Why we recommend Taubmans Endure

As professional house painters, we know quality products. Everyday our customers ask us about products they should use for their next painting project. We stand firm on our recommendation of Taubmans products. As a family owned painting company, we’ve experienced the superiority of Taubmans paints first hand. Here’s why we recommend Taubmans Endure paint for interior and exterior house painting. Here’s why we believe that your house painter North Shore should use Taubmans Endure exterior and interior paint.

Just a quick note: this is not a paid post and is 100% our professional opinion as a house painter North Shore.

It Provides Superior Stain Resistance

Taubmans paint has been used in Australian households for over one hundred years. During this time, they have expanded their product offerings and continue to develop technology that gives its paint technical superiority over the competition. Taubmans is more durable and performs better than other major brands while protecting against wall scrubbing. This makes it more resistant to stains, while also protecting against common wall problems such as mould and mildew.

Nanoguard Technology Makes Your Walls Tough and Durable

Nanoguard Technology is another reason why the Taubmans Endure line is great for interior and exterior paint projects. Nanoguard gives your walls maximum protection by applying both small and large particles. This creates a strong paint bond that improves the durability of the paint, even after being washed or scrubbed. It also provides antibacterial protection, and is asthma and allergy friendly.

It Provides Smooth Coverage

The Taubmans Endure product line offers smooth coverage and easy application. It’s one of the reasons why a professional house painter North Shore turns to this product consistently. When paint has smooth coverage, you’re guaranteed all the qualities of a professional paint job. Endure products have a rich and vibrant colour, produce an amazing texture, and last longer than other paints on the market. 

It’s Great for Sensitivities to Asthma and Allergies

The National Asthma Council Australia works with health care professionals around the nation to reduce the impact of asthma. Their organisation writes treatment guidelines, educates health professionals, and explains the best-practises for asthma sufferers and their families. Because of Taubmans’ focus on health and safety, as well as the cleanliness of their products, the Endure line of paints is on the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program. That means that Endure Paints are a safe choice for those who have problems with asthma and allergies.

Selecting the right paint affects your life and the lives of your family members. That’s why we’re proud to support Taubmans paints and recommend Taubmans Endure for interior and exterior house painting. If you would like to learn more about our recommendations, or find out how Summit Painting can help you with your next commercial, residential, or strata paint project, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you complete your project successfully, and guide you through selecting the best house painting materials on the market today.

Summit Coatings is a Taubmans Certified applicator


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Modernise your home with paint

If you’ve ever painted your home before, you know just how a coat of paint can revitalise your space. The difference between a charming home and one that makes you feel uneasy is usually the colours you’re surrounded by. It’s possible to surround yourself in a space you love using paint. Here are some tricks from a professional house painter in North Shore, that can modernise your home with paint.

  1. Find inspiration

Inspiration for modernising your home can come from a variety of sources. Find modern colours by looking at your favourite accessory or furniture pieces, review photos of homes you enjoy, or experiment with colours showcased in your favourite piece of artwork. There are even websites and applications that let you upload a photo of your home or a room in your home, so that you can adjust the colours to find the perfect colour combination. For those of you who want some additional help, you can even use a colour consultant that can help you determine which colours will make your home feel comfortable and bright.

  1. Consider how you want the home to feel

Selecting the right exterior colours help your home stand out or blend in with its surroundings. Depending on where you live, your home’s environment, your personality, and the neighbourhood you’re in, you might want to stick with defined colours, or choose colours that bring excitement to the area. The same goes for interior paint. Do you want your home to feel like a sociable atmosphere, or are you going for a formal feeling? Would you prefer a room that is soothing, or one that creates a dramatic feeling? Your answer to these questions determine the colours that you should go with.

  1. Think outside the box

There are so many painting techniques as well as colour combinations that can add a modern feel to your home. You’re building a composition when you paint your walls, so you want everything to flow naturally. You can achieve great modern colour composition using a colour wheel, experimenting with monochromatic combinations, and using a variety of paint finishes to make a unique modern home that’s all your own.

  1. Make the colour flow

One of the best ways to determine how to paint your home’s interior is by considering how colours in one room match adjacent rooms. That’s why people usually use a set number of colours that keep things simple as you move from room to room. Too much bold or bright colour, without considering the rest of the colour composition throughout the house can turn people away from your home.

If you need help modernising your home with paint, contact Summit Coatings. We provide the perfect professional house painter in North Shore that can help you create the home of your dreams. As a family owned business servicing Sydney and the surrounding areas, we have plenty of experience on residential, commercial, strata, and heritage home painting projects. Get in touch with us to learn how we can provide you with Master Painter service for a great price.

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Tips to get your home ready for summer

If you’re like many homeowners, you might believe that winter is the only month you should prepare your home for. The truth is, it’s important to get home maintenance underway before the summer months as well. As a painter Northern Beaches, we know how important it is to get your house ready for those hotter months. That way you protect your home, while living in comfort during the hot season. Plus, summer maintenance is much faster and less expensive to complete than winter maintenance. Here are the top tips for getting your home ready for summer.

1. Repaint the House

Springtime is the perfect time to complete a painting project, as the weather is comfortable outside. Exterior projects are easier to complete when the weather is warm, plus your paint will dry faster. It’s also a great time to start an interior paint project, as the weather is cool enough to open your windows to let air circulate your home. You can make house painting your DIY project, or leave it in the hands of House Painters Northern Beaches.

2. Wash Your Windows

After the cold and rainy winter months, there’s a good chance that there’s a buildup of dirt and gritty materials on your windows. Give your windows a quick wash inside and outside of your house. It will ensure that your family receives optimal sunlight in every room. All you need is a solution of half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture, leave it for ten minutes, then scrub your windows with a plastic bristle brush. Wipe the grime off your windows, then follow it up with a water wipe-down for clear windows. Also, keep an eye out for salt. As a painter Northern Beaches, Summit knows just how much sea salt can build up!

3. Plant a Garden

Spring is the perfect season to start growing a summer vegetable garden. Take your family on a trip to your favourite local plant nursery and see what you can grow right in your yard. Vegetables like tomato, corn, and cucumbers are great to grow during sunny months. You can also get everyone involved in planting the seed, watering the garden, and enjoying the delicious bounty. Give some to neighbours by throwing a barbecue utilising your fresh veggies, to make summer delightful for everyone.

4. Touch Up Your Belongings

In addition to getting the home painted, you should also touch up your deck, picnic table, and chairs with a fresh coat of paint. Start by sanding your surfaces, covering each one with some fresh primer, and using a top paint brand. Add new colours to your existing items and they’ll bring excitement for the summer, while looking brand new. It’s the easiest way to add fun pieces that stand out from the rest of your house. Or, simply restore your furniture to their original glory. 

If your home needs a fresh coat of paint to add some style for the summer, contact Summit Coatings. We’re family owned, multi-award winning painter Northern Beaches, servicing Greater Sydney. As professional painters, we offer the highest standard of work while preparing your home for weather in the summer months. Give us a call or send us a message and let house painter Northern Beaches know about your ideas for getting your home ready for summer!

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