Northern Beaches House Painters Share Tips for Perfect Picture Hanging

We’ve covered how to match your interior painting to your wall art but now it’s time to focus on the art itself! Whether it’s an expensive painting or a framed family photo, our Northern Beaches house painters share the best tips for perfect picture hanging and answer the most common questions we are asked.

The most important tip our Northern Beaches house painters can share starts with what you are hanging your picture on

Ascertain what material your wall is – brick, plaster, masonry, timber etc. This will determine the best way to perfectly hang your picture. It will also determine the tools and equipment you will need to get the job done.

  • Brick walls can withstand heavy pictures easily and you won’t need to locate a wall stud or use wall anchors
  • Plaster walls will require you to locate a wall stud and usually use wall anchors or toggles
  • Timber walls will require a nail, screw or picture hook
  • Plastic adhesive hooks can be used for lightweight pictures. These are great for rental properties or if you simply don’t want to put holes in your walls. Just don’t use on newly painted walls.
  • Canvas prints are best perfected using the flush mount hanging technique

What is the best height to hang pictures?

As a general rule, perfect picture hanging is achieved by keeping your picture eye-level. If you are hanging a picture in a room where more time is spent standing than sitting, your eye level will be higher than that of a room where you spend more time sitting. This is something to take into consideration and look at the positioning options from all angles.

Always avoid hanging pictures too high though. The top tip from our Northern beaches house painters is to ensure your guests aren’t injuring their necks when checking out your beautiful pictures!

What picture goes where we hear you ask our Northern Beaches house painters?

Perfect picture hanging can also come down to the location of your picture. Our tip is to keep smaller, more detailed pictures to smaller spaces of your Northern Beaches home. In turn, larger pictures that require more room to take in the whole picture and the wow factor should be hung in a larger space.

Larger pictures are great as focal points opposite an entrance to a room or at the end of a hallway. Whereas small pictures are best hung along the wall of a hallway or hung in a set with other small pictures.

How do I hang a group of pictures is another one our house painters are asked a lot?

Our Northern beaches house painters main tip for perfect group picture hanging is to always treat the pictures as one image. This tip will ensure your grouping looks like it belongs together. Spacing your pictures is also important. Pictures should not be too far nor too close to each other. When grouping pictures you’ll definitely need to follow our next tip.

 Our Northern Beaches house painters share tips on how to group pictures from Summit Coatings


Do a picture hanging test run

A common mistake made is making a hole in your wall without fully assessing the best option. And this is just cringe-worthy if your walls have just been painted. We hear your paint! Our tip to avoid unwanted holes is to use some scrap paper or newspaper and cut to the size of your photo frame/artwork. Position the paper on the wall and stand back to assess. Rearrange the paper until you are happy with its position.

Or if you happen to be tech savvy you can always do a mockup in Photoshop or another similar program. And then see what the actual images themselves would look like.

What lighting is best to enhance my pictures and images?

It’s best to hang your picture in a well-lit area to show it off, of course! Direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting will damage your picture though. The best option is to use spotlighting for each picture. This will add a fantastic effect and will bring focus to your picture hanging. Another popular choice is the gallery system art wands. These wands are very easy to install.

Stay away from heat sources

Our Northern beaches house painters understand your pictures and artwork are of great value to you. Avoid picture hanging near any heat sources or any area with high humidity such as a bathroom. These areas will damage your picture. And you don’t want that.

Consider your furniture

When arranging your pictures always centre them with the wall in mind, but also consider your furniture. For example, some couches sit higher than others. So, be sure to hang your pictures high enough so the couch back doesn’t interfere with things. The same goes for higher furniture. If you have a bookshelf against the wall, it’s best not to hang a picture too close to this to avoid that cluttered look either.

Our Northern Beaches house painters share furniture placement tips from Summit Coatings


We share these tips with you for perfect picture hanging as we take great pride in our Northern beaches house painters and the work they do. And we know it’s important to compliment your perfectly painted walls with perfectly hung pictures! Contact us today for more tips and advice and quote for your painting needs.



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Cornice or square set?

Are you renovating or building your new forever home? Here we share our house painter tips for North Shore and surrounds. One of the many choices you have when it comes to building or renovating is whether to use cornice or to square set? If you are a bit confused as to what we are talking about it. It’s the plaster board that runs around the top of your room and covers the join where the plasterboard on the walls meets the plasterboard on the ceilings.

Cornice example house painter tips North Shore from Summit Coatings

The above image showcases a cornice style from Lifestyle Interior Linings

Square set house painter tips North Shore from Summit Coatings

The above image showcases a room we painted that was square set.

There are many cornice styles to choose from. It really does come down to personal choice and the style you are trying to achieve with your home.

