Strata complex painting and what’s involved

Being an owner of a strata property can have so many benefits some of which you can read in our blog post from last week. They key though is to engage the services of a good strata and community management company if you can. They can take on managing things like:

  • Maintenance – especially when it comes to when your strata complex painting needs completing.
  • General upkeep.
  • Enforcing and monitoring the strata complex by-laws and staying up to date on these areas.
  • The day to day finances and communication.
  • General administration.

We have worked with many strata managers and management companies over the years while undertaking strata complex painting for their clients. It’s amazing what a spot of colour, refresh or complete makeover can do to the inside and outside of your strata complex.

What’s involved in having your strata complex painting completed

To start with we will meet with the strata manager or committee liaison to walk through what is needed from their perspective and we can make our recommendations too. We will then provide a detailed quote. Because of our experience with painting strata complexes and commercial work we are well skilled in coming in on budget and on time. Given that there is normally a lot of people affected when you have your strata complex painting completed having the job completed on time is very important too so the least disruption is caused to the residents and community members and alternate arrangements can be made if necessary.

If need be we are happy to speak with your strata manager or committee liaison regarding any questions they may have concerning the quote, the timeline or the products we use.


strata complex painting at Hornsby with Summit Coatings

How to choose your strata complex paint colours

Choosing your paint colours can be quite a task but we are here to help! You may just wish to refresh the paint colours you already have or take this as a good opportunity to revamp the strata complex a bit with some new colours.

It’s a good idea to do some research:

  • Speak to the strata committee members or residents and community members and see what they would prefer.
  • Is your strata complex heritage listed? There are some quite strict rules and regulations regarding what you can and can’t do when it comes to paint colours. Check out a previous blog post we did on heritage properties and paint colours. You would probably know already if your strata property is but it doesn’t hurt to double check just in case too.
  • Google, Pinterest, etc are always great resources to see what colours work well together and our preferred paint supplier Taubmans have an online colour chart too which is a great reference.
  • You can also take a drive around your local area to see what other properties and complexes use when it comes to colour.

If you still aren’t sure or if your committee can’t come to an agreement then we also have a colour consultant who can help you through the process too.


paint colour examples with Taubmans and Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans

Why choose Summit Coatings for your strata complex painting

We are experienced strata complex painters and commercial painters so we know how to manage and complete large jobs and in some instances awkward spaces and access points. We have a lot of experience managing jobs where a lot of people will be affected such as with strata properties and communities. And are happy to work with you to ensure the least disruption to your residents and community members.

testimonial from strata painting client for Summit Coatings

You can rest assured we have the correct insurances and licenses for a job of this size. We also have experience in dealing with local councils should we need to go that avenue too.

We are also proud members of the Master Painters Association so you can rest assured you will receive a quality and timely job from our experienced strata painters in Sydney.



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Are you thinking of investing in a strata property?

Are you looking at investing in a strata property? Strata properties can be a great investment and having experienced trades in particular excellent strata painters on hand to look after your investment is beneficial. If the strata property you are looking at purchasing is also being managed by a Strata Manager then it can be a very hands-off type of investment which depending on your circumstances can be great. Who doesn’t want more time to enjoy life.

For those that aren’t familiar with the strata property concept, it’s where multiple properties are on the same title because they share a common area – roofs, lifts, gardens, driveways, etc can all be common areas that aren’t normally owned by one owner. Properties such as apartment buildings, unit complexes, townhouses, retirement villages, caravan parks, commercial buildings/shops, etc are common strata properties.

Strata properties are normally managed in one of two ways. Either with a Body Corporate or they appointment a Strata Manager:

  • Body Corporate – is made up of a committee of owners who appointment office bearers, etc. Decisions are still made at meetings and discussions are had around issues, etc but the office bearers take on more of the day to day tasks and are your go to people for any issues, etc.
  • Strata Managers – a Strata Manager still works with the Body Corporate but the Strata Manager takes on more of the day to day task and administrative tasks. They still seek approval of any changes, etc from the Body Corporate and Body Corporate meetings are still held. They just free up the time of committee members and are also up to date on laws and regulations that need to be met.


Strata painters Summit Coatings

Pros and cons of purchasing a strata property

There are many pros and cons to owning a strata property. One thing you want to investigate when looking to purchase a specific property is the financial position of the Body Corporate and what the Body Corporate fees are:


  • Great lifestyle.
  • Low maintenance investment if managed by a strata management company.
  • It can be more economical to purchase compared to a freestanding property.


