House painters North Shore are done: Now it’s DIY project time

This week we wanted to talk about some easy DIY projects that can help you style your room and home once the house painters in North Shore have been.

Usually, we are talking about all things painting which is obviously what we are about being a painting company and all but we are going to expand a bit on how you can complement your newly painted walls and home.

Displaying your photos once the house painters North Shore have been

Photo ledge with Magnolia

DIY photo ledge from Magnolia. Decorating after Summit Coatings house painter North Shore are done

This great DIY photo ledge would look great in any room.

It’s a great twist to a standard photo wall or gallery.

If wood stain doesn’t fit your style or room décor then you could always paint it to what would complement and work.

The size you make it can depend on the space you wish to feature it and how many photos you want to feature.

If you have a large wall you could even look at doing 2 or 3 smaller length ledges and then stagger them on the wall to create a real feature/display with some wow factor as pictuerd below.

DIY multip photo ledges decorating after Summit Coatings house painters North Shore have been

Source: Pinterest

DIY Projects for the kid’s rooms

DIY Kids Hammock with A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess DIY project kids hammock with Summit Coatings house painters North Shore

What child wouldn’t want a cool hammock in their room?

You can match the material to suit the child’s newly painted walls, their age, likes and other décor in their room.

You could use patterned material/canvas or take it a step further and decorate your fabric/canvas yourselves.

Just follow their application instructions as they vary depending on what you use.

Also, check in with your local hardware store for any assistance with how to secure your hammock to your ceiling or overhead beam.

This DIY hammock would be perfect as a:

  • Little reading nook in the corner of your child’s bedroom
  • Study break hang out for an older child
  • Retreat for little or big artists to lay back and let their imagination run away with them as they lay back while they swing and create.

There’s minimal sewing involved in this project which is perfect if your skillset doesn’t lie in that area and you can find detailed instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

Painting furniture: How to

House painters North Shore DIY project ideas with Summit Coatings

A lot of the same rules apply when painting furniture as to painting walls.

Preparation is everything!

Step 1: Preparation

As we said above preparation is everything.

Do get longevity and a professional finish from your painted furniture project then how you prepare your piece is everything.

Remove any handles or hardware items.

Then clean and sand away any loose or peeling paint.

Don’t forget to clean out the inside of your project too.

Step 2: Sand

Then you need to sand back your piece of furniture to remove any glossy finish or smooth over any rough sections/pieces.

If you are painting then you don’t need to take it all the way back to its original finish.

Just sand until you have removed any glossy finish or if you are lucky and your piece has a dull finish then you can skip this step.

If you are staining the piece though you will need to take it back to the wood and remove all traces of the original stain/paint.

Step 3: Patch

Take this opportunity to fill any small holes, etc with a wood filler if you wish.

Or if you prefer the worn, distressed look then leave your piece as is.

Step 4: Prime

If you are painting then a coat of primer does wonders.

It helps your paint to adhere to the piece better and covers any colour imperfections in the wood.

Step 5: More sanding

Once primed run over your piece with a fine grit sandpaper.

Check your primer paint pot for instructions on what grit to use.

It’s a good idea to do this between each coat of paint too as you obtain a more professional finish when you are done.

Again, just check your paint pot for what grit sand paper to use.

Remove any dust in between paint coats too with a soft cloth.

After all your hard work, you don’t want your paint finish ruined by stray dust and dirt.

Step 6: Paint

Now it’s time to paint.

Check with your local hardware store as to what type of paint is best to use on your piece.

It will vary depending on what the piece will be used for.

  • Does it need to survive general wear and tear
  • Is it a display piece?
  • Will it be exposed to the elements at all?

Don’t forget to give your piece a light sand in between coats to get the ultimate professional finish.

You could even speak to your hardware store about spray paint options too to avoid brush strokes.

Step 7: Seal

Once you have finished painting your project it’s time to seal it.

Speak to your hardware store about what is best to use based on what products you have used.

You not even need to seal depending on what products you have used for painting or staining so do talk to your local hardware store.

Inspired for the house painters, North Shore to return?

Are you inspired to do some DIY projects around your home to add some final styling touches?

Or are you inspired to have the house painters back and have some more rooms painted or the exterior of your home painted?

We can do it all and would be happy to discuss your next house painting project with you?

