Why experience counts in a heritage home repaint

If you own a heritage home, you’re no doubt aware of the intricacies which come with period features and the upkeep of older materials. This is why, when it comes to a heritage home repaint, it’s important to use an experienced heritage home painter. Even if you have your heritage colours sorted, they will only look as good as the skills of the painter. Here’s why it’s important to always use an experienced heritage home painter:

They can identify repairs for a heritage home repaint

An experienced heritage home painter will be able to identify any remedial building repairs which need doing. Like with all painting, it’s not just the application of paint coats which results in a quality job – they key is always preparation. That’s why, if there are underlying building issues, the paint job won’t last and won’t look any good. Summit Coatings understands this, which is why we offer carpentry services as part of our jobs. Of course, if a homeowner has a preferred builder they like to work with, that’s never a problem. However many clients like to know the entire job is being taken care of without too much hassle for them. Heritage homes, due to their age, tend to have more issues for rectification than a standard paint project.

They can distinguish previous paint products

Did you know that the type of new paint products being used are dependant on what’s gone on a surface previously? As a very basic example, you can’t just directly apply water-based paint to a surface previously painted with oil-paint. Why? The product won’t “stick”, and you’ll be left with peeling paint in no time. Unfortunately, heritage home repaints are notorious for working around different paint products. Simply due to the age of the home, there could be many layers of paint on one single area. An experienced heritage home painter will be able to identify what materials have been used, and how to ensure new products applied go the distance.

A heritage home repaint comes with a lot of detail

Being part of the charm, heritage homes often have many intricate features. These details require a high amount of cutting in, and special attention, to ensure even paint coverage and a neat finish. Only an experienced heritage home painter can achieve a quality finish on even the most difficult surfaces. An average painter may slip up, which will either leave you with a messy finish, or take them double the time to complete. And even if you’re paying by the job (not the hour), you don’t want a contractor taking up more time in your home than necessary. An experienced heritage home painter will get the job done quicker, and with a better finish.


If you’re looking to complete a heritage home repaint, be sure to contact Summit Coatings today. We are experienced heritage home painters, with award-winning heritage painting services.

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Heritage home painters; how to choose the right one

As we’ve mentioned previously on the blog, painting a heritage home isn’t as easy as a contemporary home. With small details in abundance and period features galore, it’s important to choose the right heritage home painter. Why? They will not only deliver a better quality paint job and use quality products which will protect your home for the future, they will also complete a job faster than an inexperienced painter. So how do you decide on the right heritage painter for your next project? Check out our top tips here:

Check their experience

It’s all well and good for a painter to say they’re up for the job, but unless you can see real examples of their work, it’s hard to know for sure. A good heritage home painter will have completed similar jobs in the past. Even if it’s not necessarily the same style of home, the key points to look out for are the amount of detail in a job, how many different colours were used and what type of finishes were completed. For example, Summit was awarded Winner for a heritage style pub we completed in 2013, at the Master Painters Association (MPA) Awards for Excellence. Of course the style of a pub is vastly different to the style of a home, however the amount of different colours used, the tone of these colours and the amount of cutting in required shows a strong example of a heritage paint job done right.

Check their awards

The Empire Hotel isn’t the only heritage job Summit has been recognised for; we were also awarded as a finalist in 2015 for a large heritage home repaint completed in Strathfield. A good heritage home painter will have industry recognition for their work. The Master Painters Association Awards for Excellence is the highest possible achievement for any painter in NSW. Awards are based on a jury of peers, judging the quality of work. To learn more about these awards, visit the MPA website.

Do your heritage home painters offer colour consultancy?

Choosing colours for your heritage home is challenging. Not only do you have your own personal preferences, but you also need to consider the period of the home. Choosing colours which don’t match your style of home can seriously affect the overall feel of the home, not to mention how it looks. When looking for a heritage home painter, ask if they offer colour consultancy in addition to their painting services. At Summit Coatings, our colour consultant can help you find the right colours to suit your personal taste and ensure your home lives up to its potential.

If you’re looking for a heritage home painter which will do your period home justice, speak to Summit Coatings today. Alternatively, learn more about our heritage painting services here.

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How a good Sydney commercial painter will minimise disruptions to your business

Unfortunately not every painting contractor has the experience and dedication necessary to complete commercial painting jobs correctly. If you’ve ever dealt with an unprofessional Sydney commercial painter, you’ll understand just how much they can get in the way of your business. Although you may feel like you’re saving money by going with an amateur paint company, they may end up costing you time and money in the long run. That’s why it’s important to select professional contractors that minimise disruptions to your business while delivering consistent results every time. Here’s what the best Sydney commercial painters do differently that other painters often overlook.