  • Permission is usually needed to make any changes to your property.
  • Strata fees are normally subject to change so can increase as things need updating/repairing with the building.


Strata painters Sydney with Summit Coatings Northshore


What changes can you make especially when you want the strata painters in

It’s always best to double check your strata laws but you can generally repaint the inside of your apartment/unit without needing to get permission from the Body Corporate or Strata Manager. If any area that you wished to repaint is in a common area then you would need to get permission and it would generally have to go to a Body Corporate meeting.

So, if you are wanting the strata painters to come in to repaint a common area and you are wanting to change the colour scheme, then do your homework. Take along your colour charts or paint chips to show the committee members at the meeting. Even take it a step further and speak to the committee members individually if you are able prior to the meeting and then if there’s any concerns regarding the colour, etc you can always revisit some other options and then be able to present some other options at the meeting which will speed things up.


Why choose Summit Coatings as your strata painters in Sydney

Summit Coatings have worked with many Body Corporates and Strata Managers over the past 30 years. Our painters are experienced in undertaking large projects and we are experienced in the concerns and processes of working on a strata property. We have reviewed and perfected our process over the years to make it as streamlined and least disruptive as possible to the owners and residents of your strata property.

Strata painter testimonial with Summit Coatings



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How to tell if you need the roof painters in to your Sydney home

Is it time to check out the exterior of your home and what needs to be done before the winter months set in? Could your roof do with a visit from the roof painters amoungst other things? Ensuring the exterior of your home is in good condition before the cold and wet weather sets in is important. We believe in prevention better than cure or fixing things after the damage has occurred.

If you have a weatherboard home and the wet and moisture creep into your weatherboards then it can cause damage and can be costly to fix if it’s not caught straightaway. Also, if your house roof happened to leak then it really can be a pain to fix especially with trying to locate the actual point of the leak. It only takes a pinhole for water to get in and then it can build up over time before any damage is found. Or if it’s a huge leak then the damage is usually done internally before you even have a chance to rectify the situation. So, embracing prevention and keeping on top of these things is definitely the best way to go.

Roof painters for tile roofs Summit Coatings


What to do before the roof painters come

You really want to give your roof the TLC that it deserves. It’s best to check it out before the roof painters come and that way it’s all a-ok before it’s painted. When you think about it your roof is one of the main things keeping you warm and dry or cool and dry depending on your climate. Even if you didn’t have walls your roof will still keep the rain or the sun off you. It gets battered in storms and then there’s the other extreme with our harsh sun. And because it’s so high up (normally) it gets neglected and forgotten but that is about to change as you are going to learn what to look out for when it comes to caring for your roof:

  • If you have a tiled roof keep an eye on the ridge capping. If the cement is looking loose then this needs rectifying.
  • Loose, missing or broken tiles are a definite sign that needs repairing. Ask us about our resealing option as we have a solution for you.
  • If you can access your roof space then it’s a good idea to climb up there and inspect the timber beams for any signs of water damage and even your insulation for dampness.
  • Also keep an eye on your plaster internally. If you see any water marks or stains on the ceiling or around the tops of your walls/cornice then you will want to have a further investigation done to find the cause.
  • Make sure your guttering and eaves are in good condition too as this can be a sign of further damage or that investigation is needed.


How to choose your roof paint colour

If your roof is looking a bit sad and dilapidated then it’s time to get the roof painters back in. You may wish to keep your roof the same colour or you may wish to take advantage of having it done and choose a new colour and give your home a part facelift or why not have the exterior of your home painted too at the same time and give your home a full facelift.

There are a few things to remember when choosing your roof colours:

  • Exterior colours –consider the colour of your exterior walls, trims, windows, doors, even garden paths and external garages. Consider anything that is visible from the front of your property.
  • Dark versus light colours – black and other dark colours absorb and hold the heat whereas white and lighter colours reflect. If you are in a warmer climate you will want to keep your roof cavity as cool as you can and everything helps so using colours that reflect the heat rather than absorbing plays a part in keeping your home cooler.
  • Neighbourhood – consider your neighbours and what colours work with neighbouring properties unless you are going for a statement home.

If you happen to be in Sydney too then some councils have laws against white roofs so it might be worth raising this with your painter or checking with your local council first to see if this applies to your area.

Below is a before and after picture which shows how much a change in colour can lift your home. Just excuse the annoying sun on the after picture but it was just that time of day when it was taken.

