5 New year’s resolutions for your home

Who would have thought we’re already in the last week of the first month of 2016? Before we say goodbye to the first month of the year, let’s just take some time to make sure we start the year right!

Declutter the “stuff”

You know what we’re talking about – it’s the accumulation of “things” which seem all so important at the time, yet seem to end up in piles on the sideboard, bowls on the counter and in drawers. “Stuff” can be quite draining to live with and can make your home seem messier than it actually live. Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo‘s book and ditch the “stuff” for a happier, streamlined year.

Fix those straggling maintenance jobs

The new artwork needs hanging, the lock on the bathroom door needs rejigging and you really need to patch that dent in the wall in the hallway. January is the perfect time to round up all of those jobs which didn’t get finished before the holidays. Dedicate one weekend to just finishing off all those odd jobs, and you’ll feel better for it.

Write a cleaning schedule

Now that you’ve got rid of the junk and fixed those odd jobs, why not write a cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of everything. The key to keeping your home clean and tidy with minimum input is to spend time each day on one area of the home. Perhaps focus on changing the beds on Monday morning, finishing the laundry Tuesday morning and deep cleaning the bathroom on Wednesday etc. Also, get in to the habit of wiping down surfaces daily (kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, dining and coffee tables etc.) and hitting the floors with a vacuum a few times a week. You’ll be amazed at how much easier your weekly house clean becomes, when it’s just a few touch ups here and there (not a full house revamp!).

Give your home a fresh look

So now you’re on top of the regular cleaning, you’ve noticed things are looking a bit tired (no matter how much spray and wipe you use!). Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is the quickest way to make your home feel “newer”. Be sure to use a semi-gloss paint like Taubmans Endure to easily allow you to wipe down any new scuffs in those high traffic areas.

While you’re at it, make sure your home is safe

You’ve been meaning to recoat the deck around the pool in a non-slip product, and those front stairs get a little too slippery in the wet for your liking. January is the perfect time to address those safety issues around the house. Give your family a whole year of skid free surfaces by speaking to a professional about how you can ensure your exterior surfaces are safe, but still look amazing (and not coated in hi-glow stickers!).

If you’re thinking that January is the perfect time to update your home, contact Summit Coatings today and learn how we can realise your paint dreams.

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How to paint kitchen cupboards

Many people today would consider their kitchen the heart of the home. With modern open living plans and Australia’s love for entertaining, it’s easy to understand why. Unfortunately, kitchens can often be one of the first rooms to “date”, leaving many home owners with a desire for a remodel. And with the cost of a kitchen remodel being upwards of $10,000, a popular alternative is simply painting your existing kitchen cupboards.

Don’t replace your kitchen cupboards, paint them!

Figure out which material you’re working with

When considering how to paint kitchen cupboards, the first aspect you need to consider is the material your cupboards are made from. Why is this important? It determines which primer you’re going to use. Most kitchen cupboards are made from either wood, laminate or even metal. Why is primer important? Primer will help cover the existing paint colour (especially important if it’s a darker colour) and will ensure your top colour coats last longer.

Preparation is paramount

At Summit, we’re big believers in “the better the prep, the better the result”. This means, when you’re looking how to paint kitchen cupboards, don’t skimp on the sanding! If you’re painting wood, spend time lighting sanding back the cupboards to ensure you have a lasting result.

how to paint kitchen cupboards Source: DIY Doctor

Find the colour you want

When looking at how to paint kitchen cupboards, one of the most important (and exciting) things to consider is your new colour! Take inspiration from other colours in your home to make sure your new kitchen looks like it fits/ Try using the Taubmans Trends Colour Chart to see what colours work well together. And if you can’t commit to a strong colour, just go back to basics and choose an off white.

How to paint kitchen cupboards

Source: HGTV

Choose the right paint

This is where it can get tricky when considering how to paint kitchen cupboards. Summit’s recommendation is to always use an oil-based paint. Whilst we’re big fans of water-based paint, in this instance it’s too flexible and won’t last the distance; oil-based paint is harder and more washable. If you have allergies, or are sensitive to smell, consider using a low VOC alkyd paint (which is basically oil-based paint without the fumes!), like Taubmans Ultimate.

how to paint kitchen cupboards

Source: Kitchenologie

Hire a professional

One of the most important things when looking to paint kitchen cupboards is to know what you’re doing. For you experienced DIY’ers, you might be able to get away with talking to the paint shop about the right base paint, paint types and choosing a colour. However for many homeowners, kitchen cupboard painting can get tricky. It’s important to use a professional when you’re out of your depth, as it means you’ll get a lasting finish you’ll love. Kitchen cabinets are often subject to hard knocks, bumps and scratches, and the last thing you’ll want is scuffed doors and peeling paint after all your time, effort and money spent on materials.

