Is it time to get the house painters back?

How do you know when it’s time to get the house painters back, we hear you ask? If a proper job has been done by your previous contractor and they’ve done the right preparation, used the correct paint for the job and also applied it correctly then for the exterior of your home your paintwork can last up to 10 years (if you don’t have elements like sea salt to contend with).

And whilst the outside of your home isn’t subject to external elements, if you have young children or pets then it can be a close comparison sometimes. If kept in good condition, the length of time between internal paint jobs can be many, many years, depending on how much wear and tear your home suffers. And even when it’s time for a paint job, it’s more for a cosmetic upgrade than anything else.

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When is it time to get the exterior house painters back?

Ideally, you really want to get the house painters back for the exterior of your home before you see too many signs of wear and tear and damage. House paint not only plays a cosmetic role in your home but also acts as a barrier between the elements and the materials of the walls your home. And as the walls of your home are what is keeping you warm and dry we really want to look after them.

So, it’s a good idea to do regular checks of your walls and pay particular attention to the following:

  • Peeling and cracking paint
  • Any exposed bare wood
  • Mould or water stains showing
  • Chalky residue coming off on your hands
  • Improved street appeal

Also, don’t forget to check the paint on the exterior of your home around windows and doors as you don’t want moisture getting in around those or into wooden doors and windows. That can cause you all sorts of problems that are best avoided.

If you do decide to repaint the exterior or your home you may like to check out one of our previous posts on Exterior Paint Colours North Shore Sydney for some ideas and inspiration.

Exterior house painters North Shore Sydney before pictures

Above is the a before picture and below is the after picture.

Exterior house painters North Shore Sydney after pictures

When is it time to get the interior house painters back?

When it’s time to get the house painters back for the interior of your home, it’s normally more of a cosmetic decision as there’s not much damage that can be done internally that will damage the structure of your home. The things to look out for or that may make you decide to repaint or not are:

  • Mould or mildew – if either of these appears then act ASAP to rectify the situation
  • Faded paint
  • Damaged plaster
  • Renovating
  • Damaged architraves or doors

If you have damage to your plaster then it’s important that it’s is fixed properly and your walls are prepared to a high standard as a subpar job repairing the plaster will transfer into a subpar paint finish.

If you are thinking it’s time to repaint the interior and would like to check out some paint colours you might like to look over one of our other blog posts Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colour to give you some inspiration.

Interior house painters North Shore Sydney

How to choose the right house painters?

Now the question of how to choose the right house painters is very important and can make or break your project. Always make sure you are dealing with a company that is licensed and holds a certificate of currency for both Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a certificate of currency for both. If the painting company you are dealing with is reputable, then they won’t mind providing that information.

When it comes to Summit Coatings we are also members of the Master Painters Australia NSW Association Inc which are the industry association representing painters and decorators. By being a member we have a code of conduct to abide by both with our service and our workmanship so you can rest assured you are going to get a quality job from Summit Coatings house painters.

We also use quality materials such as  Taubmans Paints so between that and our excellent house painters you are guaranteed to get an excellent finish. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your painting needs or to obtain a quote.

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3 Ways to look after your kitchen and bathroom walls once the house painters have been

Once the house painters have been and your walls look all fresh, shiny and new and you want to keep them like that for as long as possible. There are some great, simple things that you can do to help you keep your bathroom and kitchen walls all fresh and new looking. At least until it’s time for the house painters to come again.

Take a look at our top tips below:

Have the house painters been and you need tips on how to care for your kitchen and bathroom walls

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Once the house painters have been: looking after your kitchen and bathroom walls has never been easier 

As with all rooms, you have general dust, dirt, family, and pets to contend with but when it comes to your painted walls in your kitchen and bathroom you also have food splatters and steam. As our house painters use Taubmans Endure Kitchen and Bathroom paint, it makes caring for your new paintwork is much easier. Simply follow these 3 simple steps to look after your kitchen and bathroom paintwork:

  1. Wipe all food and drink splatters off your kitchen walls straight away
  2. Regularly dust walls with a microfibre duster or even vacuum your walls with the soft brush attachment
  3. Make sure you use your extractor fan/exhaust fan when cooking and showering or open a window to remove steam

Cleaning gurus even go as far as recommending you vacuum your walls as often as once a month when you consider the grease and grime that can build up from cooking and steam.