House painter tips North Shore: To cornice or square set that is the question

Choosing whether to cornice or square set really depends on the style of your home. Square setting is a modern and minimalist look. Whereas cornice is normally used in classic or heritage style homes. In saying that though Gyprock does have a contemporary range of cornice that is more modern which would suit a minimalist look too.

Cornice style advice from your Northern Shore house painters

There are many styles of cornice available that will suit many styles. Gyprock has many contemporary styles which would suit a more modern and minimalist look too. As well as having a more intricate and detailed look as well as the standard range. A lot of people like the feature that cornice creates.

House painter tips North Shore showcasing a cornice example of Duo from Gyprock

Features Duo style cornice from Gyprock

Square set house painter tips for North Shore homes

Square looks fabulous if you have a modern home or are going for that clean cut minimalist look. Just ensure you engage a qualified and capable plasterer. Your joints need to be 100% perfect as square setting is not forgiving at all.

Unfortunately, square setting isn’t always budget friendly though. As it’s a more labour intensive style. But that’s a decision you will have to make with your renovation budget.

4 tips to choose a plaster from the best house painter North Shore

  1. Engage a qualified and capable plasterer:
  2. Budget: someone that fits within your budget.
  3. Referral: as we say with most things try and get a referral for a reliable and qualified plasterer. If you don’t know anyone that has recent plastering done, then speak to your painting contractor. They should be able to refer you to someone or organise it for you.
  4. Quotes: can multiple quotes if you are going to hire someone yourself. Quotes can vary considerably as you probably no doubt know. Remember though sometimes cheap isn’t always best especially if there’s a huge difference. It begs the question then why and how are they that much cheaper. Are they suitable qualified, experienced and insured?

Now it’s time for the house painting

Have you got all your plastering sorted? Now it’s time for the house painting. Summit Coatings can look after you with all your painting needs. Contact us now to discuss your project. We have been servicing the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney for more than 30 years.



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Looking for something different for a feature wall?

Would you like to revamp a room in your home but with something a bit different? As the best house painter in North Shore we see a lot of homes, businesses as well as commercial and strata properties that all bring something different to the table.

If you want to do something different and get creative then visiting Pinterest or Google might be a good way to start.

Otherwise, contacting an interior designer can always be beneficial.

Our feature wall ideas from the best HOUSE painter North Shore

There are so many options when it comes to feature walls from:

  1. Paint
  2. Wallpaper
  3. Wood
  4. Tile
  5. Artwork
  6. Photography
  7. Mirrors
  8. Fireplaces

And then add in:

  • Colours
  • Texture
  • Patterns

You seriously have a lot of choices.

Best house painter North Shore Summit Coatings wood panelling

Image Source: Architecture and Design

As the best house painter in North Shore, we are obviously fans of anything to do with paint.

We are also strong believers though that sometimes less is more and a newly painted wall in one colour can be absolutely stunning on its own and even more so when it’s finished with the perfect artwork or mirror.

Depending on the style of your home or the era of your home a newly done fireplace might be just the touch.

If you need to consult when it comes to paints we are experienced heritage painters too so would be happy to advise and help in this area as well.

Feature bed heads for the bedroom are a must now

If you are repainting your bedroom as well then take a moment and plan. Think about the following:

  • What colours do you want to use? Walls, ceilings, trim, furniture, decor
  • Where do you want to use the colours – walls, trim, furniture, décor
  • Do you want to use patterns and if so where – walls, furniture, décor

If you want to use colour, pattern or texture on the walls then keep your headboard simple.

But if you want the headboard to be the key piece then you can use choose some gorgeous fabric to showcase.

There have recently been some gorgeous feature bed heads on The Block which is in 2017s trending colours and showcase subtle details which are stunning and classic.

Together with some other carefully planned pieces, the rooms are then pulled together.

Remember too that the finish of a room can really make or break a room too.

So, getting the best house painter in North Shore to paint your Sydney home really is a well chosen investment.

If you watch The Block then you’ll regularly hear the judges refer to the quality of the finishes or lack of when it comes to some of the contestants.

Best house painter North Shore, Summit Coatings feature wall bed head

Image Source: The Block Shop



SUMMIT coatings

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What’s new in interiors for spring?

As well as house painting in Sydney being very important to us we also like to keep up with everything that is related to this.

And now that it’s spring it’s time to check out what’s new in interiors and we have some lovely pieces on display from:

Common Wild | The Brewers Co| Nestling and Nook

Artwork due to showcase your house painting Sydney from Common Wild

Have you had house painting in Sydney completed and now it’s time to update your interiors? 

We can help you with making your walls look even more special and spectacular with the fabulous artwork from Paula at Common Wild.

They look fantastic against a painted brick wall too.

