Skirting board advice from the best house painters North Shore

We’ve covered how to choose the right colours for your walls. But what about your skirting boards and architraves? As the best house painters in North Shore, we know that these areas are vital to the overall look of your home!

Skirting boards and architraves play a big part in the look and feel of your North Shore home. If they’re drab, your room will look drab and dated too. Unfortunately, these areas aren’t exactly treated well. They’re like the bumpers of the home. While they provide a beautiful border around each room, they also cop a lot of abuse. It’s where most of your dust and dirt like to sit. The vacuum cleaner is continuously hitting the skirtings. Not to mention kids, pets, and us adults scuffing them constantly! All of these factors lead to skirting boards and architraves requiring more frequent painting than other areas.

To repair or replace is a question our best house painters North Shore are asked frequently

This really comes down to what condition your skirtings and architraves are currently in. We can help you determine if it’s more cost effective to replace or repair and repaint. It’s part of what we do here at Summit Coatings.

Determining if it’s best to repair or replace your skirtings and architraves is just the beginning. With the help you will receive from the best North Shore house painters, below are a few areas you will need to consider.

Determine the look and style of your skirting boards and architraves

The look and style should match the style of your home. If you live in a federation-style home, it’s best that your skirtings and architraves match that era. The difference between the federation era and our more modern era is quite substantial. Federation homes usually suit more detailed and eccentric designs. Whereas modern homes are often best suited to cleaner, simply designed skirtings. The below images show the difference between the two styles.

Best house painters in North Shore Summit Coatings showcase the difference between federation style skirting boards and architraves

Source: Federation-House

Best house painters in North Shore Summit Coatings showcases the features of modern style skirting boards and architraves


What height should your skirting boards be?

The style and look you choose will play a role in what height your skirting boards will be. Other factors will come into play as well. If you have a family then your North Shore home no doubt sees a lot of foot traffic through its doors and halls. If that’s the case, you wish to go with a taller skirting board to help protect your walls.

Taller skirting boards are also suited for older style homes as they often have higher ceilings. Whereas modern homes often have lower ceilings and suit a shorter skirting. Obviously, like everything in life, this decision will come down to your individual taste.

The second most asked question our best house painters North Shore are asked

“What type of paint should you use for your skirtings and architraves?”

There are three main paint types that are used for skirting boards and architraves:

  • Semi-Gloss: This is the most popular choice for skirtings and architraves. Semi-gloss paint can withstand more than other paint types.
  • Gloss: This is the shiniest of all the paint types and is another popular choice for these areas.
  • Sheen: Whilst low sheen is more popular for wall paint it can be used for skirting and architraves as well.

Now for the fun decisions.

What colour should you paint your skirtings and architraves?

Now to the fun part! What colour should you choose for your North Shore home’s skirting and architraves? Luckily there are endless colours available from the amazing Taubmans Endure paint range. Most people choose a classic white.

Another popular choice is to have timber/stained finished skirting boards. This looks particularly gorgeous with timber flooring. The basic rule of thumb is to either match the skirtings and architraves with the walls and floors or go for a daring contrast! Our colour consultants can help you choose the best option for your North Shore home if you need.

The best house painters North Shore give skirting board and architraves colour advice

Is it time to update? Call the best house painters in North Shore now!

Giving your skirting boards and architraves a facelift with a new coat of paint is cost effective and very refreshing. We can help you and no job is too big or small! Our award winning team are here to help you make the best decision for your home. We are the best painters in North Shore after all! Contact us today to get your next painting project started.



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Is it time again for the professional residential painter Sydney?

Your home is usually the biggest asset you will ever own and the most important! We are asked by our customers time and time again ‘when is it time to get their professional residential painter in Sydney back’? Below we look at the signs to look out for and the benefits of using a professional residential painter for your Sydney home.

Why it’s important to use a professional residential painter to maintain your Sydney home

The paintwork of your Sydney home isn’t just a cosmetic function. It’s a protective barrier and is your home’s first defence against the elements! When paint fades, peels, chips, or sustains damage, you are putting your home at risk of much worse things than just not looking its best. Living in Sydney, and often near the beach, our professional residential painters see a lot of homes with poorly kept paintwork. This is mainly due to the wear and tear that comes with living near the ocean! Salt damage is a killer for exterior paint in particular. But don’t worry, we can fix even the most damaged of homes! Take a look at our gallery for some fantastic professional painting transformations like the one below.

