Why hiring a Master Painter Sydney makes a difference

If you’ve been looking for potential painting contractors to paint your home, learn more about why hiring a Master Painter Sydney like Summit Coatings is the best choice.

Master Painters focus on providing professional results

The goal of your house painting project isn’t just to change the wall colour. Painting is a serious task that increases the value of your property. Master Painters have the house painting process down. They’ll prepare your home for painting and focus on doing a professional quality job.

Some amateur painters try to save money by reducing the amount of prep work they complete. Master Painters Sydney know just how costly of a mistake that is. Professionals understand how to do a job right the first time. That way you don’t have to repaint in a few years because of an overlooked problem.

It takes time, education, and experience to become a Master Painter

A Master Painters Sydney member goes through apprenticeships and receives ongoing trade training. They have experience working with a variety of property types. Would you rather have a painter with a proven track record, or someone that’s new to the industry? If you want the highest quality end result, the choice is clear.

When you hire a Master Painter, you don’t just get someone who applies paint to your walls. Instead, you get a professional that understands residential, strata, commercial, and historic properties. Your home is unique. You need someone who understands how to handle its intricacies. Master Painters know the process of painting your home from start to finish.

Master Painters Sydney reduce your stress level

It’s stressful to have a home or office that’s undergoing renovation. Master Painters understand this and work to complete your job quickly. When they commit to completing your work by a certain date, they do it. They also arrive and leave on time. There’s nothing more frustrating than working with someone who doesn’t keep their promises.

With a Master Painter, you’ll be at ease. That’s because a Master Painter commits to high quality workmanship. They’re always licensed and insured. Their education and experience guarantees professional quality results. Other painting companies can’t match our dedication to quality and service.

Master Painters have access to the right tools for the job

There are many materials necessary to get quality painting results. Drop cloths, ladders, sprayers, and other tools protect your home. They’re vital tools which ensure that the job is done right.

Before work is ever completed on your property, Master Painters do a full inspection. During the inspection, they address issues that could hinder the painting process. Then they offer solutions to minimise the chance of future problems.

Master Painters in Sydney show up to their appointment with the right materials for the day. Preparation is key to completing a job on time. That’s why they put in effort before arriving to your property. Once arrived they can focus on completing your project to high standards when it’s time to begin. These are just a few ways that Master Painters in Sydney go above and beyond the competition.

Summit Coatings is a multi-award winning family owned painting business that provides quality workmanship. We are members of the Master Painters Association NSW. Get in contact with Summit Coatings today and we’ll show you first hand why hiring a Master Painter Sydney makes a difference.


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What should you ask your Master Painter Sydney?

If you’re in the process of souring quotes from a Master Painter Sydney for your next painting project, be sure you know the right questions to ask (apart from just the cost).

Can you provide me a copy of your insurance certificate?

There’s a reason that painters need to have insurance. And that reason is that accidents happen. It’s one thing to just accept that your contractor has insurance for their business. But if you want to protect yourself and one of your most significant assets, you should verify.

Don’t be nervous to ask for a copy of the insurance certificate. It is an acceptable practice, and you’ll know exactly how you’re protected. It’s not likely that an event will occur, but there’s always a chance.

If you can’t figure out what type of insurance your painter has, call their insurance agent. The agent will guide you through the different insurance types. If you have any questions, they’ll also explain what your painter’s insurance covers.

Have you worked with both old and new buildings?

A Master Painter Sydney have experience working with all types of properties. That doesn’t mean that every company is the same. If you have an older home, ask for examples of your painter’s work on older homes.

Generally, older homes are more intricate and ornate. Someone who has only painted newer homes might not be up for the challenge of painting an older home. This is especially true if you have an historic property.

If you’re unsure whether your painter is up to the task, ask for references of previous clients. Older homes and historic properties have much different features compared to standard new homes. Use this question to learn about their painting process. Then determine whether they’re qualified to paint your home.

How will you protect my property?

A professional painter understands that prep work is important for protecting your property. Also check to see whether the painters will place drop cloths and plastic sheets on surfaces or if they will move furniture etc. It’s these small details that make cleanup easy and ensure that your property is ready for painting. Always ask questions to uncover how your painter protects your property.

How do you handle lead paint and dust?

Lead paint and dust are hazardous. Your painter must take precaution to handle these situations. This is especially important if your home was built before 1970, as lead was in most paints at the time.

Your painter should understand how to handle both lead and dust. If they aren’t protecting themselves and their employees, they also won’t protect your family. Make sure that your painter knows exactly how to deal with lead paint and dust before hiring them. Asbestos is another type of particulate that’s common. Verify that your painter knows how to manage these hazardous materials. 

Are you ready to begin your painting project? Contact Summit Coatings today, and we’ll be glad to discuss the process of painting your home. Let us show you why we provide multi-award winning service that’s focused on professionalism.

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Is DIY painting better than hiring a Master Painter Sydney?

Many homeowners may be tempted to save a few dollars by painting their own home, rather than using a Master Painter Sydney. And in the age of home renovation TV shows where novices complete their own paint work, it’s easy to be tempted. Before biting off more than you can chew (or paint), consider if it’s really worth ditching the professional.

It’s easy to underestimate the prep work necessary

Many homeowners believe that the painting process only requires a coat of paint. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more to achieve professional results. If you’re unsure how to inspect your home, you’ll end up missing something important. Failing to locate and correct exterior issues result in eventual paint surface problems.

Paint removal can spread toxic material

The most time intensive tasks during the painting process is when you need to remove old paint. Here in Australia, homes built before 1970 used lead paint.

Inhaling lead is dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. Master Painters Sydney like Summit Coatings can tell you if lead paint has been used in your home. If it is, it’s crucial that you hire a professional that’s trained to work with lead paint. They’ll ventilate your space and complete work without spreading toxic material that affects your health.

It’s difficult to master painting techniques

It takes year of training and experience to become one of Sydney’s Master Painters. Applying paint well is tricky, especially if you have a large home with unique features. Without experience, uneven coverage, thin spots, and drips are just the least of your problems. On a larger scale, improper application can mean your home isn’t protected from the elements. Remedying these problems is often more expensive than hiring a professional painter the first time around. 

Not all homes are easy to paint

The height of your home, unique designs, and foundation grade all affect how easy it is to paint your home. It also determines what types of specialised tools you’ll need to complete the job. Two and three story homes present more challenges than a one story home. The more ornate your home, the longer it takes to paint. If there are obstacles present around your home, you’ll have difficulty painting. Consider your home’s intricacies before tackling the job yourself.

Factor in time and labour costs

Consider these questions when deciding if it’s risky to paint your own home.

  1. Are you going to work alone, or will you have help painting? If you receive help ensure that everyone has enough time to complete the job. Otherwise, you’ll have an overwhelming project to complete by yourself.
  2. Can you complete all the necessary prep work? Knowing that prep work is half of the painting process, make sure you devote enough time to the work. If you’re under a time constraint, prep work seems like the easiest part of the painting process to skip. Paint failure is almost always a result of failing to complete prep work.
  3. Do you have enough time to complete the work within a reasonable amount of time? There’s an opportunity cost to focusing on a major house painting project. Not all homeowners can devote time to painting with their current work schedule and family obligations. Also factor in the leisure time you’ll lose out on. The time it takes may motivate you to hire a professional.

Still planning to paint yourself? Hiring a professional painter is less expensive than you think. Plus, you’ll be at ease knowing that your home was prepped, painted, and cleaned up properly. If you’ve decided that it’s time to get a quote for your next painting project, contact Summit Coatings. There’s no obligation and we guarantee you’ll love the work we do.

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