Roof painters Sydney before and after pictures with Summit Coatings


Our roof painters process

Preparation – as with any painting job it’s important that the surface is prepared properly to start with. As your roof is exposed to everything and all conditions we start with giving it a high pressure clean.

Reseal – if you have roof tiles we have an advanced membrane system that we can use to reseal over porous tiles which prevents the water getting in. As I said above it only takes the smallest hole for water to enter your home and start causing damage. So, it’s an easy and effective way to protect the structure and interior of your home.

Paint – we have qualified painters and we use Taubmans Endure Exterior paints to do the job. We also hold all the relevant insurances and licenses for our painters who are also used to working at heights and with various roof styles and pitches.


Roof painters Sydney with Summit Coatings


Why choose Summit Coatings as your roof painters in Sydney

As I said above prevention is better than cure or fixing the cause of the problem when it comes to your home or roof more specifically. At Summit Coatings we are all about helping home owners look after what is normally their largest investment and take care of all your painting needs.

We are award winning painters whilst also being members of the Master Painters Association so you can rest assured that you are going to receive a quality job that will be delivered in a professional manner.

Contact Summit Coatings Painters

Painters for heritage homes and buildings around Northern Beaches

When you own a heritage home or building there are many things to consider when it comes to wanting to get the painters into your Northern Beaches property. Council laws and Heritage Council restrictions can vary depending on your location and each state has its own Heritage Council so make sure you check those out before doing anything or speak to your painters about doing so.

Having a Heritage Listed property doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes to your property it just means that you may need approval for what works you want to carry out depending on how your property is classified.

There are a two of types of “heritage” too with one being that your property is Heritage Listed and the other is that your home is in a Heritage Conversation Area just to confuse the matter more. Depending on which your property is classed under will depend on what sort of restrictions you have on your property. So, if you are not sure what your property is classified as please check with your local council and Heritage Council. You can also employ the services of a Heritage Advisor to liaise on your behalf. They do this on a daily basis so know the ins and outs of everything and how to streamline the process more.

Heritage painters in Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings

Popular colour options for heritage homes

What colour scheme is available to paint your heritage home will depend on what area you are in and the style of your heritage home. You may wish to stay with tradition and have your painters repaint in the same colours as you have or you may wish to freshen things up and have the painters use a more modern colour scheme in which case you will need to seek approval normally.

If you aren’t sure what colours to use a great way to get some ideas and see what colours work and what is allowed is to take a walk or drive around your neighbourhood and see what the neighbours have used.

Some of the popular colour schemes for traditional homes are:

  • Neutrals and browns for walls
  • White for wrought iron
  • Dark colours for exterior doors
  • Dark colours for the roof

Modern heritage colour scheme for painters Northern Beaches

Source: Houzz

Some modern heritage colour schemes are:

  • Grey/charcoal roof with a white trim and dark walls
  • Grey walls, white wrought iron and black for exterior doors
  • White for the walls with a darker shade of white for the roof and use a vibrant colour such as red for the front door.

Heritage modern colour schemes, painters Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings

Source: Stylish Livable Spaces

Too many options to choose from? A good rule of thumb or something to keep in mind is that glossy black is a great way to add class and trim painted in a deep green and deep red are very popular and you can’t usually go wrong depending on the style of your home and the area you are in.

If you still aren’t sure you can always ask your favourite painters, Summit Coatings.

Has lead paint been used on your heritage home

Unfortunately, you can’t tell if your home has been painted with lead paint just by looking at it. One way to find out is by purchasing a test kit from your local hardware store. Or if you prefer consult experienced and professional painters who will take into account the era of your home and when it was last painted. They will no doubt run a test themselves too just to be sure.

If you find your home has been painted with lead based paint there’s no need to worry until the paintwork has been damaged i.e. flaking, chalking or worse.

Rather than trying to remove the lead based paint yourself we would highly recommend getting in the professionals as if not done correctly you can make yourself very ill and also those in surrounding properties too as dust and particles travel in the air.

Engage professional and experienced heritage painters

Summit Coatings are experienced in all aspects of heritage painting from homes through to large commercial properties and even churches. Heritage painting and restoration is an extremely specialised field and you want to ensure you are obtaining the services of a suitably qualified painter which is why we are also a member of the Master Painters Association of New South Wales or whichever state you are located in.