So, when you’re on your cleaning spree, don’t forget to clean your ceilings as splatters can even reach kitchen ceilings and dust and steam can create a not so nice combination.

how to care for your kitchen walls once the house painters have been from Summit Coatings

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What to use when cleaning your bathroom and kitchen walls

As we said above, you can use microfibre dusters and even your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust – but if you need to remove more stubborn grease and grime then you may need something stronger. Stay at Home Mum has some great cleaning solutions you can make yourself. If you have any great cleaning solutions that you love to use, we’d love to hear about them so please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you’ve found works.

how to care for your bathroom walls once the house painters have been from Summit Coatings

Source: Adore Magazine

Who to contact when you need the house painters back

Of course, you need to contact us at Summit Coatings when it’s time to repaint again and you need the house painters back. Or if you have another area of your home – inside or out or workplace that needs painting then please contact us as we can look after all aspects. Also please feel free to pass our details on to any friends or family that may need house painters too.

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Peeling paint – causes and how to fix

Peeling paint is a common problem we come across as a Master Painter Sydney. Veiny lines down the walls, cracks, holes and even strips of paint falling off the surface on walls and trim is something no homeowner wants to see. Whilst it’s easy enough to identify peeling paint, finding the cause of the problem is a bit harder. These are the top three reasons why paint can peel.

Water-based paint over previous oil-based paint

Did you know there are different types of paint? While it’s widely understood that there are different brands and products of paint, most paint brands offer products in both water and oil based. Each type of paint has its pro’s and con’s for different uses. Where it gets difficult is if an oil based paint has been used. If you weren’t involved in the previous paint job (perhaps you just purchased the home), you need a Master Painter Sydney to help identify what paint type was used before applying a new coat. If you apply a water-based paint over a previous oil-based coat, your paint will likely peel. This is one of the leading causes of peeling paint.

Moisture & dampness

Water is the enemy of a lasting paint job. Moisture can cause all sorts of problems, including peeling and bubbling, and make paint impossible to dry. After rain or high humidity levels can cause the adhesive properties in paint to weaken and your paint won’t dry evenly.

Inadequate preparation

If walls haven’t been properly cleaned and primed, it can cause peeling paint. Over time, our walls accumulate dirt and dust. This dirt and dust often goes unnoticed until you take time to properly wash your walls. As a Master Painter Sydney, we thoroughly wash all surfaces prior to painting. What’s more, if it’s a brand new surface you will need to seal and prime to ensure walls are protected and that your new coat of paint sticks.

How to fix peeling paint

Fixing peeling paint can be a challenge, as you need the skills to know what caused the peeling in the first place. A Master Painter Sydney will quickly and easily be able to identify and rectify the problem for you. Depending on the problem, a professional painter will usually strip or sand back the peeling paint surface. Then, any necessary repairs will need to be patched and fixed. After any holes or cracks are sealed, it’s time to sand back to achieve a smooth surface. Then, depending on the original cause of the peeling paint, specialty primer might be used, or the correct based paint will be applied.

If you have peeling paint problems, Summit Coatings can help identify the cause and fix your issue. We are multi-award winning Master Painters Sydney and have been trusted for over 30 years to deliver high quality painting works. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

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Protect your Walls: tips from a Master Painter Sydney

As a Master Painter Sydney , part of our job often includes fixing damage to existing walls, prior to repainting. Our homes often suffer some heavy duty wear and tear. Between sticky kids’ hands, muddy dog paws and the vacuum cleaner which never manoeuvres quite how it should. However, it’s after the holiday season that we see the most damage being made to our interior walls. Of course, wear and tear is a normal part of living, however there are a few solutions you can use this Christmas which will reduce the damage caused to your walls (and paint job!)

Tips to protect your walls this holiday season

The first step is to work out what you’ll be using the room for. This will make choosing the best room design a walk in the park. Good questions to ask yourself are: “what will I do in this room?” and “who will use this room most?”. While everyone wants to create a magazine worthy home, the most important part of a cohesive design aesthetic is ensure it’s a practical fit for its purpose.

