Why you can afford to pay for quality commercial painting services

Finding the right team to handle your commercial painting services isn’t always simple. There are many tasks that an experienced commercial painter performs that are often overlooked by sub-standard painters. Inexperienced commercial painters  don’t have the knowledge or expertise to professionally prepare surfaces for painting and often make mistakes that are easily avoided. As a business owner, every dollar that you spend counts. That means you have to find quality commercial painters that know how to do things correctly the first time by prepping, painting, and cleaning up your commercial property. Here are some reasons why you you can afford to pay for quality commercial painting services.

You get what you pay for (quality)

When Summit Coatings gives you an estimate on your commercial, residential, or strata painting job, you know exactly what it will cost to complete the job to master painter standards. Whereas many commercial painting companies may try to cut costs in order to win your bid, this will show in the final product. Commercial painters often won’t include prep work, the cost of the industry standard materials, and clean up. This means that you’ll end up paying more with another company if you want the job performed correctly. With all of our estimates, we explain exactly what work we will complete and explain why this cost will help you receive a quality final product. We include every step of the painting process in our estimate so that your job is completed from beginning to end without any additional costs driving the price of our services up.

Using inexperienced painters will cost your business more

Getting quality commercial painting services isn’t just about painting your walls quickly. It’s important that a superior commercial painter preps all of the surfaces before painting, selects the right primer so that the actual paint adheres and lasts for years to come, and uses the best materials for the job. Not only will experienced painters understand about a variety of materials that will lengthen the lifetime of your commercial painting, but they’ll also save you money by fixing any surface errors before painting so that you don’t have to pay to get the same work completed twice because of a failure to correctly prepare.

A commercial paint job is a tax deduction

As a business owner, there are many tax deductions you’re eligible for when it comes to performing maintenance and repairs to your business premises. In Australia, fixing walls and other surfaces as well as painting are tax deductible. Because you’ll be saving money on taxes, it’s important to receive quality commercial painting services from professionals who will mind your business. A quality painter will minimise reductions to your business so that your team can focus on doing what it does best – satisfying and caring for your customers. The high quality work that you receive will not only pay off when you don’t need to paint for another 10 years, but it also gives you a great tax incentive that allows for you to pay for the highest quality commercial painting services available.

To learn more about our quality commercial painting services, contact Summit today. 

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Using commercial painting services to influence office moods

When it comes to deciding what colours to use for your commercial paint job, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming to make a selection. It’s important to use colours that will relieve stress and make employees and customers comfortable while also using caution during the selection process. Offering commercial painting services, one question we always ask our commercial clients is, “what kind of impression do you want to leave on my employees and customers?” Let’s take a look at how colour affects office space and what you can do to create a warm and welcoming environment with colour.

The Research

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) did an investigation in the 1980s on how office colour affected productivity for office workers. Researchers wanted to know if certain colour combinations created a pleasant space for employees and were curious whether white walls were ideal for work space. They ended up taking three identical offices and painting them differently. The first office suite had monochromatic white walls, the second was painted primarily red with light blue accents, and the third was painted in a pastel blue with pastel red accents. Then 90 workers were tested to see how their moods, speed, and accuracy of work were affected in each environment. As we offer commercial painting services, we’re interested to see their results of how colour affects modern office environments. 

The Results

From this study, NASA concluded that more people felt negative moods while working in a space with mostly red paint. On the other hand, workers in the pastel blue office space felt positive emotions more often. This suggests that people generally enjoy colours that are calming, which is something to keep in mind while designing your space. And if you’re wondering how productivity was affected, NASA concluded that there were no significant changes in how an employee was able to perform based on the colours of the walls. So if anything, selecting the colours of your commercial environment is important because it affects how your employees and customers feel, and can influence whether they feel stressed out or comfortable more often while occupying their space.

What we can learn

The best way to create an inviting office space is by selecting subtle colours that make people feel calm. Whites with tone and warming greys invite people in and splashes of vibrant colour add interesting focal points for your space. Neutral colours also ensure that people are able to concentrate on the work they have to complete without being distracted with the colours on the wall or getting eye fatigue. As long as you keep your office space simple without over stimulating your employees with lots of vibrant colours, you’ll ensure that the office space matches with your corporate logo and branding. It’s best to think about your employees and customers while selecting colours that take into account what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your space. Sometimes it’s best to turn to a professional painting company with colour consultants that can match your environment needs with the best office colors.

If you’re looking for assistance with your next commercial paint job, speak to Summit today to learn more.