Did you know Summit Coatings were a finalist in the Master Painters Association NSW Awards for Excellence in 2015 for a heritage painting project our painters undertook in Strathfield.

So contact us for your next heritage painting project. We would love to speak with you.

Contact Summit Coatings Painters

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Things to consider before hiring commercial painters Northern Beaches

Are you thinking about making some updates to your commercial property in Northern Beaches, Sydney? You may be thinking about getting the painters in if you are between tenants and want to improve your chances of leasing the property. Or have you taken on a new tenant and it’s been a part of the negotiations/lease agreement or are you the owner/occupier of the property and are updating your branding and want to take it a step further to the exterior of the building as well. So, engaging painters that service Northern Beaches or where you are located to improve the exterior of your property can add:

  • Value
  • Style
  • Appeal
  • Confidence

All of which is a benefit for the owner of the property and the business that operates out of the building. Just make sure you use qualified and fully insured painters that have experience in commercial painting as depending on the size of the building and logistics there are a lot of areas to manage.

Commercial painters Northern Beaches with Summit Coatings


Why you should engage commercial painters for your Northern Beaches property

We’ve all done it before and judged a book by its cover and people do it with buildings and businesses too. So how the exterior or your commercial building presents will be the first impression of potential tenants and clients. If the building looks cruddy and has peeling and chipped paint are you going to want to lease the property or do business in that building? I think not! So, jazz up the outside and get the painters in to present the property at its best. It’s amazing how much a coat of paint and a change of colour if you wish can change the look and appeal of a property.

If you already have a tenant though and are wishing to spruce up the interior and exterior of the property and they are a long-term tenant then consult with them as to what your plans are with the timeframe and colour. If the tenant is trying to present a particular look with their business what you do with the colour can have a big impact in some instances. For example, if your tenant is a beauty salon and they’re presenting a holistic, calm, warm and inviting presence and you turn around a paint the exterior of the building a gunmetal grey as you can see below the colours have a completely different vibe and appeal. The darker colour isn’t inviting. It’s not warm and welcoming and is quite the opposite of what a beauty salon is generally trying to do.

Commercial painters Northern Beaches colour choices

Source: Sanctuary Skincare

The example above is what a business presenting a calm, warm and inviting presence entails.

Then the example below shows how a dark exterior gives a totally different impression and vibe and would not suit that calm, relaxing serene beauty salon.

Commercial painters Northern Beaches dark exterior colours

Source: Pinterest

Colour can make a big impact when painting the exterior of your commercial property

As we said above and showed you with the two images. Colour can have a big impact on your tenants and how their business is portrayed. So please consult with your tenant if you already have one. We would also recommend having your painters stick to more neutral colours and then your tenants can make any changes if they wish or accessorise when it comes to the interior.

If you are looking at going down the route of the changing the colour of the exterior of your property then also consider the styles and colours of the surrounding buildings and businesses too. If your building is quite close to other businesses and you are in quite a conservative area and you turn around and paint your building canary yellow for example then you might find you’re the talk of the town and not for the right reasons. Although they do say all publicity is good publicity so depending on what you are trying to achieve you may have hit the nail on the head and it could be a cost-effective marketing ploy or gimmick.

Normally when it comes to painting a commercial property our clients choose neutral colours for our painters to use rather than what’s “in style.” Any other colour choices are left to the tenants to make and then rectify back to the original state should they move on at a later time.

Top 5 tips on how to proceed with your commercial painting

There’s a lot to consider and take into account when engaging painters for your commercial property so here’s the 5 main points:

  1. Ensure you use a company that has experience and all the relevant licenses and insurances like Summit Coatings.
  2. Engage painters that are a part of the Master Painters Australia Association. That way you can rest assured you are using a reputable company and will get a quality job to match.
  3. If you have tenants in the property then speak to them. Discuss with them what aspects will disrupt them, is the painting able to be completed on days or a holiday period that they are closed (remember a happy tenant pays their rent on time).
  4. If you have a long-term tenant or occupy the building yourself then take the business and their branding into account along with the surrounding area and businesses. Like we said don’t paint your building canary yellow in a conservative area unless causing a stir is a part of your plan.
  5. Also, make sure you check or that the painters do as to whether you have any restrictions on your property. If it’s heritage listed or the like then there can be quite strict restrictions and guidelines you must follow and plans need to be approved before work is undertaken too.

Now if you are located in the areas that we service of Northern Beaches or North Shore Sydney then contact us here at Summit Coatings when you are ready for a quote. We would be more than happy to assist you with any of your painting needs.