Use a professional residential painter Sydney to maintain your homes exterior before photo from Summit Coatings

Use a professional residential painter Sydney to maintain your homes exterior. The after photo from Summit Coatings

However, the most important tip we can give is to book the services of your professional residential painter Sydney before the damage occurs. It’s an important part of maintaining your home and will save you a lot of money in the long run. So, remember, keep an eye out for the warning signs!

What are the signs that your Sydney home needs a professional residential painter?

The exterior of your home usually needs repainting every 5-10 years. A variety of factors come into play including the material of your home and the elements such as sea salt. The interior of your home is different. The life of your interior paint really depends on your lifestyle. If you have small children or pets you may notice you need your professional residential painters back more often than those homeowners who don’t. We also find Landlords tend to need our services more frequently than live-in homeowners.

Keep an eye out for the following telltale signs that you need a visit from your professional residential painter Sydney:

  • Cracking, flaking or bubbling paint
  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Water stains
  • Any exposed bare wood
  • Chalky residue coming off on your hands
  • Outdated colours
  • Faded paint
  • Damaged plaster
  • Damaged architraves or doors
  • Marks and stains that cleaning just won’t remove

Painting seems easy so why get in the professional residential painter for your Sydney home?

There are many reasons why you should choose to use the best residential house painters in Sydney over attempting a DIY job.

We have all watched the renovations shows and think ‘I can do that’. While painting seems easy, it’s more than just a simple coat on the walls. Repainting your walls, trims, doors, etc. can be a big job and therefore time-consuming. It can drag on forever before you are finished. The chaos caused due to the length of time and having to move and rearrange furniture can quickly become a nightmare. Not to mention the usual work and family commitments getting in the way.

Ask yourself do you have the time and effort needed to give your home the justice it deserves? You don’t want to be relaxing on the couch after finishing your painting only to notice a little, or big, imperfection! You certainly won’t be relaxing with that in your face every day. And once you’ve noticed it your eyes will be drawn to it every time you are in the room.

Some jobs require a lot of preparation. Plaster or wood sometimes need patching. Your base items need to be repaired properly or the finished painting will be compromised. This is often the hardest part of residential painting. Luckily, it’s a big part of what we do. Another factor to consider is the materials you may need to complete the job. Some Sydney homes, depending on height, will require big ladders and scaffolding.

Why use a professional residential painter in Sydney. Tips from Summit Coatings.

So, if you have spotted any of the above warning signs, or are just simply sick of your paint colour, why not contact us today? Our professional residential painters in Sydney will work closely with you to ensure we take all the stress out of painting your home. We are an award-winning company and guarantee you’ll be blown away by our service!



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Stop! What to do before your North Shore house painter comes

So, you’ve decided to get in the best North Shore house painter to spruce up your place. But what do you need to do before the house painters come? We take a look at the main things you need to prepare. We will also cover how to choose a licensed North Shore house painter.

Why preparing for your North Shore house painter is important?

Like with most things, preparation is key! To get the best results that last, preparing for your North Shore house painter is essential. Whether it’s your entire house being painted or just a minor touch up, the better you prepare, the better the results will be.

What homework do I need to do before our North Shore house painter arrives?

There are two main things to do before you start painting your North Shore home:

1.  Decide why you want to re-paint your home?

Really think about your reasons for wanting to re-paint. Do you want a new style and colour completely or just a re-fresh of the existing colour? Ask yourself how this will affect the rest of your home and its colours/styles. You can work closely with one of our experienced Colour Consultants to go over all your options and discuss your vision.

2.  Time to do some due diligence

This is the most important aspect of your homework! We see time and time again clients coming to us after experiencing terrible service from other companies. It’s really important to look into the companies you have to quote your North Shore house painting job. Google and social media can be a goldmine for this. Check the reviews carefully! It’s also a good idea to check the company’s website thoroughly. Search through their gallery to look at their previous work.

Do I need to move furniture before our North Shore house painters arrive?

Our answer? Yes, please! The most considerate preparation you can do for your North Shore painters is to clear the room of all furniture. A clear room allows your painters to work easily and, in turn, complete the job quickly and efficiently.

