5 things to ask before hiring a professional painter

If you’re in the process of finding a professional painter for your residential, strata or commercial paint project, be sure you ask the right questions before signing on the dotted line. Here are our top 5 tips to making sure you’re choosing the right professional painter for the job.

Are you insured?

Every professional painter needs to have Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. Plus, any works over $20,000 in value are required to have a Home Warranty Insurance certificate, provided by the contractor. We’ve discussed countless times just how important insurances are to both the professional painter and the client. Regardless if you’re hiring for a residential, commercial or strata project, insurances are a must.

Are you licensed?

Professional painters and decorators undertaking domestic, commercial and strata works are required to be licensed by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. Some homeowners might think they are getting a better deal by using an unlicensed painter, however, the risks involved with this far outweigh the potential for financial gains. Robin, our principal, is president of the Master Painters Association NSW and has discussed how important using a licensed painter is on 2UE. When you ask your professional painter about their license, don’t just take their word for it. You can check the validity of their license on the Master Painters Association NSW website.

Which paint brand do you recommend?

There are many different brands of paint available on the market, and professional painters have different reasons for using the brand they use. At Summit Coatings, we’re big advocates of using Taubmans as we believe their paints to be the best on the market in terms of coverage, durability and technology. However, we’re not exclusive to using Taubmans and we in no way receive any financial “kick-back” for using the product. If a particular job calls for use of a different brand we will always use whatever gives our clients the best results. If your professional painter is hesitant to use a particular brand, be sure to ask why. Strong belief in a product is great, but if financial incentive is what’s driving the choice, the advice you get might not be in your best interest.

Professional Painter

Does your work come with a guarantee?

As with any industry, businesses that really believe in their product or service will offer a guarantee. Summit guarantees their work for up to five years (even though industry standards dictate that only two years is enough). Any professional painter that doesn’t guarantee their work is, firstly, breaching standards, and secondly, can’t be relied upon. Keep in mind there can be limits to guarantees. Your professional painter needs to be upfront with any exceptions to their guarantee during the quoting process. Exceptions might include painting over water-damaged areas, rusted areas etc. Any good professional painter will discuss these issues with due during the quoting process, and should also suggest ways to remedy the issue.

Are you a member of the Master Painters Association NSW?

Whilst it’s not a requirement to be a member of this peak industry body, wouldn’t you feel better about hiring someone who is a member of the Master Painters Association (MPA)? In order to be accepted as a member, professional painters and decorators need to be up-to-date with their insurances and licenses, agree to a Code of Ethics, and offer reputable services. What’s more, the Master Painters Association can offer homeowners assistance when it comes to any issues with their MPA painter. It’s just another level of protection.

If you would like to know more about any of the above tips, be sure to contact Summit Coatings, or the Master Painters Association.


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Could winter be the perfect time for your residential repaint?

If you decided that 2016 was the year you repainted the house we’ve got some news for you; we’re almost half way through! With June and winter fast approaching, don’t stress about getting that project off the ground; instead consider using Summit Coatings as your residential painters. And keep in mind, winter is in fact one of the best times of year to have your house painted.

More availability

The lead up to Christmas can get scary. Shopping malls are overflowing, the grocery store starts running out of particulars, and residential painters are booked out for months in advance (if they’re any good, anyway). Winter is the perfect time to get your home looking spick and span for the entertaining season, without having to search around for the one painter who’s still available (and you don’t want to risk finding out why they could do it at such short notice…). By engaging your residential painter well in advance, you have ample time to find a nice colour scheme, use a colour consultant if you desire, and have the job completed.

Dry air helps paint dry

Humidity increases in Sydney’s warmer months, and this increased moisture in the air means those coats of paint take longer to dry. Summit Coatings only uses premium paint for their clients, so generally issues like humidity do have only a marginal effect on the product, however extreme humidity can pose problems. The dry air we experience in winter does assist in drying the paint, which means we can get back on with the job faster.

Avoiding the sweaty tradesman

This one isn’t so much a “technical” point, more something else to consider. If you plan on staying at home during your residential repaint, it’s much more pleasant for you if your trades are a little cooler, than sweating in the summer heat.

Less rain days

In Sydney, Winter has less rain days than Summer. If you’re only tackling the interior then this may not be as much of an issue (although as mentioned the moisture in the air could delay drying time), however for an external residential repaint, a couple of days of rain could really affect your project deadline. By having your home painted in winter, you’ve got the best odds of having your residential repaint completed on time (or even before!).