They are quicker and more efficient

Professional Sydney commercial painters work differently from beginning to end. Instead of taking shortcuts and using methods that shave time off prep work, true Master Painters start by focusing on preparing walls and surfaces correctly. This dedication to following the highest standards of craftsmanship is evident in the end result. It’s the difference between needing to repaint your commercial building in a couple years versus having your space look amazing for years to come. In addition, when your painting foundation is prepared right, clean up is easy and there’s less maintenance to complete over time.

They work around regular office hours

Your ordinary painter prefers to work during the business day and doesn’t have your customer’s best interest in mind. At Summit Coatings we understand just how distracting construction projects can be for your employees and customers. If  your commercial property is painted during operating hours, our specialists will select materials that don’t create unpleasant paint odours. Your employees and your customers will appreciate the beauty of our work, instead of being distracted by paint fumes and unfinished walls. At Summit, we also offer our services outside of regular business hours. Just ask us about this during the quoting process. 

They avoid mistakes by doing things right the first time

Failure to properly prepare is the most common mistake that inexperienced Sydney commercial painters make. This can lead to a variety of problems such as paint wrinkling, cracking, or blistering. When you select the right Master Painter, you ensure that everything is done correctly during the preparation, painting, and cleanup process. Not only are professional painters insured, licensed, and protected, but they consider your health, use the right materials, and never leave you with the cleanup.

You’ll notice the difference

Summit Coatings commercial painting in Sydney is recognised as a leader in ethical business practise. We don’t just paint space, we help you create a work environment that increases employee productivity and improves employee and customer mood.

Our Sydney commercial painting estimates include all of the preparation and remedial work necessary to get the job done right, without any costly surprises. We’re certain that when you compare our rates with those of other painters, you are going to receive the highest industry standard services at the most competitive price.

If you want need to select a Sydney commercial painter that will minimise disruptions to your business, it’s always great to select professionals with the expertise to do things in a way that benefits your team and your customers. Get things done right the first time by not settling for sub-par painting contractors. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote on the work at your convenience.


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4 tips to choosing the right paint colour for your heritage home

When choosing the right paint colour for your heritage style home, it’s difficult to know which palette will ensure your home looks its best. Home owners can fall into the trap of choosing colours which don’t accentuate the home’s character, but actually date it considerably (even if it’s a brand new paint job).

Sydney’s North Shore showcases some of Sydney’s most beautiful, heritage style homes. As North Shore painters, Summit Coatings has been lucky enough to work on a number of these residences, and bring them to life through careful colour selection and finishes.

We’re listed some tips to assist you choose a colour scheme for your heritage style home.


1. Identify the architectural style and era

On first glance, every heritage style home on your street might look the same. But on closer inspection there are vast differences been a Queen Anne Victorian, a Californian Bungalow or an traditional Queenslander. Many paint manufacturers can actually offer “heritage” collection paints, which recommend a scheme based on your style of home, which can make choosing the right paint colour easier. Sticking with these schemes will ensure your home can rise to its potential, instead of looking a disjointed and pretending to be something it’s not.


2. Consider your curb appeal

Choosing the right paint colour isn’t always easy, with plenty of “umming” and “arring” . Consider how you want your home to look from the street. Do you want it to sit prominently, as a grand residence visible from the road, or perhaps you prefer a quiet achiever, which blends into its surroundings? For something bold, consider darker shades to really draw the eye. However if you’re after something a little softer, pale hues will work best here.


3. Don’t just stick to the building

Heritage homes usually come with charming fences, driveways, eaves and balconies. Instead of having these the same colour as everything else, consider making them a feature. Try using feature colours which still work with your colour palette, yet are a few shades lighter, or darker than what’s on the walls. This is where it really pays to have a professional consultant guide you in your choices. Colour consultants can assist in determining which features should shine, and which should be subtly hidden away.


4. Take a look at the rest of the street

Some people love having their house as the only home in bright pink, on a street of neutrals. And depending on your style, you may be able to get away with this. However, if your priority is to present a beautiful property which looks at home in its surroundings, consider what your neighbours are doing. We see many charming streets with one heritage house after the next. Take a look at what others have done and take note of what works and what doesn’t. We don’t recommend painting your entire home the same shade of grey as each of your neighbours, what we do recommend is using visual cues from fellow home owners to ensure it looks its best.