If you can’t remove all furniture, the next best thing is to move everything into the center of the room. Feel free to cover your furniture if you wish. Plastic dust sheets are great for this and can be easily taped down. We can then use our drop cloths over the top to protect from paint splatters.

A lot of our clients take the opportunity of moving furniture and items out of the room to do a thorough spring clean. By removing everything from a room you’re almost forced to sort out your belongings. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say!

 Do I move furniture before our North Shore house painters arrive. Tips from Summit Coatings

What cleaning needs to be done before our North Shore house painters arrive?


The cleaner the walls, the better our Taubmans Endure paint will look! Start by getting your vacuum out and cleaning the buildup of dust around the skirting, cornices and anywhere else dirt may have gathered. Don’t forget those pesky cobwebs as well! It’s best to vacuum the entire room so there’s no potential of dust and dirt flying up and sticking to the newly applied wet paint.

Washing walls

It’s best to wash all walls before they are painted. Some areas of the home will need more cleaning than others, just like your general household cleaning. We suggest using a product like Sugar Soap or a simple solution of detergent and warm water to wash your interior walls.

Bathrooms areas can also gather mould and mildew which are no good for painting. This will have to be removed before your North Shore house painters arrive. Same goes for kitchen areas. Kitchens gather grease and grease is the number one enemy for your house painters.

Filling in walls

Your North Shore house painter can definitely help with any plaster repairs. It’s just part of what we do. However, if you do want to save a little extra money, you can let your inner DIY master shine!  Your North Shore house will need to have smooth walls before painting begins. Examine your walls and repair any damage or talk to us at the time of quoting to discuss any areas that need patching.

What wall fittings do I need to remove before our North Shore house painters arrive?

It is important to remove all pictures, photos, and wall hangings. If you plan to re-hang your items in the same position, leave your hooks etc. where they are. If you decide you’d like to completely re-decorate, remove all hooks carefully and patch the holes. To avoid chipping plaster, use pillars to twist the hooks out of the wall. Any electrical appliances, such as televisions, brackets etc. also need to be removed.

What wall fittings to remove before North Shore house painters arrive as recommended by Summit Coatings

Schedule a quote now with Summit Coatings

The better you prepare for our North Shore house painters, the better the job will be! Contact us now to discuss your painting needs and how we can help you prepare and complete your next painting project.



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Northern Beaches House Painters Share Tips for Perfect Picture Hanging

We’ve covered how to match your interior painting to your wall art but now it’s time to focus on the art itself! Whether it’s an expensive painting or a framed family photo, our Northern Beaches house painters share the best tips for perfect picture hanging and answer the most common questions we are asked.

The most important tip our Northern Beaches house painters can share starts with what you are hanging your picture on

Ascertain what material your wall is – brick, plaster, masonry, timber etc. This will determine the best way to perfectly hang your picture. It will also determine the tools and equipment you will need to get the job done.

  • Brick walls can withstand heavy pictures easily and you won’t need to locate a wall stud or use wall anchors
  • Plaster walls will require you to locate a wall stud and usually use wall anchors or toggles
  • Timber walls will require a nail, screw or picture hook
  • Plastic adhesive hooks can be used for lightweight pictures. These are great for rental properties or if you simply don’t want to put holes in your walls. Just don’t use on newly painted walls.
  • Canvas prints are best perfected using the flush mount hanging technique

What is the best height to hang pictures?

As a general rule, perfect picture hanging is achieved by keeping your picture eye-level. If you are hanging a picture in a room where more time is spent standing than sitting, your eye level will be higher than that of a room where you spend more time sitting. This is something to take into consideration and look at the positioning options from all angles.

Always avoid hanging pictures too high though. The top tip from our Northern beaches house painters is to ensure your guests aren’t injuring their necks when checking out your beautiful pictures!

What picture goes where we hear you ask our Northern Beaches house painters?

Perfect picture hanging can also come down to the location of your picture. Our tip is to keep smaller, more detailed pictures to smaller spaces of your Northern Beaches home. In turn, larger pictures that require more room to take in the whole picture and the wow factor should be hung in a larger space.

Larger pictures are great as focal points opposite an entrance to a room or at the end of a hallway. Whereas small pictures are best hung along the wall of a hallway or hung in a set with other small pictures.

