings

Our house painters North Shore top 10 picks for nurseries

There’s nothing more exciting in life than starting a family. Next in line in the excitement stakes would be decorating your baby’s nursery! Grey is a calming, soothing and luxurious colour. This makes grey a top pick for North Shore nurseries!

Top grey picks for nurseries from our house painters North Shore at Summit Coatings

What’s next with greys?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless choices of grey, talk to one of our expert Colour Consultants. We can help you pick the best colour pallet for your North Shore home. Our award-winning team are ready to help you transform your home. Contact us today!



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Wake up your North Shore natural timber or cedar home with Sikkens

We often talk about the painting side of our business, but that’s not all of what we do. We’ve also got your natural timber or cedar home covered! I’m sure we can all agree natural timbers and cedar homes or features within the home are simply stunning. But they don’t come that way or, in fact, stay that way. Below we look at our top product pick to treat your natural timber or cedar home – Sikkens.

Sikkens is the brand recommended by professional painters, architects, builders, and interior designers around Australia. The transparent finish enhances and protects the natural beauty of your timber. This makes Sikkens a popular wood care coating system. We use Sikkens because it’s the best product on the market for your natural timber or cedar home and it’s features.

Natural timber or cedar home DIY tips by Summit Coatings

Can I treat my natural timber or cedar home myself?

With DIY becoming more and more popular, it’s quite common to give any home improvement job a go. Treating your natural timber or cedar home yourself is no different. Sikken’s How to Guide has some great step by step videos to help you. Like everything though DIY isn’t for everyone. Below we look at some of the top tips when treating your natural timber or cedar home. You can decide if you would like to give it a go or call in the professionals:

  • Only attempt realistic DIY projects: the image above is a project we completed. As you can see, it is a large scale project. We used tools and equipment even the best DIY experts simply won’t have. Then, of course, there’s the safety side of things. So, if you’ve got a small deck out the back to treat – go for it. If the entire exterior of your North Shore home is natural timber or cedar – perhaps leave it to the professionals.
  • Test first: before you apply the stain, test it! This is very important because, unlike paint, the wood it is applied to determines the colour of the stain. Different natural timbers and cedars will show very different results from the same stain.
  • Never mix coatings: ensure you never mix oil and water based coatings. If you are recoating a timber house, feature wall, or desk then only use the type of product that has previously been used. If you want to swap coating types, then you will need to strip the timber back to bare timber and start afresh.
  • Keep it clean: Sikkens wood care coating systems are oil based. This means accidental spillage can only be removed with mineral turps. If you’re attempting a DIY project, keep this in mind and do your best to keep your work area clean. Cover any precious items that may be around or better yet, remove them! All equipment used will also need to be cleaned with mineral turps.

What are the pros and cons of using Sikkens for my natural timber or cedar home?

Like every product on the market, there are going to be pros and cons so let’s take a look.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor – perfect for those indoor wooden features
  • Oil based – penetrates the wood better, more durable, takes longer to dry so produces a more even finish, and won’t cause the wood grain to raise


  • Has a stronger odour while using and drying
  • Need to clean up with mineral turps
  • Not as resistant to mildew as water based coatings

Summit Coatings recommends Sikkens to treat your natural timber or cedar home in North Shore and Northern Beaches Sydney

The Sikkens range has been tried and tested since 1973. It covers every wooden feature of your home, inside and out! We recommend Sikken because, just like the paint we use, we believe it is the best. We strive to keep our award-winning reputation and, more importantly, our customers happy! Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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Northern Beaches House Painters Share Tips for Perfect Picture Hanging

We’ve covered how to match your interior painting to your wall art but now it’s time to focus on the art itself! Whether it’s an expensive painting or a framed family photo, our Northern Beaches house painters share the best tips for perfect picture hanging and answer the most common questions we are asked.

The most important tip our Northern Beaches house painters can share starts with what you are hanging your picture on

Ascertain what material your wall is – brick, plaster, masonry, timber etc. This will determine the best way to perfectly hang your picture. It will also determine the tools and equipment you will need to get the job done.

  • Brick walls can withstand heavy pictures easily and you won’t need to locate a wall stud or use wall anchors
  • Plaster walls will require you to locate a wall stud and usually use wall anchors or toggles
  • Timber walls will require a nail, screw or picture hook
  • Plastic adhesive hooks can be used for lightweight pictures. These are great for rental properties or if you simply don’t want to put holes in your walls. Just don’t use on newly painted walls.
  • Canvas prints are best perfected using the flush mount hanging technique

What is the best height to hang pictures?

As a general rule, perfect picture hanging is achieved by keeping your picture eye-level. If you are hanging a picture in a room where more time is spent standing than sitting, your eye level will be higher than that of a room where you spend more time sitting. This is something to take into consideration and look at the positioning options from all angles.

Always avoid hanging pictures too high though. The top tip from our Northern beaches house painters is to ensure your guests aren’t injuring their necks when checking out your beautiful pictures!