Contact Summit Coatings Painters

Top 5 tips | Do I need the house painters back | Northern Beaches

Working out if you need the painters back to your Northern Beaches home is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our residential customers. Your poor home does really cop it from all angles. The interior has your family to contend with whether it be young children, teenagers or the four-legged members of your family. Then the exterior of your home needs to battle the elements. And if you’re in the North Shore and Northern Beaches area of Sydney the sun is blistering and salt is extremely damaging.

Exterior house painters Northern Beaches Sydney with Summit Coatings


Do the painters need to come back to YOUR North shore HOME?

There are so many variants that come into play when deciding whether to get your house painters back to your North Shore or Northern Beaches property. It can change depending on whether it’s the interior of your home or the exterior of your home too. But the top 5 things to keep an eye on are:

  1. What’s the condition of your current paintwork?
  2. Did your previous painters do the job properly in the first place and were the right tools and paint used?
  3. Is it the interior or exterior of your home? Depending on which can have some disastrous effects if left unrepaired and you haven’t got the painters back on time.
  4. Location – are you near a beach? If your home is exposed to salt water then your home may need painting more due to salt air and harsh conditions.
  5. What material has been painted? Is it timber, brick, render or something else?

If it is the exterior of your home then you need to decide whether you need the house painters back to your Northern Beaches property ASAP. If you have a timber home and you have signs of cracking or peeling paint then it’s a sure sign that you need the house painters back to your home sooner rather than later. Once the paint starts peeling and cracking the timber becomes exposed to the weather and you don’t want the timber exposed and damaged. Even if you are in the sunny Northern Beaches area we still get rain and if it is left exposed then depending on how long for you can start to see signs of damage in the interior of your home too and you don’t want that.

If you do have damaged timber already then this will need fixing before the exterior is painted which adds on some extra costs too so it’s best to stay on top of things for the condition of your home and your bank balance.

Feel free to have a read of one of our previous blog posts Is it time to get the house painters back? which goes into more detail on the things to look out for.


Painters Northern Beaches Sydney before and after with Summit Coatings



What if the previous painters haven’t done the job right?

If the previous house painters haven’t done the job properly on your Northern Beaches home then don’t despair. Everything is fixable and we have over 30 years of experience to make sure the job is done right. We will just need to evaluate what has been done, what was used and how bad the state of your home is and this will help us determine what we need to do to return your home to all its glory again.

You can rest assured that we use the right tools and paint for the job. We, in fact, use the Taubmans Endure range for the exterior of most  homes and buildings we paint. It has superior weather protection, resists mould and mildew and is UV resistant which is very important for our Australian climate.

We have a previous blog post too on Exterior Paint Colours, North Shore Sydney if you would like to check out what colours are popular when it comes to painting the exterior of your home.

Interior house painters Northern Beaches Sydney with Summit Coatings


What to do next?

Call Summit Coatings of course!

So, if you decide you do need the painters back to your Northern Beaches home or property then don’t hesitate to contact us. We also service other areas around Sydney too including the North Shore area so if you aren’t sure if we will come to you then don’t hesitate to contact us to ask. We would love to chat to you about how Summit Coatings can work with you and create a stunning exterior and interior for you to enjoy again.

Contact Summit Coatings Painters

When is it best to paint a commercial property?

Each commercial painting job can vary so much. There can be so many elements to consider and juggle. It is a must that you have an experienced commercial painting contractor that can handle the job. From the insurances and licenses through to the logistics of wrangling the City of Sydney. You want a painting contractor that knows what they are doing in all aspects. They will also advise you as to when is the best time of day to have your commercial premises painted, based on your business circumstances.

Look out for an accredited Master Painter too. A Master Painter will be able to tick all the boxes and you can rest easy knowing you are getting a reputable company backed by the industry governing body.

Industrial commercial painters Sydney with Summit Coatings


What to consider when hiring a commercial painter?

Are you new to owning a commercial property or haven’t had to have your property painted before? Here are the top 5 things to consider when choosing your commercial painter:

  1. Insurance – public liability and workers compensation
  2. Licensed
  3. Master painter – not a necessity but definitely an added bonus
  4. Experienced team of commercial painters
  5. Professional leadership

Ask your commercial painter for a copy of their insurance certificates of currency. Any painting contractor worth their weight should be happy to provide them and if not find another. This is an area you never want to be unsure or uncertain of.