Call us now or contact us via email to arrange.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Interior painters Sydney have finished, now add colour

Have you just had your interior painters, Sydney in to paint your home and stuck with neutral colours?

And now it’s time for the fun stuff – it’s time to decorate!

And with decorating you can add some colour, some pop and patterns in a variety of ways:

  • Artwork
  • Cushions
  • Throw blankets
  • Floor rugs
  • Ottomans
  • Stools
  • Lamp shades
  • Photo frames

By approaching your interior decorating this way it’s easier to change your décor than your walls when you want to freshen up a room or make some changes.

Just make sure not to take your neutral too far as you don’t want your home looking boring and sterile.

You can also add interest to your home with patterns in the same natural tones of your walls. It’s a subtle way to add some interest.

Remembering the age old saying “less is more” is a great motto when decorating your home too.

Interior painters Sydney colour wheel example

How colour works and compliments

The first thing you need to do is choose a colour scheme.

There are a few ways you can go about this and referencing a colour wheel would be very handy:

Option 1: Complimentary colours

You can do this by choosing two complimentary colours.

Complimentary colours are those on opposite sides of a colour wheel.

Remember to keep it simple which is why we suggest two colours.

Complimentary work well in rooms that are more on the formal side – lounge rooms, dining rooms and rooms that have more structure to them.

Option 2: Analogous colours

Are colours that are next to each other on a colour wheel.

Great for more casual rooms – family rooms, bedrooms and rooms where you want to relax and chill.

Option 3: Patterns

If you’re going to use a pattern in the room then you can choose a colour from the pattern.

Option 4: Contrast

With contrast, you can then do a high contrast with dark and light colours.

Such as black and white.

Which is great for more formal rooms and spaces

As opposed to a low contrast room.

Which uses more subtle colours for example yellow and sage green.

Where these colours are great for relaxing and more casual rooms where you want to chill.

Great artwork and homewares options in Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney

If you are looking for some great pieces to add some colour and pop to your neutral walls we have suggestions for you:

interior painters Sydney with Koskela blanket options


Featured from: Koskela

Interior painters Sydney home decoration options with Koskela

Featured from: Koskela


Interior painters Sydney with Table Tonic and Vault Interiors

Featured from: Vault Interiors

Need interior painters in Sydney

Are you looking at doing any interior or exterior painting in the Northern Beaches and Northshore area of Sydney?

We would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

With over 30 years of experience, there is no job too big or too small for Summit Coatings.


Call us today 02 9973 3131


Useful Tools for Interior Painting in Sydney and the Home Decorator

Interior decorating and DIY interior painting is so popular nowadays.

With all the building and home decorating shows like The Block, House Rules and Grand Designs there really is a surge in homeowners wanting to have a go and do it themselves.

If you watch these shows or similar though you’ll now that one area not to skimp on is the painting.

Painting seems to be one area that contestants on The Block and House Rules generally think they can do themselves but then they don’t end up doing it well usually.

And when your paintwork isn’t done well it can really let the overall finish of your room and the whole home down.

We are going to take you through some of the things any avid DIYer should have in their toolbox when it comes to painting and home decorating which will help you create an A1 finish.

interior painting Sydney DIY painting tools recommended by Summit Coatings

Interior painting tool must haves

When it comes to tools and supplies for painting you really can’t skimp on these things.

Buying cheap and nasty painters tape/masking tape will either not adhere properly so the paint seeps under the tape or it sticks too well and won’t peel off properly.

Or when you do peel it the tape off it takes the paint off your newly painted wall.

Not an outcome anyone wants!

So, the tools and materials we recommend:

  • A good quality painters tape or masking tape to mask off edges, architraves, windows, etc to make cutting in easier and neater
  • A roller and paint brush in a few varying sizes.
  • Paint pail with handle. A handle is a must if you will be climbing up ladders.
  • Non-slip plastic/cloth for the floor or furniture protection. If you don’t cover your floor or furniture you are guaranteed to spill the paint
  • Plastic bag for in between coats.
  • Steady step ladder or larger depending on what area you need to paint

Wrap your paint brushes, rollers and insert your paint tray/pail into a plastic bag and seal it.

That way you don’t need to wash out your tools between coats and your paint doesn’t dry up.

Make sure you do put something down on the floor underneath and surrounding the area you are painting.