What picture goes where we hear you ask our Northern Beaches house painters?

Perfect picture hanging can also come down to the location of your picture. Our tip is to keep smaller, more detailed pictures to smaller spaces of your Northern Beaches home. In turn, larger pictures that require more room to take in the whole picture and the wow factor should be hung in a larger space.

Larger pictures are great as focal points opposite an entrance to a room or at the end of a hallway. Whereas small pictures are best hung along the wall of a hallway or hung in a set with other small pictures.

How do I hang a group of pictures is another one our house painters are asked a lot?

Our Northern beaches house painters main tip for perfect group picture hanging is to always treat the pictures as one image. This tip will ensure your grouping looks like it belongs together. Spacing your pictures is also important. Pictures should not be too far nor too close to each other. When grouping pictures you’ll definitely need to follow our next tip.

 Our Northern Beaches house painters share tips on how to group pictures from Summit Coatings


Do a picture hanging test run

A common mistake made is making a hole in your wall without fully assessing the best option. And this is just cringe-worthy if your walls have just been painted. We hear your paint! Our tip to avoid unwanted holes is to use some scrap paper or newspaper and cut to the size of your photo frame/artwork. Position the paper on the wall and stand back to assess. Rearrange the paper until you are happy with its position.

Or if you happen to be tech savvy you can always do a mockup in Photoshop or another similar program. And then see what the actual images themselves would look like.

What lighting is best to enhance my pictures and images?

It’s best to hang your picture in a well-lit area to show it off, of course! Direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting will damage your picture though. The best option is to use spotlighting for each picture. This will add a fantastic effect and will bring focus to your picture hanging. Another popular choice is the gallery system art wands. These wands are very easy to install.

Stay away from heat sources

Our Northern beaches house painters understand your pictures and artwork are of great value to you. Avoid picture hanging near any heat sources or any area with high humidity such as a bathroom. These areas will damage your picture. And you don’t want that.

Consider your furniture

When arranging your pictures always centre them with the wall in mind, but also consider your furniture. For example, some couches sit higher than others. So, be sure to hang your pictures high enough so the couch back doesn’t interfere with things. The same goes for higher furniture. If you have a bookshelf against the wall, it’s best not to hang a picture too close to this to avoid that cluttered look either.

Our Northern Beaches house painters share furniture placement tips from Summit Coatings


We share these tips with you for perfect picture hanging as we take great pride in our Northern beaches house painters and the work they do. And we know it’s important to compliment your perfectly painted walls with perfectly hung pictures! Contact us today for more tips and advice and quote for your painting needs.



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Cornice or square set?

Are you renovating or building your new forever home? Here we share our house painter tips for North Shore and surrounds. One of the many choices you have when it comes to building or renovating is whether to use cornice or to square set? If you are a bit confused as to what we are talking about it. It’s the plaster board that runs around the top of your room and covers the join where the plasterboard on the walls meets the plasterboard on the ceilings.

Cornice example house painter tips North Shore from Summit Coatings

The above image showcases a cornice style from Lifestyle Interior Linings

Square set house painter tips North Shore from Summit Coatings

The above image showcases a room we painted that was square set.

There are many cornice styles to choose from. It really does come down to personal choice and the style you are trying to achieve with your home.

House painter tips North Shore: To cornice or square set that is the question

Choosing whether to cornice or square set really depends on the style of your home. Square setting is a modern and minimalist look. Whereas cornice is normally used in classic or heritage style homes. In saying that though Gyprock does have a contemporary range of cornice that is more modern which would suit a minimalist look too.

Cornice style advice from your Northern Shore house painters

There are many styles of cornice available that will suit many styles. Gyprock has many contemporary styles which would suit a more modern and minimalist look too. As well as having a more intricate and detailed look as well as the standard range. A lot of people like the feature that cornice creates.

House painter tips North Shore showcasing a cornice example of Duo from Gyprock

Features Duo style cornice from Gyprock

Square set house painter tips for North Shore homes

Square looks fabulous if you have a modern home or are going for that clean cut minimalist look. Just ensure you engage a qualified and capable plasterer. Your joints need to be 100% perfect as square setting is not forgiving at all.

Unfortunately, square setting isn’t always budget friendly though. As it’s a more labour intensive style. But that’s a decision you will have to make with your renovation budget.

4 tips to choose a plaster from the best house painter North Shore

  1. Engage a qualified and capable plasterer:
  2. Budget: someone that fits within your budget.
  3. Referral: as we say with most things try and get a referral for a reliable and qualified plasterer. If you don’t know anyone that has recent plastering done, then speak to your painting contractor. They should be able to refer you to someone or organise it for you.
  4. Quotes: can multiple quotes if you are going to hire someone yourself. Quotes can vary considerably as you probably no doubt know. Remember though sometimes cheap isn’t always best especially if there’s a huge difference. It begs the question then why and how are they that much cheaper. Are they suitable qualified, experienced and insured?