An experienced commercial painter will also be able to discuss with you, your business circumstances and determine the best time to undergo the work based on:

  • Off peak season  – if your business has a period that isn’t as busy as normal, closes for anytime throughout the year for holidays or has skeleton staff for any period then that can be a great opportunity for us to come in and undertake work
  • Weather – if the painting is external then we will also need to consider the time of the year along with the size of the job
  • Logistics – if there is anything else going on around the property which may hinder us accessing the property? This is extremely important when it comes to external painting as we also need to consider scaffolding access and what’s involved in having this erected and dismantled.

Commercial painters Sydney with Summit Coatings


Ask about their previous commercial jobs in Sydney

Always ask about the background of the company and previous jobs they have done in the same or similar area. Discuss how they foresee the job running in relation to:

  • Timeframe
  • Number of painters required
  • Access to the premises
  • How the business in the premises will operate with the painters

Google is always a good place to start the search for a reputable commercial painter. Just Google the company name and you might be amazed at how much information you can find including reviews and feedback from past customers.

School painting contracts with Summit Coatings Sydney


Contact Summit Coatings for your next commercial painting job

We have been in the industry for over 30 years and are also Master Painters. So you know you are going to get a superb job and the process will be stress free too. So, contact us the next time you need a painting contractor.


Contact Summit Coatings Painters

Why use a qualified commercial painter to paint your commercial property

Painting your commercial property can be a huge job depending on the size of the property along with the type of property it is. Whether it be an industrial space, high rise, school, office block, etc along with the location and access, there are many facets to consider and manage. So, you really want someone that knows what they are doing, are experienced in all aspects and that have a team behind them to support and help deliver your project on time and within budget.

Strata property painting with Summit Coatings


Why use a Master Painter to paint your commercial property?

Master Painters are experienced and have standards and ethical aspects that they need to meet to become a Master Painter. So, you can rest assured if you are engaging the services of a Master Painter that you are getting a qualified painting company that knows what they are doing such as:

  • Have all the relevant insurances – worker’s compensation and public liability
  • Knows and understands the law in relation to working from heights
  • Quality service
  • Quality work
  • Peace of mind you are using a trusted company
  • An experienced company that delivers on time and on budget

Any commercial painting company or business that will be carrying out any works should be more than happy to supply you with a copy of their certificate of currency for all their insurances. If they will not do so, this is a clear red flag and we would recommend running in the opposite direction and straight to us if you are in the Sydney area.

Commercial painters Sydney with Summit Paintings


Master Painters are experienced in all aspects of commercial painting

As a Master Painter, we are experienced in all aspects of commercial painting from the planning right through to the execution and clean up.

Depending on the size of your commercial property there are multiple things that need to be juggled, including:

  • Ensuring the correct number of painters are available during the project to ensuring it comes in on time and on budget
  • Planning the logistics – how access to the property will be obtained with the least disruption to your business and surrounding premises
  • Working alongside your business during opening hours while ensuring OH&S guidelines are met for your employees, ours and also the public
  • If scaffolding will be needed then when and where it needs to be erected and then also dismantled so it’s not in the way or holding things up
  • Planning and communicating so we are not disrupting your business but ensuring we are also following workplace OH&S guidelines and procedures to keep your employees safe, our employees safe and the public
  • Deliveries of materials are done in an efficient and non-disruptive manner to your workplace

Commercial painting with Summit Coatings


Why hire Summit Coatings as your commercial painters

Summit Coatings have been looking after the painting of residential and commercial properties for over 30 years. We are also registered Master Painters and our level of workmanship and delivery sets us apart from the rest. This has led to us winning and being finalists in numerous awards.

Our strata block’s whole experience of Summit Painting from initial quote, office back up and painting team allocated, was professional and seamless.”
Attracta Lagan, Head of Body Corporate, Scarborough House

No job is too big or too small for Summit Coatings so if you are in and around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area of Sydney get in touch with us now to discuss your residential or commercial painting needs.

Contact Summit Coatings Painters

Prepare baby’s nursery for painters North Shore Sydney

When it comes to painting your baby’s nursery you, of course, want the best house painters North Shore Sydney to do the job but here’s a few thing we get asked regularly to get you thinking.

Mint green nursery paint colours by Summit Coatings

Source:  Daily Addict

Painting your baby’s nursery in North Shore Sydney? How soon is too soon?