Use a reliable fixing technique
There are a number of adhesive and fixing devices available today, all which claim to leave your walls free from damage. Whilst most good quality sticky hooks do live up to their claim, it’s often user error which sees paint being torn off walls. To protect your walls, whenever you use fixtures, ensure they’re strong enough to hold whatever it is your fixing. Not only does a falling decoration do damage to your walls, the thing your hanging may break, and even risk hurting unfortunate passersby’s. 3M offer a quality range of adhesive hooks, and always detail to what weight they are suitable for – and these aren’t simple suggestions! As a Master Painter Sydney, we actually recommend you go one step stronger for extra piece of mind.

protect your walls

Source: Command Brand

Check the quality of those wall decals
With extra space becoming more of a luxury, many are opting for wall decal Christmas trees. They give a modern twist, are kid (and cat) friendly and you can avoid the trail of pine needles a real tree will always leave in its wake. Wall decals are self adhesive stickers which are designed to be applied directly to your walls, and peel off again without any damage. And whilst they might be designed to leave your walls damage free, again it depends on the quality of decal as to how your own experience unravels. To protect your walls, always purchase your decals from a reputable store that specialises in wall decals, such as The Wall Sticker Company. Just like you would visit a specialist butcher for the highest quality cuts, visit a specialist sticker company for quality decals which can be removed without a trace.

protect your walls

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Drill holes in inconspicuous places
Sometimes there’s just nothing like a good old hammer and nail to string those lights or hang that wreath. Whilst we generally recommend shying away from making permanent holes, there are ways to ensure that once the decorations head back in to their boxes for the year, you’re not left with a gaping hole in your walls. Firstly, to protect your walls use super skinny nails. Often people are just hanging fishing wire to display christmas cards, or mounting a decoration on the front door. With the range of nails available, there’s no excuse why you can’t use a narrow nail to do the job. Secondly, nail in a discreet spot. Don’t just get out the hammer and knock a hole eye level. Think about making the hole higher up the wall, or on the side of a door frame where you won’t notice it straight away. And for any permanent damage that you just can’t live with, there’s always Selley’s filler and a bit of touch up paint (done by a professional of course).

In the end, most damage caused by holiday cheer isn’t permanent and can always be fixed, but it helps to know how to avoid it in the first place. A good professional paint job using quality materials will always help to keep your walls looking fresher for longer. Contact Summit Coatings to discuss any of your painting needs. 



Why we recommend Taubmans Endure

As professional house painters, we know quality products. Everyday our customers ask us about products they should use for their next painting project. We stand firm on our recommendation of Taubmans products. As a family owned painting company, we’ve experienced the superiority of Taubmans paints first hand. Here’s why we recommend Taubmans Endure paint for interior and exterior house painting. Here’s why we believe that your house painter North Shore should use Taubmans Endure exterior and interior paint.

Just a quick note: this is not a paid post and is 100% our professional opinion as a house painter North Shore.

It Provides Superior Stain Resistance

Taubmans paint has been used in Australian households for over one hundred years. During this time, they have expanded their product offerings and continue to develop technology that gives its paint technical superiority over the competition. Taubmans is more durable and performs better than other major brands while protecting against wall scrubbing. This makes it more resistant to stains, while also protecting against common wall problems such as mould and mildew.

Nanoguard Technology Makes Your Walls Tough and Durable

Nanoguard Technology is another reason why the Taubmans Endure line is great for interior and exterior paint projects. Nanoguard gives your walls maximum protection by applying both small and large particles. This creates a strong paint bond that improves the durability of the paint, even after being washed or scrubbed. It also provides antibacterial protection, and is asthma and allergy friendly.

It Provides Smooth Coverage

The Taubmans Endure product line offers smooth coverage and easy application. It’s one of the reasons why a professional house painter North Shore turns to this product consistently. When paint has smooth coverage, you’re guaranteed all the qualities of a professional paint job. Endure products have a rich and vibrant colour, produce an amazing texture, and last longer than other paints on the market. 