How do I hang a group of pictures is another one our house painters are asked a lot?

Our Northern beaches house painters main tip for perfect group picture hanging is to always treat the pictures as one image. This tip will ensure your grouping looks like it belongs together. Spacing your pictures is also important. Pictures should not be too far nor too close to each other. When grouping pictures you’ll definitely need to follow our next tip.

 Our Northern Beaches house painters share tips on how to group pictures from Summit Coatings


Do a picture hanging test run

A common mistake made is making a hole in your wall without fully assessing the best option. And this is just cringe-worthy if your walls have just been painted. We hear your paint! Our tip to avoid unwanted holes is to use some scrap paper or newspaper and cut to the size of your photo frame/artwork. Position the paper on the wall and stand back to assess. Rearrange the paper until you are happy with its position.

Or if you happen to be tech savvy you can always do a mockup in Photoshop or another similar program. And then see what the actual images themselves would look like.

What lighting is best to enhance my pictures and images?

It’s best to hang your picture in a well-lit area to show it off, of course! Direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting will damage your picture though. The best option is to use spotlighting for each picture. This will add a fantastic effect and will bring focus to your picture hanging. Another popular choice is the gallery system art wands. These wands are very easy to install.

Stay away from heat sources

Our Northern beaches house painters understand your pictures and artwork are of great value to you. Avoid picture hanging near any heat sources or any area with high humidity such as a bathroom. These areas will damage your picture. And you don’t want that.

Consider your furniture

When arranging your pictures always centre them with the wall in mind, but also consider your furniture. For example, some couches sit higher than others. So, be sure to hang your pictures high enough so the couch back doesn’t interfere with things. The same goes for higher furniture. If you have a bookshelf against the wall, it’s best not to hang a picture too close to this to avoid that cluttered look either.

Our Northern Beaches house painters share furniture placement tips from Summit Coatings


We share these tips with you for perfect picture hanging as we take great pride in our Northern beaches house painters and the work they do. And we know it’s important to compliment your perfectly painted walls with perfectly hung pictures! Contact us today for more tips and advice and quote for your painting needs.



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How Residential Painters North Shore Choose the Right Paint Colours

Deciding on the right paint colours for your home is always exciting but can also be overwhelming. We are here to help you choose the perfect colour scheme for the exterior and interior of your home. Below we look at how our residential painters North Shore choose the right paint colours.

How our residential painters North Shore choose the right exterior paint colours

How residential painters North Shore choose the right exterior painter colours. Tips from Summit Coatings

Your exterior paint colour can make or break your street appeal and that of surrounding homes. It is the first aspect people will notice about your North Shore home. There are two main factors to consider when completing the residential painting on your North Shore home:

1. Review the exterior areas that are the hardest to change

Your roof, concrete areas, pathways, guttering, driveway, and stonework are the hardest area to change. Consider their colours and what colours would work best with these areas. Unless you are completing a full exterior renovation, the most effective option is to complement your exterior paint with these areas.

2. Consider the era of your home

Whether you have a Californian bungalow, modern townhouse or Victorian heritage home, it is important to choose the right paint colour for the era of your North Shore home. Our residential painters can work closely with our colour consultant to ensure the right colours are chosen to perfectly suit any home’s era and style.

How our residential painters North Shore choose the right interior paint colours

Much like the exterior, it’s important to look at the era of your North Shore home. Decide what feel you want to achieve:

  • Modern
  • Heritage
  • Make a statement, etc.

Unlike the exterior of your home, the interior has a lot more factors to take into consideration when choosing the right paint colours.

It’s important to consider elements of your interior that you won’t be changing or can’t change. Things like kitchens, floors coverings, furniture pieces etc. What are those colours/tones? Consider the colours that will complement those elements. For example, you may have a brown leather couch that is the focal point to your room. You will need to compliment the colour to the couch to achieve the best interior paint colour scheme.

Interiors also often incorporate a feature wall and/or different texture as shown in the image below.

How our residential painters North Shore choose the right interior paint colours. Tips from Summit Coatings

The best way to test your interior paint colours is to directly paint a section of the wall. Alternatively, you can paint a large piece of paper or board and pin it up on the wall, hold it next to the couch or other items in the room.