Now it’s time for the house painting

Have you got all your plastering sorted? Now it’s time for the house painting. Summit Coatings can look after you with all your painting needs. Contact us now to discuss your project. We have been servicing the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney for more than 30 years.



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Looking for something different for a feature wall?

Would you like to revamp a room in your home but with something a bit different? As the best house painter in North Shore we see a lot of homes, businesses as well as commercial and strata properties that all bring something different to the table.

If you want to do something different and get creative then visiting Pinterest or Google might be a good way to start.

Otherwise, contacting an interior designer can always be beneficial.

Our feature wall ideas from the best HOUSE painter North Shore

There are so many options when it comes to feature walls from:

  1. Paint
  2. Wallpaper
  3. Wood
  4. Tile
  5. Artwork
  6. Photography
  7. Mirrors
  8. Fireplaces

And then add in:

  • Colours
  • Texture
  • Patterns

You seriously have a lot of choices.

Best house painter North Shore Summit Coatings wood panelling

Image Source: Architecture and Design

As the best house painter in North Shore, we are obviously fans of anything to do with paint.

We are also strong believers though that sometimes less is more and a newly painted wall in one colour can be absolutely stunning on its own and even more so when it’s finished with the perfect artwork or mirror.

Depending on the style of your home or the era of your home a newly done fireplace might be just the touch.

If you need to consult when it comes to paints we are experienced heritage painters too so would be happy to advise and help in this area as well.

Feature bed heads for the bedroom are a must now

If you are repainting your bedroom as well then take a moment and plan. Think about the following:

  • What colours do you want to use? Walls, ceilings, trim, furniture, decor
  • Where do you want to use the colours – walls, trim, furniture, décor
  • Do you want to use patterns and if so where – walls, furniture, décor

If you want to use colour, pattern or texture on the walls then keep your headboard simple.

But if you want the headboard to be the key piece then you can use choose some gorgeous fabric to showcase.

There have recently been some gorgeous feature bed heads on The Block which is in 2017s trending colours and showcase subtle details which are stunning and classic.

Together with some other carefully planned pieces, the rooms are then pulled together.

Remember too that the finish of a room can really make or break a room too.

So, getting the best house painter in North Shore to paint your Sydney home really is a well chosen investment.

If you watch The Block then you’ll regularly hear the judges refer to the quality of the finishes or lack of when it comes to some of the contestants.

Best house painter North Shore, Summit Coatings feature wall bed head

Image Source: The Block Shop



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What’s new in interiors for spring?

As well as house painting in Sydney being very important to us we also like to keep up with everything that is related to this.

And now that it’s spring it’s time to check out what’s new in interiors and we have some lovely pieces on display from:

Common Wild | The Brewers Co| Nestling and Nook

Artwork due to showcase your house painting Sydney from Common Wild

Have you had house painting in Sydney completed and now it’s time to update your interiors? 

We can help you with making your walls look even more special and spectacular with the fabulous artwork from Paula at Common Wild.

They look fantastic against a painted brick wall too.

Who wouldn’t want your house painting in Sydney refreshed when you can create stunning finishes like in the picture above or below.

It just shows how a painted brick wall and some stunning wall art can seriously lift a room.

You can see more of their wonderful artwork in another piece we did with Common Wild.

Common Wild also have a VIP club where you can receive a free printable and 15% off your next order.

 Make your new house painting in Sydney look fabulous with artwork from Common Wild

Now this one isn’t necessarily related to interiors and house painting in Sydney but……

You just can’t go past The Brewers Co and their speciality tea and coffee to start your day.

Their coffee beans have been sustainably sourced and they even have a stone fruit and chocolate flavoured.

Now, what more could you want!!!

You can sit back and enjoy your newly painted home and enjoy a tea or coffee.

The Brewers Co are located in Moss Vale and also do wholesale so they might just be in a coffee shop near you.

If not don’t despair as you can order via their online store and they offer free shipping for all retail customers currently.

House painting Sydney is completed when your room is decorated from Nestling Nook

Now sit back and enjoy your new house painting and some beautiful homewares

Nestling and Nook have only just launched their website on Sunday night so head on over and check them out.

You can also see their gorgeous array of products on Instagram and Facebook too.

Once the house painting Sydney is completed finish the look with Nestling and Nook

They have some gorgeous products. These baskets would look absolutely stunning in any area of your home really and would fit in with most colour palettes.

Then I just love this image below and the inspiration of a lovely styled home.

House painting Sydney is completed when your room is decorated from Nestling and Nook

All the house painting in Sydney, homewares and coffee is covered

So, we’ve got all the important aspects covered.

Maybe we need to do a piece about food and wine next time we feature some other local businesses.

Feel free to let us know what you would like to see next time we do a feature on other businesses via here. We would love to hear from you.

And remember Summit Coatings the next time you need any home, commercial or strata project completed in North Shore or the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.



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