It’s Great for Sensitivities to Asthma and Allergies

The National Asthma Council Australia works with health care professionals around the nation to reduce the impact of asthma. Their organisation writes treatment guidelines, educates health professionals, and explains the best-practises for asthma sufferers and their families. Because of Taubmans’ focus on health and safety, as well as the cleanliness of their products, the Endure line of paints is on the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program. That means that Endure Paints are a safe choice for those who have problems with asthma and allergies.

Selecting the right paint affects your life and the lives of your family members. That’s why we’re proud to support Taubmans paints and recommend Taubmans Endure for interior and exterior house painting. If you would like to learn more about our recommendations, or find out how Summit Painting can help you with your next commercial, residential, or strata paint project, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you complete your project successfully, and guide you through selecting the best house painting materials on the market today.

Summit Coatings is a Taubmans Certified applicator


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Is DIY painting better than hiring a Master Painter Sydney?

Many homeowners may be tempted to save a few dollars by painting their own home, rather than using a Master Painter Sydney. And in the age of home renovation TV shows where novices complete their own paint work, it’s easy to be tempted. Before biting off more than you can chew (or paint), consider if it’s really worth ditching the professional.

It’s easy to underestimate the prep work necessary

Many homeowners believe that the painting process only requires a coat of paint. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more to achieve professional results. If you’re unsure how to inspect your home, you’ll end up missing something important. Failing to locate and correct exterior issues result in eventual paint surface problems.

Paint removal can spread toxic material

The most time intensive tasks during the painting process is when you need to remove old paint. Here in Australia, homes built before 1970 used lead paint.

Inhaling lead is dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. Master Painters Sydney like Summit Coatings can tell you if lead paint has been used in your home. If it is, it’s crucial that you hire a professional that’s trained to work with lead paint. They’ll ventilate your space and complete work without spreading toxic material that affects your health.

It’s difficult to master painting techniques

It takes year of training and experience to become one of Sydney’s Master Painters. Applying paint well is tricky, especially if you have a large home with unique features. Without experience, uneven coverage, thin spots, and drips are just the least of your problems. On a larger scale, improper application can mean your home isn’t protected from the elements. Remedying these problems is often more expensive than hiring a professional painter the first time around. 

Not all homes are easy to paint

The height of your home, unique designs, and foundation grade all affect how easy it is to paint your home. It also determines what types of specialised tools you’ll need to complete the job. Two and three story homes present more challenges than a one story home. The more ornate your home, the longer it takes to paint. If there are obstacles present around your home, you’ll have difficulty painting. Consider your home’s intricacies before tackling the job yourself.

Factor in time and labour costs

Consider these questions when deciding if it’s risky to paint your own home.

  1. Are you going to work alone, or will you have help painting? If you receive help ensure that everyone has enough time to complete the job. Otherwise, you’ll have an overwhelming project to complete by yourself.
  2. Can you complete all the necessary prep work? Knowing that prep work is half of the painting process, make sure you devote enough time to the work. If you’re under a time constraint, prep work seems like the easiest part of the painting process to skip. Paint failure is almost always a result of failing to complete prep work.
  3. Do you have enough time to complete the work within a reasonable amount of time? There’s an opportunity cost to focusing on a major house painting project. Not all homeowners can devote time to painting with their current work schedule and family obligations. Also factor in the leisure time you’ll lose out on. The time it takes may motivate you to hire a professional.

Still planning to paint yourself? Hiring a professional painter is less expensive than you think. Plus, you’ll be at ease knowing that your home was prepped, painted, and cleaned up properly. If you’ve decided that it’s time to get a quote for your next painting project, contact Summit Coatings. There’s no obligation and we guarantee you’ll love the work we do.

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Using the right tools for roof spraying in Sydney

Summit Coatings works with many clients to complete quality roof spraying in Sydney. One question that we often receive from our customers is what materials Master Painters like Summit recommend. When you complete roof spraying, quality materials, proper preparation, and correct paint application guarantee that your roof will live an extended life and look great. Without using the right materials, more damage can be done to your roof, especially if it begins to bubble or crack while allowing water and moisture in. Here’s how our professional roof painters select materials for cleaning, pointing, and painting your home:

Selecting the right power washer

Your professional power washer is much different than a consumer model. That’s because it can handle stronger water pressures, it pumps more litres of water per minute, and it can apply both cold and hot water to the surface. Depending on the condition of your roof, a standard consumer or semi-pro power washer might not be enough. That’s why we use professional power washers that have an engine built for large roofs, daily use, and a variety of job types. We’re also sure to use the right type of pressure washer tip, so that your roof is never damaged during the cleaning process.