If you are near furniture too then make sure you cover that or at least move it out of the way.

You will be guaranteed to spill or splash the paint if you don’t and it’s a pain to try and remove off some surfaces and materials.

So be proactive rather than reactive.

interior painting Sydney DIY painting by Summit Coatings

Touch ups of your interior walls

Always make sure when fixing an area that you touch up the paintwork with the same tool that it was first painted with – brush or roller.

That way it will blend it to the area a lot better.

You may need to extend the area you are repainting to encompass the whole section of wall.

It will just depend on the size of the area that needed touching up and how long it’s been since it was originally painted.

Paint on wall fades with light through the window and general wear and tear.

If it’s a well lit room with lots of natural light and a high traffic area you may need to bite the bullet and repaint the whole room.

interior painting Sydney DIY tool recommendations by Summit Coatings

Interior painting Sydney for the non DIYers

Now DIY isn’t for everyone and some jobs just are too big, too high or in this busy day and age you may just not have the time for it.

And that’s ok as that’s where we come in.

We would be happy to discuss your house painting needs with you.

With over 30 years experience and members of the Master Painters Association, you are guaranteed to receive a job you will love and be proud of from the painting through to the customer service.


Call us today 02 9973 3131

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How to prepare for wallpaper with our residential painter, North Shore


Is it time to freshen up your walls with the help of our residential painters in North Shore or are you going to tackle the preparation work yourself?

Have you previously had wallpaper on your walls, either all of them or as a feature?

If it’s time for a change and you want to freshen up your home and walls with a new look and new wallpaper then our residential painters in North Shore can help.

With wallpaper, it all comes down to good removal techniques and surface preparation.

Having the surface perfect or as near perfect as you can is of the utmost importance.

If you don’t get the surface right then you won’t have clean, smooth walls at the end of the job.

Depending on the angle you are, when the light hits your new wallpaper you may be able to see the little bumps and lumps to annoy you forever (or until the next time you update your walls at least).

residential painter North Shore wallpaper options by Ann Jackson

Source: Ann Jackson Art

Wallpaper removal: DIY or obtain the services of local residential painters, North Shore

Not sure if you want to tackle the task of removing your wallpaper yourself?

It can be a big task, especially if it’s a whole room or house that’s been wallpapered.

If you’ve only used wallpaper on feature walls then it’s not quite as daunting a job, but still, the removal and wall preparation is just as important as the actual wallpaper application.

Pros to DIY wallpaper removal:

  • Can be more economical if all goes to plan, but like all DIY when does it ever go to plan? So, in the long run, it may end up costing you. But obviously, this will depend on your level of experience and expertise too.

Cons to DIY wallpaper removal:

  • Will take you longer than the professional residential painters if you aren’t proficient or haven’t done this before.
  • If you damage the wall surface/plasterboard then it will need to be repaired before new wallpaper can be hung or the walls painted. This may be outside your skillset and you may need to pay someone to repair the walls as a result.
  • You may need to hire equipment to get the job done – a steam stripper for example.
  • If the wallpaper has been on the walls for some time or, heaven forbid, painted over then it will be harder to remove and we would definitely recommend getting the expert residential painters in if this was the case.

Now reading back on our pros and cons list… cons have definitely won out.

What do you think? Would you attempt to remove wallpaper yourself?

Wallpaper removal tips and tools needed

Check out our previous blog post “Tips to Remove Wallpaper” which details some tips and tricks as well as the removal options.

Depending on how long your wallpaper has been on may depend on what method you use.

Surface preparation by our residential painters in North Shore

So, if you do decide to be brave and tackle the job of removing your wallpaper yourself then it’s all about surface preparation when it comes to rehanging new wallpaper or applying paint to your walls.

Now if any damage has been done during the removal process it needs to be fixed.

Wallpaper can be slightly forgiving to imperfections but there would be nothing worse than sitting back enjoying your new room and with the angle, you are sitting you can see a lump or bump.

Once you’ve seen that dreaded lump or bump once your eye will forever be drawn to that spot and it will haunt you until you redecorate again.

These are the main points that you need to consider after your wallpaper has been removed:

1.    Remove all traces of dust and dirt and double check there is no remanence of wallpaper still left

2.    Any bumps, cracks, or anything that is not smooth needs to be filled and repaired with a suitable plaster or crack filler. If you’re not sure what you are doing then touch base with us and we can handle this aspect for you.