If you’re hoping to have your residential repaint project finished well in time for Christmas, now is the time to act! Contact Summit Coatings today for a free quote.

How a professional painter can get your investment property rented faster

If you own an investment property, it’s always stressful when it comes time to find a new tenant. Having your investment property empty for too long can put real financial strain on your budget, especially if you rely on incoming rent to service the mortgage repayments.

It goes without saying that a clean, bright and well maintained property will always be more appealing to prospective tenants. Neat gardens and a clean interior are must-haves, but people often overlook how a professional painter can get your property leased faster, and for a higher rental rate.

Washing external areas

Professional painters don’t just “paint”. There are a number of services which are involved in a professional paint job which can also be offered as standalone services to improve the appearance of your investment property. One of the most popular services we offer for investment properties is house washing. This involves a specific system using high pressure cleaners and professional cleaning products to remove built up dirt and grime. This build up can make your property look much older that it actually is. In particular, if you have lighter coloured walls or outdoor space (like a deck), dirt can be extremely visible and off-putting for a potential tenant. Just a few hours of house washing can help you secure that tenant and see rent coming in sooner.

Make the interior look fresher

Just like washing the external areas of the property, interior walls are a big culprit for being scuffed and marked by tenants. Under most tenancy laws, tenants need to leave the property in a good condition, however general wear and tear needs to be accounted for. Any good tenant will wash walls before they vacate a property, however if this is not up to standard a professional painter can take it to the next level. What’s more, if professional cleaning activities such as this are completed prior to lease commencement, you can list it as a requirement that tenants must do the same upon exiting.

A new on-trend colour can make the property feel newer

Whilst not every landlord is prepared to paint their investment property between every tenancy, it is important to have the property painted every 5 years not only for visual appeal, but to protect the walls. This of course depends on environmental factors. In particular, a new paint job in an on-trend colour palette will make your property appear newer and more desirable for prospective tenants (even if you’ve still got the kitchen in from 1975).

If you’re looking for a professional painter to rejuvenate your investment property ready for rent, contact Summit Coatings today.

Create calm amongst clutter with your interiors

As a trusted North Shore painter, we understand that great results come from great preparation.

A key factor to preparation is sorting the clutter we seem to unknowingly accumulate in our busy lives.

The rate at which we seem to collect goods and chattels which can make our homes feel hectic and busy never ceases to amaze me. One minute we’ve cleared the sideboard to display our prized family photos, and the next minute that bowl of junk and pile of papers has made its way back there.

Whilst collecting clutter seems to just be a part of life, there are some clever tricks you can use to inject a feeling of calm and serenity in the home (and keep it there).

Smart storage

Once upon a time, super sleek and long wearing storage systems where only available from pricey storage-specialist retailers so you could be forgiven to resorting to the ceramic bowl you were given for Christmas from your auntie. Now, with the practical and stylish solutions available at major retailers like Big W, Target, Kmart and even Aldi, there’s no excuse as to why those school newsletters, catalogues and discount fuel vouchers aren’t living in a specially designed filing system which match the exact colour of your kitchen benchtops.

Make a list of everything in your home which doesn’t yet have a home, then hit the shops and find the right solution. Not only will it make sure your home stays neat and tidy, you’ll acquire peace of mind knowing where you put everything! For some smart storage ideas click here.

Visual clutter-free zones

Flipping through magazines you can be forgiven for thinking that no one actually lives in these feature homes, right? The truth is, whilst that coffee table features only perfectly stacked coffee table books and a single vase, look further and notice there’s actually a stylish cane basket underneath storing the TV guide, trashy magazines and Playstation remotes.

The trick is to distract yourself with what you want the eye to see. Prioritise what you want to have on display, then go back to step one; smart storage, and find a way to put the everyday items out of sight. If you need some helpful tips on organising all types of rooms check out this link.

Soothing colour palettes

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home feel calm and spacious is to use neutral, light colours on surfaces. By ensuring your backdrop is a clean palette, you have more room to move with filling the rooms. Think whites, pale blues, pale greens and light creams to get the most out of your home. Use our ‘Natural Woodlands’ colour palette for inspiration.  (Link to New Year, New Colour Trends)

For help choosing your soothing colour palette click here. 

For more information on using colour to bring calm to your home, call Summit Coatings on 02 9973 3131, email painters@summitcoatings.com.au or if you are interested in booking a quote click here.

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