Strata Painting of Your Complex and What’s Involved

Deciding on whether your strata property needs painting will depend on a few things. If you are the owner of the strata unit or if you are the Manager of the strata complex and you think the strata painting needs updating. How you approach when your strata property needs painting will depend on which category you fall into too.

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Strata painting from the owner’s perspective

As the owner of the strata unit, townhouse, etc you will need to know what your rights are and where you stand. If you don’t have a copy of your strata properties by-laws then obtain one from either the Strata Committee President or from the Strata Manager. Strata Managers are usually quite helpful and knowledgeable and if you schedule a meeting with them they will be able to tell you and guide you with what you can do and how to go about any changes that you may need to get approval for.

Anything inside your unit is at your discretion when it comes to strata painting. It’s generally anything on the exterior that is classed as common property is where you may come into problems or at least need to get approval on. Even down to repainting the colour of your unit or townhouses front door may need approval from the properties strata committee.

If getting the strata painters is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your renovation then you may like to check this for costing out your renovation.

If you like to get some ideas on what is in when it comes to painting or wallpapering your walls then you might like to check out a previous post we have done.

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Strata painting from the Strata Managers perspective

If you are the Strata Manager and you think the strata painters need to come in to freshen up the property or to fix an area that needs repairing then it will need to get approval from the Strata Committee at a Committee meeting. How financial the Body Corporate is will no doubt come into play. The Strata Committee will need to discuss how urgent the strata painting is. And as the Strata Manager, you can advise the Committee of this and what action needs to be taken to remedy the situation if the Body Corporate isn’t currently in a position to cover the works.

The Strata Manager may like to suggest that the Body Corporate take the opportunity to refresh and update the colour scheme of the property if it is warranted or would make the property look better. As the Strata Manager, you can present the pros and cons of this:


  • Increase real estate value.
  • Update and modernise the façade.
  • Increase visual appeal to property making it easier to sell or find tenants.
  • Increase rental returns.


  • Decrease the financial position of the Body Corporate.
  • Body Corporate fees may rise to cover the extra expense.

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Why choose Summit Coatings as your strata painters, Sydney

You definitely want to use a reliable and reputable company for your strata painting and you can rest assured you will get that with us. We have over 30 years’ experience in the painting industry and are also registered Master Painters. We have extensive experience working on large projects such as strata properties and are used to organising the job required with Strata Managers, Body Corporates and Strata Committees. We would be more than happy to come out and discuss the work needed, timeframe and quote for the job, just contact us now to arrange.


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Strata complex painting and what’s involved

Being an owner of a strata property can have so many benefits some of which you can read in our blog post from last week. They key though is to engage the services of a good strata and community management company if you can. They can take on managing things like:

  • Maintenance – especially when it comes to when your strata complex painting needs completing.
  • General upkeep.
  • Enforcing and monitoring the strata complex by-laws and staying up to date on these areas.
  • The day to day finances and communication.
  • General administration.

We have worked with many strata managers and management companies over the years while undertaking strata complex painting for their clients. It’s amazing what a spot of colour, refresh or complete makeover can do to the inside and outside of your strata complex.

What’s involved in having your strata complex painting completed

To start with we will meet with the strata manager or committee liaison to walk through what is needed from their perspective and we can make our recommendations too. We will then provide a detailed quote. Because of our experience with painting strata complexes and commercial work we are well skilled in coming in on budget and on time. Given that there is normally a lot of people affected when you have your strata complex painting completed having the job completed on time is very important too so the least disruption is caused to the residents and community members and alternate arrangements can be made if necessary.

If need be we are happy to speak with your strata manager or committee liaison regarding any questions they may have concerning the quote, the timeline or the products we use.


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How to choose your strata complex paint colours

Choosing your paint colours can be quite a task but we are here to help! You may just wish to refresh the paint colours you already have or take this as a good opportunity to revamp the strata complex a bit with some new colours.

It’s a good idea to do some research:

  • Speak to the strata committee members or residents and community members and see what they would prefer.
  • Is your strata complex heritage listed? There are some quite strict rules and regulations regarding what you can and can’t do when it comes to paint colours. Check out a previous blog post we did on heritage properties and paint colours. You would probably know already if your strata property is but it doesn’t hurt to double check just in case too.
  • Google, Pinterest, etc are always great resources to see what colours work well together and our preferred paint supplier Taubmans have an online colour chart too which is a great reference.
  • You can also take a drive around your local area to see what other properties and complexes use when it comes to colour.

If you still aren’t sure or if your committee can’t come to an agreement then we also have a colour consultant who can help you through the process too.


paint colour examples with Taubmans and Summit Coatings

Source: Taubmans

Why choose Summit Coatings for your strata complex painting

We are experienced strata complex painters and commercial painters so we know how to manage and complete large jobs and in some instances awkward spaces and access points. We have a lot of experience managing jobs where a lot of people will be affected such as with strata properties and communities. And are happy to work with you to ensure the least disruption to your residents and community members.

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You can rest assured we have the correct insurance and licenses for a job of this size. We also have experience in dealing with local councils should we need to go that avenue too.

We are also proud members of the Master Painters Association so you can rest assured you will receive a quality and timely job from our experienced strata painters in Sydney.