Selecting the right sealant and paints

Master Painters like Summit Coatings work with a variety of leading brand materials that guarantee a quality coating on your roof. Summit Coatings uses Forever Finish for roof painting due to its superior qualities and lasting colour. 

Take a look at this job we completed in Sydney’s Northern Beaches over 15 years ago. Even with extreme exposure to sun, salt and other harsh elements, the colour is still going strong!



Now that you understand how Summit Coatings selects its products, why not contact us about roof spraying in Sydney? Our colour consultants can help you select the perfect roof colour, and our professional painters will show you the difference between using an inexperienced painter and an award winning, family owned business that has been in Sydney for over 30 years. Give us a call or contact us online today and we’ll discuss your requirements.


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Is roof spraying Sydney right for you?

If you’ve ever had sudden roof damage, then you know how expensive total roof replacement is. But there are simple ways to maintain the look and life of your roof that cost significantly less money and take less time than a full replacement. Roof spraying, also known as roof painting is beneficial for a number of reasons. It not only changes your roof cosmetically, but it also extends the life of your roof anywhere from ten to fifteen years. Why incur the expense of roof replacement, when the properly timed roof spraying in your Sydney home is just as effective at a lower cost?

The process of roof spraying Sydney

Summit Coatings, a multi-award winning painting business that services the North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Greater Sydney areas knows how to properly take care of your roof. Our Master Painters complete your roof spraying correctly by focusing on the whole painting process from beginning consultation to the final clean up. Your roof’s current condition determines the level of prep work that needs to be completed. We’ll start by cleaning your roof, which effectively removes any mold and algae to make your roof look splendid. Then we’ll let the roof dry so that a surface coat can properly adhere to your roof.

While some painters use dangerous chemicals to cut down on the prep time while power washing your roof, Summit Coatings uses eco-friendly products that are more effective at removing grime and dirt buildups on your roof. A good wash also lets us check your roof for any damaged areas that need to be resealed before applying any paint. We focus on doing things right the first time so that the life of your roof is extended, without cutting back on important prep work that makes all the difference.

Benefits of roof spraying Sydney

After your roof has been thoroughly cleaned and any problem areas have been corrected, it’s time for the first paint coat. We start with a roof sealant so that your roof doesn’t take the sun, wind, and rain damage directly, instead diverting the elements to the sealant. No matter what type of roofing material you have installed on your home, we’ll find the proper sealant for you. We work with high quality product manufactures with options for metal, shingled, and tiled roofs. The products that we use effectively remove and prevent mold and solve leaks on nearly every roof type.

After the roof sealant, we apply coats of quality paint to further protect the surface. On a humid day with low outside temperatures, sprayed coats of paint dry quickly. A light top coat in the right weather conditions stops common roof painting problems like bubbling or cracking which only result in more roofing problems. Once the first coat is dry, we complete a second coat so that your roof looks brand new and properly protects your home from the elements.

Are you ready for roof spraying in Sydney? We can’t wait to extend our professional family owned business services to you. Give us a call or contact us today, and we’ll send someone out to take a look at your roof and recommend colours that match with your dream home.


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Do you really need a new roof?

It’s no surprise that over the lifetime of a home, roof problems will occur. Although you’re less likely to have any roof damage or structural problems after purchasing a new home, without proper maintenance of your roof you’re likely to experience a roof problem that requires full replacement at some point. Issues like shingle curling, cracked shingles, and shingle granules coming apart signal that your roof will require total replacement in a few years. But is installing a new roof necessary for other problems like missing shingles, growth of moss and algae, or roof discolouration? Here’s what you should consider before bearing the expense of replacing your roof entirely:

Consider why you want a new roof

There are two main reasons why you are considering installing a new roof. The first reason is because you have roof damage and need to stop any further roof or structural damage. Roof leaks and damage from wind, hail, or falling debris are the most common reasons why homeowners replace their roof. The second is for cosmetic reasons. Perhaps you want your roof to match with a new exterior colour you’ve selected, or you believe that having a new roof will increase the value of your home. If your roof is in good condition, you’ll be able to receive roof painting in North Shore for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace the roof altogether. Roof and structural damage, depending on the severity, can often be fixed by hiring a professional roof painter.