As a general rule use:

  • Darker shades for the floor
  • Medium shades for the walls
  • Lighter shades for the ceiling.

Much like the outside world when you think about it. However, this is just a general rule and rules are always meant to be broken. Or there is always exceptions to the rule. The interior of your North Shore home really is a blank canvas to create whatever spectacular colour scheme you wish.

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, we recommend sticking to a neutral colour palette. Real estate agents in North Shore recommend this too. As potential buyers find it easier to visualise how they would personalise the home to their taste.

Use of the Colour Wheel

Our residential painters in North Shore understand all aspects of painting and colour. We can help you understand how a colour wheel works. Or read our previous article “Interior Painters Sydney Have Finished, Now Add Colour for a More” in-depth look.

The colour wheel can help you choose the right paint colour in 3 ways:

  1. Complementary colours;
  2. Analogous colours; and
  3. Triad Colours

Our multi-award wining painting business of residential painters in North Shore is to here to help you choose the right paint colours. We will work closely with you to ensure a stress free painting experience. Our gallery shows the high quality work we continuously strive to complete. Using only the best paint from Taubmans Endure, you can rest assure your North Shore home will be the best looking on the street. Contact us today to discuss your painting needs.


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Strata complex painting ideas for modern makeovers

Are you living in a strata property and taken note of the most important part of the complex – the paint? You’ve probably noticed the strata complex painting could do with a modern makeover.  Below we look at the process of strata complex painting and get some ideas on how to modernise the building.

How to get your strata complex painting project started

So, your strata complex needs a new coat of paint. Our Strata Painters understand this is a big undertaking given the number of people involved in the decision making. The following is a great breakdown of the process:

  • Speak to the residents of the building and the Strata Manager or Committee and get them on board
  • Come to an agreement on your strata complex painting needs
  • Ascertain with the Strata Manager/Committee how much is in the budget for the painting project
  • Obtain detailed quotes, ensuring companies have the correct insurances and experience in strata complex painting
  • Work together to choose the right colour scheme, or enlist the help of a colour consultant

The best way to modernise your strata complex painting

Now you’ve made the decision to modernise your strata complex with a fresh coat of paint it’s time to choose your paint colours. You can work closely with our colour consultant who will help you choose the best colour scheme. Also, check out our new colour trends for 2018 for inspiration.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. A new colour or even a re-vamp of the existing colour will made your strata complex look like new again. Light shades are best to make areas look fresh and spacious. This would work especially well in common areas such as entrances and hallways. To modernise the look, we suggest throwing in a feature wall to really make a statement.

The exterior of your strata complex is the largest area to cover and is super important as it’s what everyone will see first! It’s important to tie the paint colour in with the gardens and surrounds. A good tidy up of the outdoors will make a huge difference. A clean up of the gardens, pathways and driveways can add to the street appeal and compliment your new strata complex paintwork.

The strata property below demonstrates how painting a strata complex in a modern cream with dark trim can really lift a property. Also complemented with a manicured garden this property is presenting it’s best street appeal.

Strata complex painting street appeal ideas from Summit Coatings

For a more modern earthy look, a green and grey colour pallet would look spectacular. Or to really make a statement, you can modernise the building with a dark shade, like charcoal. Team this with a contrasting light shade trim and/or interior.

Mixing and matching different textures is also a great way to modernise your strata complex painting. If you have a red brick building, take advantage! We can paint sections of the complex to mix in the brick and paint work. This is a popular modern choice as seen in the image below.

Strata complex painting of a Manly multi unit project from Summit Coatings

Have a look at other strata complex colour schemes in your area for inspiration. You can also look at endless images online through Google and Pinterest.

The importance of Strata Complex Painting


  • Update and modernise the façade of your strata complex
  • Improve your street appeal
  • Increase saleability
  • Increase rental return


  • Decrease the financial position of the strata complex budget

Painting is about more than making your strata complex aesthetically pleasing. Paint also protects the building. With our harsh weather in Australia is an important aspect. We can help you choose the right paint though to prevent things like rusting and concrete damage if you have these materials on your property.

Given how complex strata painting is with the many elements involved. It’s important to work with a company that has strong experience in strata complex painting. We have over 50 years’ experience and understand what’s involved to ensure the painting process is smooth and stress free for all parties involved.