If you would like more information about how to enhance the look of your heritage home, call Summit Coatings on 02 9973 3131, contact us through our website. We offer colour consultancy as part of our services to make your project easier and developed the below colour trends guide to you started on choosing the right paint colour for your home today.

How does hiring a Master Painter NSW help homeowners?

If you’ve been looking at hiring a painter recently, you might be aware of an industry body called the Master Painters Australia Association. Each state has its own division, with the Master Painters NSW being the biggest in Australia, and representing over 800 licensed painters.

The main goal of the Master Painter NSW Association is to advance, encourage and recognise the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice in residential, strata, industrial and historical projects. Basically, the Association strives to help their members achieve the best possible service for their clients.

To be a member of the Master Painter NSW Association, a contractor must be fully licensed and insured, and comply with a Code of Ethics. In return, the contractor receives a number of benefits including networking opportunities, access to professional development, financial and legal advice and more. But as a homeowner, how does hiring a Master Painter NSW help you?

Master Painter NSW Association members are certified

The first step to choosing a quality painter is to make sure your contractor is licensed and insured. Hiring an unlicensed painter can be the first step to unending problems with your next paint job. By hiring a Master Painter, you can be sure your contractor is licensed by the NSW Office of Fair Trading and that they have their insurances in order. However, before hiring any painting contractor, ensure you ask to see proof of their license and a Certificate of Currency for both their Worker’s Compensation and Public Liability Insurances. Plus, any works over $20,000 in value are required to have a Home Warranty Insurance certificate, provided by the contractor. All of these elements protect you as a homeowner, and make sure you’re receiving the best quality service.

Members are awarded for quality workmanship

Every year, the Master Painter NSW Association hosts an awards night called the Awards for Excellence. This event is the industry’s night of nights, and is an opportunity for painters to showcase their talents across a wide range of categories. Categories range from small decorative wall project right through to multi-storey projects worth in excess of $100,000. Whilst these awards are a chance for contractors to be recognised for their outstanding work, they also provide homeowners with clear indicators of a contractor’s abilities and specialties. Summit Coatings has been awarded many times over the past few years, including:



  • 8-12 Ada Ave, Wahroonga – Difficult Access and Repaint
  • 2 Snappermans Lane, Palm Beach – Timber Surfaces


  • 8 Crummock St, Wheeler Heights – Heritage and Restoration under $ 25,000
  • 645 Pacific Hwy, Killara – Multi unit repaint $ 50,000 – $ 100,000



  • Domestic Multiresidential repaint under $100,000 – FRESHWATER
  • Colour award residential – FRESHWATER
  • Domestic single dwelling repaint under $30,000 – WOOLLAHRA
  • Domestic single dwelling repaint over $30,000 – STRATHFIELD


  • Timber finishes – PALM BEACH


  • Domestic Multiresidential repaint under $100,000 – COLLAROY



  • 68 Hudson Pde, CLAREVILLE – Timber Finishes
  • 150 Whale Beach Rd, WHALE BEACH – Exterior Painting & Timber Finishes
  • Cannon/Coronna St, STANMORE


  • 47 Waitara Ave, WAITARA – Difficult Access



  • 140 North Steyne, MANLY
  • 8 Raglan Street, MOSMAN
  • 62 Linden Way, CASTLECRAG


  • Empire Hotel – ANNANDALE



  • 68-72 Park Street, NARRABEEN
  • 302 Hudson Parade, CLAREVILLE
  • 433 Alfred Street North, NEUTRAL BAY – Difficult Access

Highly Commended

  • 433 Alfred Street North, NEUTRAL BAY – Painting

Master Painter NSW

The Master Painter NSW Association will help in a crisis

If you were to experience difficulties with your chosen painting contractor, Master Painter NSW Association can assist in remedying any issues. These issues might include concerns about quality of work, unfair charges, failures to meet deadlines or any other problems which could arise. Whilst it’s highly unlikely you will have these sorts of problems with a Master Painter NSW member, it’s always nice to know there is a professional organisation who will listen and act for you if required.

If you are looking for an accredited Master Painter NSW, Summit Coatings is proud to be a member of the association. Our principal, Robin, is also the president of the Master Painters Association NSW and is dedicated to promoting continual industry improvement. For more information, contact Summit Coatings today.