How to paint kitchen cupboards

Before & After: a recently completed job by Summit Coatings

If you’re considering a kitchen revamp, or any other area of your home, speak to Summit Coatings today about how we can make your vision a reality. Contact us through the website or call 02 9973 3131.

Colour Trends 2016

New Year; new colour trends! At Summit Coatings, we love seeing the new trend predictions for 2016, and working out how you can work them in to your home, commercial space or strata complex. The colour trends 2016 are definitely bold and beautiful! They reflect our growing dependance on technology and society is searching for ways to “switch off” and engage our more analogue senses of “sight, smell and touch in our homes” (Behr, 2016).

The colour trends 2016 will help us create more entertaining spaces which engage all our senses. Through rich colours, deep textures and striking patterns, 2016 will be a bold year for colour. To see how you can incorporate these 2016 colour trends, check out our three top themes.

High Contrast

Possibly the boldest of the trends this year, “High Contrast” sees the use of bright hues contrasted against deep and dark tones. The objective of this trend is to create highly entertaining spaces which push your senses to explore contrasting colours, patterns and even styles. The effect is an exotic, eclectic mix which is anything but boring.

Colour trends 2016

Source: Behr

Luxe Dimension

For all you more traditional decorators out there, this one’s for you! Structured patterns, pastels and royal shades strongly feature in this colour trend 2016. Best suited for a home office, or living room, this is the safest option for those of you who find it hard to move away from neutrals, but want to inject a modern feel to your space. This colour trend also works well in heritage homes in need of a facelift to bring it in to 2016. Use natural timber colours in combination with creams, whites and greys, and top off with a pop of coral or royal blue accent. Accent colours can be applied directly to walls (if you’re feeling brave), or brought through your soft furnishings such as window treatments and throw cushions.

Colour trends 2016


Source: Behr

Blurred Boundaries

Hello all things retro! This colour trend 2016 is all about creating a relaxed setting with an almost atmospheric feel. Perfect for spaces like the bedroom (where relaxation is paramount), this trend is all about round edges, soft shapes and subtle colour combinations. Using colours such as sea green, oranges and turquoises, in combination with round natural jute rugs, round cube shelving and even bean bags!

Colour trends 2016

Source: Behr

If you’re looking to explore colour trends 2016 in your next painting project, contact Summit Coatings to discuss your painting needs.

Your guide to cleaning up for the new year

As residential painters North Shore, we’re getting back into the swing of things now that 2016 has well and truly begun. Whilst we’re focussing on a number of residential painting projects in the new year, we’ve noticed some of our clients are working to cleaning up their home after the holiday period. We’ve put together our top tips to cleaning up your home after christmas, so you can get on with starting the new year at full speed!

Cleaning your home up after the holidays

Pack away the festive items

As residential painters North Shore, we often see the odd festive decorations still lying around well in to the new year. The simplest way to make your home look instantly tidier is to pack away the tinsel, pull down the fairy lights and store the various decorations you’ve collected over the years. A clean slate is key to a tidy home, and a great start to the new year.

Find a “home” for the new goodies

Between grandma, you and the kids, you’ve no doubt collected a few new belongings. As residential painters North Shore, we often see these new possessions just lying around on countertops and on the floor of kids’ bedrooms. Our best tip is to find a “home” for these new items early on. Whether that’s a storage chest in the rumpus room, a specific shelf on the bookcase or in a drawer in the kitchen, having a home for everything means you’ll have less “stuff” just accumulating in plain sight.

Deep clean the interior

Now that the clutter is gone, it’s time to really get down and dirty (or clean…?) and give your home a deep clean. This means pulling out the rubber gloves, grabbing your favourite cleaning products and using some elbow grease to make your home sparkle. As residential painters North Shore, we really notice the difference concentrating on specific areas can make. Focus on dusting the skirting boards throughout your home, scrub the grout in the bathrooms, get rid of those cobwebs on the ceiling and even consider hiring a carpet cleaner to steam the carpets.

Don’t forget the walls

As residential painters North Shore we may be a little bias, but we really do see the difference a good wall wash makes. Over the holiday period your walls will have inevitably suffered some bumps and marks from visitors, pets and kids. This doesn’t mean you need to repaint the house – simply take to the walls with a soft, damp cloth and lightly work to remove any scuff marks you might see. Just don’t rub too hard as you can end up removing the paint altogether!

Don’t forget, if your home still needs some professional help to get it looking its best, contact Summit Coatings to see how we can complete wall washing, interior or exterior painting!