If you are ready to modernise or update your strata complex painting, contact us for a free quote today!



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House painter Sydney colour forecasts for 2018

The 2018 year is now in full swing and it’s time our house painters in Sydney take a look at what colours are trending. We tend to know a thing or two about spectacular colour schemes in our line of work. And we want to help you share this knowledge with you so your home looks it’s best. When it comes to colour schemes they’re one of those things that can really make or break a house too. So you really do want to get it right.

All those purple lovers would have been thrilled to see that the Pantone colour of the year is ultraviolet. Will house colours follow this trend? Sorry, all you purple lovers out there, you will be disappointed! We won’t be seeing a lot of ultraviolet houses in Sydney this year – thank goodness! That might just be a bit too much.

Choosing the right colours to paint your Sydney house can be daunting. The colour palette will set the tone for your entire home. And this year the options are endless for beautiful colour schemes.

Our house painters Sydney 2018 interior forecast

This year is all about bringing the outside, in. We will see a lot of green and terracotta interiors this year. Previously we have seen a lot of terracotta’s on the exterior of our Sydney houses, but not this year. Embrace the deep, rich terracotta tones and break them up with beautiful greens and subtle pinks.

Colours don’t just make our homes look wonderful they also play a bit part on how your emotions. Do you have a busy and stressful life? Then utilize colours and tones that evoke relaxation.

  • Subtle pinks: great for creating a touch of femininity and class as well as softening the overall look of a room.
  • Green: creates a relaxed feel in a room and has been known to help people sleep better. Green could be a winning choice for your bedroom or baby’s nursery.

House painters Sydney colour affects Summit Coatings


Standing strong this year are the ever faithful greys and charcoals. You can create a moody and dramatic interior with the use of lovely cloudy greys and bold charcoals. Yes, bold colours like charcoals can go horribly wrong, but can also go incredibly right! With our help you can create a winning interior colour scheme. Just ask us about our colour consultancy service.

Our top interior colour choices from the Taubmans Endure’s Extensive paint colour range

House painters Sydney interior colour forecast 2018 from Summit Coatings


The 2018 exterior colour forecast from our house painters Sydney

 The exterior of your Sydney house will be the first thing people see and remember – first impressions count! Let’s take a look at what this year will bring for our house painters in Sydney.

2018 has a consistent theme – relaxation. The colour forecast for this year’s exteriors follows the interiors’ calming and relaxing tones. Think greys, creams and light colours.

Making a big comeback is the red brick! The look that has been around for as long as anyone can remember is back on trend. Mix in some softer edges with the red brick to bring in a modern look, similar to the house below, with part red brick, part render.

Don’t be afraid to add some patterns and textures to the exterior of your Sydney house. Think concrete patio paired with a red brick façade and finished with soft colours for the door and windows. Adding to this with some amazing landscaping would give you endless textures to choose from.

House painters Sydney, Summit Coatings 2018 exterior colour forecasts

Taubmans 2018 colour of the year is Black Flame. If you are brave enough to use this shade on the exterior of your home, you’ll no doubt be the stand out house on your Sydney Street.

Before choosing the paint for your Sydney house it’s best to take a drive around your local area and check out the neighbourhood. There’s no better way to see what colours work best than seeing them on an actual house! Be nosey, take notes of what looks good and what doesn’t. Keep an eye out for houses of a similar style to yours to get the best inspiration.

The good news is, colour trends for exteriors cycle very slowly. This means your Sydney house exterior will stay on trend for a long time.

House painters Sydney Summit Coatings service Northern Beaches and North Shore too


Need more inspiration? Check out our gallery or, better yet, meet with one of colour consultants who will be able to assist you to choose the best colours for your Sydney home. Contact us today to get your house on trend with the 2018 colour forecast!



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How our roof spraying service Sydney can fix your tired looking roof

Is your roof looking tired and worn out? Are you selling your home or perhaps just need a revamp? Our roof spraying service in Sydney is the answer.

Our roof spraying service is more economical than reroofing your home. Why pay a fortune for an entirely new roof when we can have your existing roof looking brand new in no time at all.

Roof spraying is the same as roof painting and can extend the life of your roof by up to 15 years.

Not sure if your Sydney roof needs painting? We can help you to determine if our roof spraying service Sydney would be effective for your needs.