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Why a licensed commercial painter Sydney is essential for success

Although it might seem more convenient and affordable to select the cheapest painter available, doing so will be more costly for your business than selecting a licensed commercial painter Sydney. That’s because a licensed commercial painter will complete your job quickly in order to minimise disruptions to your business while also considering how to minimise any mistakes that can lead to injuries or property damage. Summit Coatings follow all Australian standards and guidelines in order to extend the life of our work and protect you from costly mistakes that other painters might make. Here’s why a licensed commercial painter Sydney is essential to completing your next paint job.

Their experience will help avoid delays

Master painters are familiar with the most common surface problems to look for and know how to solve each problem efficiently. Proper preparation determines how the final product will look and how long it will last. When you work with a licensed commercial painter your work is finished correctly the first time around and it’s completed in a manner that interrupts your normal business activity the least. You’ll be satisfied with every step of the painting process from inspecting the surface condition to cleaning up the space once painting has been completed. Working with experienced painters means that you don’t have to perform touch up work or worry about getting the space repainted after a couple years, since the work is done to the highest standards from the very beginning.

They know how to use the right materials

When you turn to Summit Coatings for your Sydney commercial painting, you’re not only employing a team that’s familiar with painting commercial space; you’re receiving experts in all fields of painting. Inexperienced painters can’t match our value and don’t have expertise selecting the right type of paint for your space, combining colours to make your environment warm and inviting, or determining which materials are of the highest quality. Our team are trained in selecting materials that match your environmental requirements and your budget. Plus we know how to fix environmental hazards like lead paint and asbestos in older buildings and can make your space safe for your employees and customers.

They have insurances & warranties

When a painter has insurance, it protects not only themselves, but your customers, employees, and property as well. When a painter works without insurance, there’s a huge liability issue because then you aren’t protected if there’s an accident that causes damage to one of your team members or your property. Whenever you look for a commercial painter Sydney, always check their insurance policies and make sure that you’re protected. Never go with anyone that doesn’t have Public Liability Insurance or Worker’s Compensation Insurance. When it comes to paint warranties, most of the time your materials will be warrantied with the manufacturer and the workmanship and labour is warrantied by the painting company. Also review how long your paint work is supposed to last and select a professional commercial painter that that will be around well into the future to complete any touch up work while still under warranty to save money and time.

To learn more about our commercial painter Sydney, or to discuss your next project, contact Summit Coatings today.

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Using colour to modernise; advice from a heritage painter Sydney

Heritage and period style homes provide a strong sense of romance, history and nostalgia. Their unique characteristics can make for some beautiful homes and wonderful stories. As a heritage painter Sydney, Summit have seen some amazing transformations of heritage style homes and have the following tips for modernising your heritage home.

Make sure you understand the period

Before you change anything, be sure you know exactly what style of home you’re working with. Is it Federation-style home? Or perhaps more of a Californian Bungalow? Or are you one of the lucky owners of a late 20th-century Queenslander? As a heritage painter Sydney, we recommend that if you’re unsure what style of home you have, do your research. Ask any architect friends you may have, or even check out Wikipedia’s comprehensive list of Australian residential architectural styles. Then, once you’ve established what style of home you have, get to know the traditional paint styles of the home.

heritage painter sydney

Source: Pinterest

Look at some real-life successes (and failures)

Now that you know what style of home you’re working with, spend time looking around your neighbourhood for similar homes and see how they’ve managed colours. If modern colours aren’t popular in the area, take to the internet to get some inspiration. As a heritage painter Sydney we recommend using sites such as Pinterest and Houzz, which provide almost unlimited resources for the home decorator.

Stick to only a few colours

As a general rule, the most successful modernisation of heritage homes works with using limited colour palettes.As a heritage painter Sydney we often notice that traditionally there was always a broad range of colour used on older style homes. One colour for walls, another for decorative accents, more for the roof and gutters etc. By consolidating your colour choices you’re bringing your home in to the more modern style of “less-is-more”.

heritage painter sydney

Source: Building Works Australia

But don’t forget your accents

With the above in mind, most heritage style homes offer owners an opportunity to show some creative flair and character. Don’t settle for simply painting the whole house white (although this look can have impressive results). Consider using a single colour for the majority of your home, and another single accent colour for areas such as window frames, balcony handrails or other decorative accents.

Use a colour consultant

If all else fails, call in the professionals. Any good heritage painter Sydney will be able to offer the services of a colour consultant. For a relatively small cost, you could add thousands of dollars of value to your home simply by using a professionally developed colour scheme which appeals to you as homeowners, as well as potential buyers.

If you’re considering modernising your heritage style home with colour, contact Summit Coatings today. As a multi-award winning heritage painter Sydney, we can assist with colour consultants and providing the highest standard of work to protect your heritage home.

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