What’s the current condition of your roof like?

There are some serious problems to look out for that signal that it’s time to replace or repair your roof. Start by taking a trip to your attic and looking for warning signs such as roof deck sagging, water damage and leaks, discolouration, and light coming in from outside. Noticing these problems at the right time, before significant damage is done allows you to save money by repairing your roof instead of replacing the whole thing. If your roof is generally in good condition but you notice a minor leak, sealing and roof painting can solve the problem. If your roof deck is sagging, a total replacement is in order.

The attic isn’t the only place you can spot problems. You’ll also want to take a look for exterior issues, either by climbing a ladder and taking a look, or using binoculars. First, find any bald, torn, cracked, or missing shingles and note their location. Next, see if you notice any loose material. Afterwards, check for moisture, rot, and mold on your roof. Finally, ensure proper drainage leads to the correct location away from your house by testing your gutters and downspouts. If you notice any issues, be sure to call a roofing professional to receive a second opinion on how to fix the damage.

Roof painting North Shore and Northern Beaches is an inexpensive solution

Replacing a roof costs three to four times more than repairing and spraying a roof. Painting at the right time helps you avoid high labour and material costs, improves the colour of your roof, and extends your roof’s life between ten and fifteen years. If you need roof painting North Shore, be sure to contact painting professionals who can help you determine whether total replacement or roof painting will solve your home’s problems. Our roof painters service areas in Sydney and offer professional and reliable service. Contact us or learn more about how we can help you!

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Using colour to modernise; advice from a heritage painter Sydney

Heritage and period style homes provide a strong sense of romance, history and nostalgia. Their unique characteristics can make for some beautiful homes and wonderful stories. As a heritage painter Sydney, Summit have seen some amazing transformations of heritage style homes and have the following tips for modernising your heritage home.

Make sure you understand the period

Before you change anything, be sure you know exactly what style of home you’re working with. Is it Federation-style home? Or perhaps more of a Californian Bungalow? Or are you one of the lucky owners of a late 20th-century Queenslander? As a heritage painter Sydney, we recommend that if you’re unsure what style of home you have, do your research. Ask any architect friends you may have, or even check out Wikipedia’s comprehensive list of Australian residential architectural styles. Then, once you’ve established what style of home you have, get to know the traditional paint styles of the home.

heritage painter sydney

Source: Pinterest

Look at some real-life successes (and failures)

Now that you know what style of home you’re working with, spend time looking around your neighbourhood for similar homes and see how they’ve managed colours. If modern colours aren’t popular in the area, take to the internet to get some inspiration. As a heritage painter Sydney we recommend using sites such as Pinterest and Houzz, which provide almost unlimited resources for the home decorator.

Stick to only a few colours

As a general rule, the most successful modernisation of heritage homes works with using limited colour palettes.As a heritage painter Sydney we often notice that traditionally there was always a broad range of colour used on older style homes. One colour for walls, another for decorative accents, more for the roof and gutters etc. By consolidating your colour choices you’re bringing your home in to the more modern style of “less-is-more”.

heritage painter sydney

Source: Building Works Australia

But don’t forget your accents

With the above in mind, most heritage style homes offer owners an opportunity to show some creative flair and character. Don’t settle for simply painting the whole house white (although this look can have impressive results). Consider using a single colour for the majority of your home, and another single accent colour for areas such as window frames, balcony handrails or other decorative accents.

Use a colour consultant

If all else fails, call in the professionals. Any good heritage painter Sydney will be able to offer the services of a colour consultant. For a relatively small cost, you could add thousands of dollars of value to your home simply by using a professionally developed colour scheme which appeals to you as homeowners, as well as potential buyers.

If you’re considering modernising your heritage style home with colour, contact Summit Coatings today. As a multi-award winning heritage painter Sydney, we can assist with colour consultants and providing the highest standard of work to protect your heritage home.

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