Who wouldn’t want your house painting in Sydney refreshed when you can create stunning finishes like in the picture above or below.

It just shows how a painted brick wall and some stunning wall art can seriously lift a room.

You can see more of their wonderful artwork in another piece we did with Common Wild.

Common Wild also have a VIP club where you can receive a free printable and 15% off your next order.

 Make your new house painting in Sydney look fabulous with artwork from Common Wild

Now this one isn’t necessarily related to interiors and house painting in Sydney but……

You just can’t go past The Brewers Co and their speciality tea and coffee to start your day.

Their coffee beans have been sustainably sourced and they even have a stone fruit and chocolate flavoured.

Now, what more could you want!!!

You can sit back and enjoy your newly painted home and enjoy a tea or coffee.

The Brewers Co are located in Moss Vale and also do wholesale so they might just be in a coffee shop near you.

If not don’t despair as you can order via their online store and they offer free shipping for all retail customers currently.

House painting Sydney is completed when your room is decorated from Nestling Nook

Now sit back and enjoy your new house painting and some beautiful homewares

Nestling and Nook have only just launched their website on Sunday night so head on over and check them out.

You can also see their gorgeous array of products on Instagram and Facebook too.

Once the house painting Sydney is completed finish the look with Nestling and Nook

They have some gorgeous products. These baskets would look absolutely stunning in any area of your home really and would fit in with most colour palettes.

Then I just love this image below and the inspiration of a lovely styled home.

House painting Sydney is completed when your room is decorated from Nestling and Nook

All the house painting in Sydney, homewares and coffee is covered

So, we’ve got all the important aspects covered.

Maybe we need to do a piece about food and wine next time we feature some other local businesses.

Feel free to let us know what you would like to see next time we do a feature on other businesses via here. We would love to hear from you.

And remember Summit Coatings the next time you need any home, commercial or strata project completed in North Shore or the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.



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How to Match Your Interior Painting Sydney to Your Wall Art

Is it time to match your interior painting Sydney to your wall art? The walls have been revitalised and it’s time to update the rest of your home or room. Clients just love the “new” and “fresh” feeling that a newly painted home creates. It quite often motivates them to continue updating and revamping their home décor and wall art or that might have been the plan all along.

Having the interior of your home painted can really change the aesthetic of a room. Whether it be with the paint colour or whether you decide to include a feature wall. Having a room repainted can really have an impact on your home.

We decided to join forces with some stunning and local artists to showcase you the best of the best to compliment your interior painting in Sydney.

Coastal Wall Art Ideas to Complement Your Interior Painting, Sydney

These stunning coastal pieces are by contemporary artist Demelza Croci of Kamelion Studios in Sydney. Demelza’s work is all about finding just the right way to tell the story and so her technique and style can be quite varied. Interior painting Sydney coastal wall art in Northern Beaches by Kamelion Studios

Home Office or Study Wall Art

If you work from home like so many do these days then it is always nice to a beautiful and motivating environment. This painting by Demelza of Kamelion Studios was created over many hours using the pointillist style to capture the moment in time – twilight in Venice.

How stunning would it look showcased against paint colours such as Taubmans Abstract and Autumn Window?interior house painting Northern Beaches with Kamelion Studios wall art“La Serenissima” by Kamelion Studios

These stunning oil paintings below would also suit your office or study as well as other rooms around your home. They would really be the “showcase” piece in your room.

They are part of a series dedicated to the Italian region of Liguira. Demelza wanted to use the angle of looking down onto the boats to create a little drama and some nice visual lines.

The yellow boat is created in a simple poster like style similar to vintage travel posters.

Interior painting Sydney wall art by Kamelion Studios

Artist: Kamelion Studios

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Interior painting Sydney children's wall art ideas by Common Wild

“This LIttle Boy” by Common Wild

We also have some stunning paintings by Paula Kuka of Common Wild Illustration & Art Prints. Paula thinks Nature instils a sense of beauty and calmness and promotes curiosity and exploration. That is why Common Wild prints are all about bringing nature into your home. ‘This Little Boy’ art print is a beautiful piece for children and children at heart who love spending time being surrounded by nature.

Then “Airship” is a whimsical piece of artwork based on vintage technical drawings of visionary airships. It is the perfect modern wall art for kids and grown-ups who love to dream.

Interior painting Sydney children's wall art ideas with Common Wild

“Airship” by Common Wild

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Interior painting Sydney wall art ideas with Common Wild“Botanical Bohemians” by Common Wild

Common Wild also have some stunning pieces which would be perfect for your living room, dining room or entry way. The “Botanical Bohemians” as well as “String of Pearls” would also look stunning against greenery inspired wallpaper to really create a feature wall with some pop.