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Are you thinking of investing in a strata property?

Are you looking at investing in a strata property? Strata properties can be a great investment and having experienced trades in particular excellent strata painters on hand to look after your investment is beneficial. If the strata property you are looking at purchasing is also being managed by a Strata Manager then it can be a very hands-off type of investment which depending on your circumstances can be great. Who doesn’t want more time to enjoy life.

For those that aren’t familiar with the strata property concept, it’s where multiple properties are on the same title because they share a common area – roofs, lifts, gardens, driveways, etc can all be common areas that aren’t normally owned by one owner. Properties such as apartment buildings, unit complexes, townhouses, retirement villages, caravan parks, commercial buildings/shops, etc are common strata properties.

Strata properties are normally managed in one of two ways. Either with a Body Corporate or they appointment a Strata Manager:

  • Body Corporate – is made up of a committee of owners who appointment office bearers, etc. Decisions are still made at meetings and discussions are had around issues, etc but the office bearers take on more of the day to day tasks and are your go to people for any issues, etc.
  • Strata Managers – a Strata Manager still works with the Body Corporate but the Strata Manager takes on more of the day to day task and administrative tasks. They still seek approval of any changes, etc from the Body Corporate and Body Corporate meetings are still held. They just free up the time of committee members and are also up to date on laws and regulations that need to be met.


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Pros and cons of purchasing a strata property

There are many pros and cons to owning a strata property. One thing you want to investigate when looking to purchase a specific property is the financial position of the Body Corporate and what the Body Corporate fees are:


  • Great lifestyle.
  • Low maintenance investment if managed by a strata management company.
  • It can be more economical to purchase compared to a freestanding property.


  • Permission is usually needed to make any changes to your property.
  • Strata fees are normally subject to change so can increase as things need updating/repairing with the building.


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What changes can you make especially when you want the strata painters in

It’s always best to double check your strata laws but you can generally repaint the inside of your apartment/unit without needing to get permission from the Body Corporate or Strata Manager. If any area that you wished to repaint is in a common area then you would need to get permission and it would generally have to go to a Body Corporate meeting.

So, if you are wanting the strata painters to come in to repaint a common area and you are wanting to change the colour scheme, then do your homework. Take along your colour charts or paint chips to show the committee members at the meeting. Even take it a step further and speak to the committee members individually if you are able prior to the meeting and then if there are any concerns regarding the colour, etc you can always revisit some other options and then be able to present some other options at the meeting which will speed things up.

Why choose Summit Coatings as your strata painters in Sydney

Summit Coatings have worked with many Body Corporates and Strata Managers over the past 30 years. Our painters are experienced in undertaking large projects and we are experienced in the concerns and processes of working on a strata property. We have reviewed and perfected our process over the years to make it as streamlined and least disruptive as possible to the owners and residents of your strata property.

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How line markings can help your Sydney business or commercial premises

Line markings can be used for so many things and they play such an important role in everyday life. Line markings can be used in many situations and are what helps keep us safe on our roads as well as in our work environment too if you are in a warehouse or factory. They guide us on so many aspects it’s quite a powerful tool when you think about it.

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How line markings can be used in Sydney

Line markings can be used for so many things and in so many situations:

  • Public car parks and community halls
  • Hotels, motels, restaurants
  • Residential apartments
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Service stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Playgrounds

Having line painting marked out professionally can be so beneficial for the users first impressions through to their whole user experience. And also ensures proper use of the space whilst playing a major role in people’s safety from:

  • Giving direction as to what is designated parking spaces and what is not
  • Which direction to drive and turn
  • Which designated parking spaces have also been allocated for disabled parking, pram parking and senior parking

Car park line painting is such an important aspect. Abiding by line markings is generally enforceable by law too but there are some cases where it is common courtesy such as pram parking and senior parking spaces.

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Line markings for workshops and warehouses in Sydney

Line markings can also be used for workshop and warehouse situations too. When working or visiting a workshop or warehouse, you may be sharing the environment with forklifts, trucks or cars. You want the areas marked out quite clearly where pedestrians are to walk safely and go about their business as well as where vehicles should operate and stay within and what areas they need to stay out of.

In a workshop or warehouse situation, we can also use line marking to mark out different packing bays, parking bays, loading bays and anything else that will make your work zone more efficient and productive.

Safety line marking example


Line markings for Sydney airports

Line markings are obviously very important areas when it comes to airports. Sydney airport has a huge amount of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian wise. And there are huge safety aspects that people need to be aware of when it comes to their own safety and the safety of others both inside and outside of the terminals. And this is all communicated using line markings.

To work in airports, you need to be certified due to the huge security checks and responsibilities and we of course are. We also have extensive experience in conducting large commercial projects so understand the importance of managing a project of this size and all it entails.

Contact Summit Coating for your next line marking project

Ensuring that your line markings are done correctly and efficiently is so important. You also need to ensure the company you use has the right licenses and insurances as they will be working in a public space and as they are on premises they are also a representation of you. So, you want to be confident that the company will conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.

We have extensive experience at working on various sized projects and in various environments/situations so would be more than happy to talk to you about your next line marking project in the Sydney area.

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