How our roof spraying service Sydney works

Before we start, our Master Painters will determine the work required, based on the current condition of your Sydney roof.

Our team will start the prep work which includes cleaning and prepping your roof. As we’ve said many times before preparation is key to ensure an A1 finish. We like to steer clear of dangerous chemicals and use eco-friendly products to rid your roof of any mould, dirt, and algae.

During cleaning and prepping we can determine if your Sydney roof would benefit from our advanced membrane system. This fixes any leaky or problematic areas. Quite often a crack may not be visible until the rain comes down and water finds its way into your home. Our advanced membrane system will apply a long lasting waterproofing system. Thus keeping your house safe from water damage.

Our roof spraying service Sydney can find the right product for any type of roof material. We work with high quality product manufacturers with options for metal, shingled and tiled roofs.

Following the application of our advanced membrane system, we apply the first coat of quality Taubmans Endure Exterior paints to add even more protection to your Sydney roof. Our Master Painters will ensure the weather conditions are just right to avoid problems like cracking or bubbling. The second coat of paint will complete your roof spaying service.

Roof spraying service Sydney with Summit Coatings North Shore

Source: Hire Rush

Colour tips for your roof spraying service Sydney that will compliment your home

Our expert Master Painters can help guide you to pick the perfect colour for your Sydney roof.

There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting your roof colour. First and foremost check with your local Sydney council. Some councils have laws against having a white roof for example so it’s always best to check first. Other factors to consider are:

  • Exterior colours: match your roof colour to your existing exterior colour. Or better yet, give your entire home a facelift and have the exterior of your home painted too. Don’t forget to consider other things you won’t be changing or that are harder to change such as garage doors, concrete or paving, window frames, etc.
  • Dark versus light: speak to our experts to determine the best shade for your home. Your local climate will play a big part in this.

We have a full range of colours at our finger tips with Taubmans Endure Exterior paints to choose from. The options are endless!

Roof spraying service Sydney with Summit Coatings Northern Beaches


Why choose Summit Coatings for your roof spraying service Sydney?

Our multi award winning painting company focuses on doing things right the first time to ensure your roof stays in tip top shape for a long time. We have been trusted to service the homes and buildings of North Shore, Northern Beach and Greater Sydney area for over 30 years. We are also members of the NSW Master Painters Association so our customers can always be guaranteed a quality job delivered by professionals.

You can rest assured your roof spraying service in Sydney will be professionally completed from the very first consultation right through to the final clean up.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today or contact us via email to discuss your roof spraying needs!



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Window trim tips by your residential painter North Shore

Your walls have been freshly repainted and look stunning. You can sit back and relax but your window trims look anything but wonderful. Have the homeowners before you not been as careful or have tried to tackle some DIY painting yourself and your woodwork is now covered in splotches of wall paint? Does it look like your window trims and architraves will never be the same again? We agree it’s the worst! And a pet peeve of a lot of homeowners.

Don’t despair, here are our tips from our residential painter North Shore team

Tip 1: Fix flaws

Just like we say with house painting. Preparation is key! So, preparation is just as important with your woodwork. If you don’t have a perfect surface to paint or stain, then your finish will be lacking. And no one wants a subpar finish, do they?

Check your window trims and see if they have any dings, dents, scratches, loose nail holes or stray paint. Make sure you check from different angles too. Some imperfections are only visible depending on how the light catches them. And you don’t want to think you’re finished and have something come to your attention. So be thorough.

If you have stray paint from a previous residential painter or previous owners at your North Shore home, then you will need to clean it off. Depending on how lumpy and bumpy sanding may be required. Sometimes picking at it with your fingernail or a scraper if you prefer may be enough to dislodge it. But it will just depend.

If you or your residential house painter are going to us glossy paint, then remember imperfections will be even more visible. So, ensure your preparation is A1.

Tip 2: Product for your North Shore home

This is one of our important tips from our team of residential painters in North Shore. If you are tackling the job yourself then make sure you use the right type of product. Know what your goal is:

  • Longevity of the job,
  • Is the area a low or high traffic area? If high traffic, then hard wearing and longevity will again be important.
  • The finish style at the time – gloss, matte, etc
  • Colour – not everyone wants stain or white woodwork?