When you have a baby on the way a lot of planning goes into the baby’s nursery and painting the room plays a big part of this, so don’t leave it too late. You want to be able to enjoy the momentous occasion and enjoy putting the finishing touches on things and not leave it until the end of your pregnancy when you’re exhausted and tired. You also don’t want to have to move all the things you have started buying out of the baby’s room for the painters to come in if you can avoid it. The less you need to do the better. So that’s why we say get in early and get the painting out of the way and enjoy getting your North Shore home ready for baby.


Gender specific vs neutral colours

When choosing your interior paint colours for baby’s nursery obviously it will depend how far along you or your partner are in the pregnancy as if you’re being super organised and getting onto the painting you may be too early to even know baby’s gender and that’s if you decide to find out so neutral colours would be the way to go in that case. There are some wonderful neutral colour options available too from your normal your whites, soft greys and wood tones through to mint which is hugely popular with interior paint colours this year in general as well as coral, lilac, navy and red. If you’re after some impact then wallpaper is a great option or accessorise with some wall art or floor rugs that can be easily changed. If you would like to explore a feature wall though and aren’t sure about choosing colours or wallpapers that complement each other then we also offer a colour consultancy service around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area.


baby nursery paint colour inspiration by Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans

If you are waiting to paint though until you know baby’s gender then that opens you up to a world of blue and pink interior paint options and then some. We use and recommend Taubmans and you can view their online colour chart for some ideas.

baby blue paint colour inspiration by Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans


When you are deciding between gender specific interior paint colours or neutral other important things to take into account are the furniture and decor that you not only have now but will also have in the future. Fads come in and out very quickly and babies, unfortunately, grow up very quickly and therefore they can grow out of paint colours just as quick and will be out of their nursery furniture before you know it. We will, of course, be more than happy to come back and repaint for you at any time you need a painter in  North Shore Sydney or surrounds but if you are wanting to get some longevity out of the painting we have done for you then you may want to consider how far down the track you wish to repaint.

neutral nursery paint colour inspiration by Summit Coatings

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Is painting our North Shore baby’s nursery safe?

We use Taubamans Endure Paints which are asthma and allergy friendly. They also have an antibacterial protection and are mould and mildew resistant with superior washability and are also tough and durable which is super important for growing families. You also have the option of low sheen and semi gloss which are particularly great for those high traffic areas.

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How to care for wooden windows after the house painters

Wooden windows are quite popular around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area and look absolutely fabulous when they have been freshly painted by our house painters. Freshly painted or stained wooden windows can really freshen up the inside or exterior of your home.

Unfortunately, wooden windows do require some more tender loving care than aluminium windows but just a little extra attention goes a long way and will help extend the length of time between our house painters visits.


Stained wooden windows by house painters Summit Coatings


How to look after wooden windows once the house painters have been

Weather in general can cause problems when it comes to wooden windows but if you are also in the Northern Beaches area and live right near the beach then you have salt water to contend with too. Most damage is manageable and fixable but if you do a few things between visits from our house painters you can extend the life of your wooden paint job.

5 Tips for regular wooden window maintenance

  1. Regularly clean your window frames with water and a mild detergent
  2. Check for any deterioration – cracks, peeling paint, mildew, etc
  3. Probe the window frame to check for any signs of rot as this will need to be addressed ASAP
  4. Check seals, as if these are falling then it can affect the efficiency of your home heating or cooling
  5. Remember to check the condition of your window sash too


Wooden windows by house painters Summit Coatings


If you notice that your wooden windows need only a small touch up you may be able to attempt this yourself. If the work needed is more extensive or you would prefer to leave to the professionals,  contact us at Summit Coatings for assistance. Also, keep in mind the height of the window as access and working from heights can also be problematic when attempting a repair.

How to touch up wooden windows

If you are comfortable with some home DIY then use the following as a guide on how to touch up wooden windows:

  • Sand back the area in question
  • Make sure you get into any corners
  • Fill any cracks with putty and make sure you push it into the cracks
  • Allow putty to dry until hard which may be overnight
  • Tape off around the window pane
  • Repaint the area with any leftover paint the house painters have left or if there’s not enough for the job in question then you will need to colour match the area. We recommend Taubmans paints so any stockist of Taubmans would be able to help you with this
  • When painting the area remember to follow the directions for application and drying times, etc too

If the area is bigger than what you can handle or the window height requires special access, then Summit Coatings are just a phone call away and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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