3.    Make sure walls are clean and dry and aren’t left wet if you have used a steam stripper.

 residential painter North Shore featured wallpaper option

DIY wallpaper removal isn’t your thing

That’s ok, as Summit Coatings can handle all aspects for you.

From removing and preparing your walls for you through to hanging new wallpaper or repainting your walls.

If you have had a go at it yourself and you have come to realise it’s beyond your skillset then contact us.

Don’t be embarrassed – we’ve really seen it all over the years.

We have over 30 years’ experience and are also members of the Master Painters Association, so you can rest assured you will get a quality service on all levels.

We can also help you with your wallpaper or paint choices too with our colour consultancy service.

So, get in touch with us for your next home renovation and our residential painters in North Shore and Northern Beaches will be only too happy to help you.


Call us today 02 9973 3131


How to Choose Paint Colours with the Best Commercial Painters in Sydney

Paint colours on commercial properties can make such a big impact. If it’s time to have a commercial painter in Sydney revamp your commercial building then there are a few things to consider.

Your situation will depend on how you approach it:

  • Do you own and occupy the commercial premises?
  • Is the building leased and tenanted?

If the building or premises is tenanted is it a:

  • Short-term tenant or
  • Long term tenant

We are going to talk more about when you own and occupy the building but you can see some ideas here about paint colours and tenanted commercial properties. Our biggest advice would be if you have long term tenants than to consult them on the colours and especially the time-frame.


Commercial painter Sydney interior paint colours with accents


You own and occupy so YOUR commercial painter in Sydney haS scope

If you are in a situation where you occupy the commercial premises and own it then you have carte blanche on how you paint the building inside and out. That is if there are no council restrictions and the property is also not heritage listed. It’s worth consulting with your local council just to make sure.

Paint colours are so important from your branding perspective through to the psychological aspects. This is an interesting article on colour and business which is worth reading. The perception colour can have on people is not only interesting but real. When it comes to the inside of the building colour can have an impact on your staff and clients. Some colours are known for uplifting and motivating which you particularly want with your staff.

For example, white and all the off whites are modern and “in” now but too much white is boring and even sterile which even if you are a doctor’s office you may need a sterile environment when it comes to the health and safety of your staff and patients but you still want to portray a warm and inviting space.


Commercial painter Sydney showcasing a pop of colour in a retail environment


Exterior paint colour advice by the best commercial painter in Sydney – Summit Coatings

When it comes to the exterior of your commercial building you may want to make a statement with your branding colours. That may be utilising the whole space and splashing your brand all over the building or depending on the size, space and location of your building you may wish to make a subtle approach and do a feature piece with your brand colours.

The style of your building and those around it are important to consider.

  • Will all the colours work together?
  • What are the colours used on buildings around you?

If you know the building owners around your property then it doesn’t hurt to touch base and see if they have any plans for updating soon. Especially if you intend to go quite bold with your colour choice.

Also, consider any exterior signage you have on the building or plan to. Will the signage be your statement piece or a part of the overall concept? If the signage is the statement then a more neutral background colour would be the way to go.

When it comes to paint colours also consider what effect and emotion it will have on your clients and your staff. Remember:

Motivating | Inviting | Welcoming


Sometimes an accent colour can do wonders too. Choosing a slightly darker or lighter shade can really lift and modernise your building.


Commercial painter Sydney Summit Coatings exterior paint colour examples


What to ask your commercial painter in Sydney

When approaching your local commercial painter in Sydney for quotes there are things we recommend you ask:

  1. Insurance – are they fully insured – workers compensation, public liability
  2. Licenses – do they have all the relevant licenses
  3. Experience – have they undertook jobs of similar size and nature previously. Painting a commercial property can have many aspects to it from scaffolding to access and time frames. So, make sure the commercial painter has experience in this area.
  4. Master painter – is the commercial painter’s business a registered master painter? By being a registered master painter, you can rest assured that you will be working with experienced painters who can deliver on service and customer service.

At Summit Coatings, we have all this plus over 30 years’ experience. We specialise in commercial painting around the Northern Beaches and North Shore area of Sydney. We also utilise the best paint brand in the industry Taubmans.

We would love to discuss your commercial painting needs so feel free to contact us when you are ready.


Call us today 02 9973 3131