High gloss is what a professional residential painter normally recommends. It’s tougher and longer wearing for your North Shore home. Although some people do prefer a matte finish. It is a personal choice as well as weighing up the longevity of the project.

If you already have a painted surface, then repainting it is normally the quicker and more economical option.

Are you considering switching from paint to stain or stain to paint? It is possible but is more time consuming and therefore will be costlier but talk to your residential painter. It’s worth discussing with them what is involved, and they can assess what has been done/used on your woodwork.

Window trim tips from residential painter North Shore, Summit Coatings

Source: Maintaining My Home

Tip 3: Tape off

If you are not comfortable cutting in around your windows and walls, then use a quality painters tape. Don’t skimp on this if you are tackling the job yourself. We hear so many horror stories where people have finished all their painting. It all looks wonderful and fresh UNTIL they peel off the tape. And then it’s all downhill from there…….the paint has seeped under the tape and is now on your newly painted walls. Or even worse the paint peels off with the tape. I’m sure there’s many that cringe in thought and sympathy. And many that have been here and done this/experienced it.

Tip 4: To DIY or engage a local residential house painter

Now that you know what’s involved with our residential painter tips in North Shore. The big decision needs to be made. Will you DIY or engage an experienced house painter?

What do you think you will do?

We would, of course, recommend using a professional and experienced house painter. We here and see so many DIY projects gone wrong. Sometimes even where there’s been an injury. Ladders and scaffolding are normally required with a lot of painting projects and unfortunately, accidents do happen.

If you do decide to engage a house painter, then please contact us. We are well known around the North Shore and Northern Beaches area for our residential and commercial painting. We are experienced, fully licensed and insured and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.



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Cornice or square set?

Are you renovating or building your new forever home? Here we share our house painter tips for North Shore and surrounds. One of the many choices you have when it comes to building or renovating is whether to use cornice or to square set? If you are a bit confused as to what we are talking about it. It’s the plaster board that runs around the top of your room and covers the join where the plasterboard on the walls meets the plasterboard on the ceilings.

Cornice example house painter tips North Shore from Summit Coatings

The above image showcases a cornice style from Lifestyle Interior Linings

Square set house painter tips North Shore from Summit Coatings

The above image showcases a room we painted that was square set.

There are many cornice styles to choose from. It really does come down to personal choice and the style you are trying to achieve with your home.

House painter tips North Shore: To cornice or square set that is the question

Choosing whether to cornice or square set really depends on the style of your home. Square setting is a modern and minimalist look. Whereas cornice is normally used in classic or heritage style homes. In saying that though Gyprock does have a contemporary range of cornice that is more modern which would suit a minimalist look too.

Cornice style advice from your Northern Shore house painters

There are many styles of cornice available that will suit many styles. Gyprock has many contemporary styles which would suit a more modern and minimalist look too. As well as having a more intricate and detailed look as well as the standard range. A lot of people like the feature that cornice creates.

House painter tips North Shore showcasing a cornice example of Duo from Gyprock

Features Duo style cornice from Gyprock

Square set house painter tips for North Shore homes

Square looks fabulous if you have a modern home or are going for that clean cut minimalist look. Just ensure you engage a qualified and capable plasterer. Your joints need to be 100% perfect as square setting is not forgiving at all.

Unfortunately, square setting isn’t always budget friendly though. As it’s a more labour intensive style. But that’s a decision you will have to make with your renovation budget.

4 tips to choose a plaster from the best house painter North Shore

  1. Engage a qualified and capable plasterer:
  2. Budget: someone that fits within your budget.
  3. Referral: as we say with most things try and get a referral for a reliable and qualified plasterer. If you don’t know anyone that has recent plastering done, then speak to your painting contractor. They should be able to refer you to someone or organise it for you.
  4. Quotes: can multiple quotes if you are going to hire someone yourself. Quotes can vary considerably as you probably no doubt know. Remember though sometimes cheap isn’t always best especially if there’s a huge difference. It begs the question then why and how are they that much cheaper. Are they suitable qualified, experienced and insured?

Now it’s time for the house painting

Have you got all your plastering sorted? Now it’s time for the house painting. Summit Coatings can look after you with all your painting needs. Contact us now to discuss your project. We have been servicing the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney for more than 30 years.



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