Interior painting Sydney living room wall art ideas with Common Wild

“Summer” by Common Wild

Then “Summer” a beach scene illustration captures the magic of summer. The calming blue colour palette and dreamy use of light creates a fresh and modern feature for your home. it looks stunning against neutral colours but I could also see this on Taubman’s Blue Aura, Virginia Blue as well as Somber Sky.

Ready to have your interior painting in Sydney refreshed?

If you haven’t already are you now inspired to update your interior painting in Sydney? We can look after all your painting needs from your:

  • Interior walls
  • Skirtings boards
  • Architraves
  • Doors both internal and external
  • Exterior walls
  • Wooden window frames
  • Roof

We are qualified Master Painters and would love to discuss your painting needs with you. So, contact us now to chat about how we can help you.


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How does hiring a Master Painter NSW help homeowners?

If you’ve been looking at hiring a painter recently, you might be aware of an industry body called the Master Painters Australia Association. Each state has its own division, with the Master Painters NSW being the biggest in Australia, and representing over 800 licensed painters.

The main goal of the Master Painter NSW Association is to advance, encourage and recognise the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice in residential, strata, industrial and historical projects. Basically, the Association strives to help their members achieve the best possible service for their clients.

To be a member of the Master Painter NSW Association, a contractor must be fully licensed and insured, and comply with a Code of Ethics. In return, the contractor receives a number of benefits including networking opportunities, access to professional development, financial and legal advice and more. But as a homeowner, how does hiring a Master Painter NSW help you?

Master Painter NSW Association members are certified

The first step to choosing a quality painter is to make sure your contractor is licensed and insured. Hiring an unlicensed painter can be the first step to unending problems with your next paint job. By hiring a Master Painter, you can be sure your contractor is licensed by the NSW Office of Fair Trading and that they have their insurances in order. However, before hiring any painting contractor, ensure you ask to see proof of their license and a Certificate of Currency for both their Worker’s Compensation and Public Liability Insurances. Plus, any works over $20,000 in value are required to have a Home Warranty Insurance certificate, provided by the contractor. All of these elements protect you as a homeowner, and make sure you’re receiving the best quality service.

Members are awarded for quality workmanship

Every year, the Master Painter NSW Association hosts an awards night called the Awards for Excellence. This event is the industry’s night of nights, and is an opportunity for painters to showcase their talents across a wide range of categories. Categories range from small decorative wall project right through to multi-storey projects worth in excess of $100,000. Whilst these awards are a chance for contractors to be recognised for their outstanding work, they also provide homeowners with clear indicators of a contractor’s abilities and specialties. Summit Coatings has been awarded many times over the past few years, including:



  • 8-12 Ada Ave, Wahroonga – Difficult Access and Repaint
  • 2 Snappermans Lane, Palm Beach – Timber Surfaces


  • 8 Crummock St, Wheeler Heights – Heritage and Restoration under $ 25,000
  • 645 Pacific Hwy, Killara – Multi unit repaint $ 50,000 – $ 100,000



  • Domestic Multiresidential repaint under $100,000 – FRESHWATER
  • Colour award residential – FRESHWATER
  • Domestic single dwelling repaint under $30,000 – WOOLLAHRA
  • Domestic single dwelling repaint over $30,000 – STRATHFIELD


  • Timber finishes – PALM BEACH


  • Domestic Multiresidential repaint under $100,000 – COLLAROY



  • 68 Hudson Pde, CLAREVILLE – Timber Finishes
  • 150 Whale Beach Rd, WHALE BEACH – Exterior Painting & Timber Finishes
  • Cannon/Coronna St, STANMORE


  • 47 Waitara Ave, WAITARA – Difficult Access



  • 140 North Steyne, MANLY
  • 8 Raglan Street, MOSMAN
  • 62 Linden Way, CASTLECRAG


  • Empire Hotel – ANNANDALE



  • 68-72 Park Street, NARRABEEN
  • 302 Hudson Parade, CLAREVILLE
  • 433 Alfred Street North, NEUTRAL BAY – Difficult Access

Highly Commended

  • 433 Alfred Street North, NEUTRAL BAY – Painting

Master Painter NSW

The Master Painter NSW Association will help in a crisis

If you were to experience difficulties with your chosen painting contractor, Master Painter NSW Association can assist in remedying any issues. These issues might include concerns about quality of work, unfair charges, failures to meet deadlines or any other problems which could arise. Whilst it’s highly unlikely you will have these sorts of problems with a Master Painter NSW member, it’s always nice to know there is a professional organisation who will listen and act for you if required.

If you are looking for an accredited Master Painter NSW, Summit Coatings is proud to be a member of the association. Our principal, Robin, is also the president of the Master Painters Association NSW and is dedicated to promoting continual industry improvement. For more information, contact Summit Coatings today.